Erik, the Afterlife Coach, Part Two

I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather here in Houston has been wonderful, but call me crazy, I spent most of yesterday with my nose to the grindstone working on book related homework my publisher gave me. It’s something I love though. Anyway,  my husband was racing his motorcycle on the track so he wasn’t around for me to annoy. Here’s Part @ of Ashley Ailfinn’s channeling session with Erik. Let’s see how much he annoys her. Takes after his mother, I guess!

Erik’s The Life Coach and Ascension Part 2

I have to say that I admire Erik and Elisa, what they are doing and at the same time it feels very odd to say I admire a spook (he thinks that’s a funny) when a certain percentage of the world say they don’t exist and another percentage will tell you they are demons out to eat our very souls etc – what is that about; so between us humans and unconditional love of the universal conscious mind, there is this freaky kind of spooky hunger games happening (if only people would logically think about that) why would there only be bad spookies and not good spookies and why would our relatives all of a sudden go bad just cause they crossed it’s just not rational is it, or if that’s not the belief then why would only bad spirits want to contact us in the guise of our loved ones, surely our loved ones being the wonderful folks they are would want to first and foremost. I don’t presume to understand belief systems but there should at least be a rationale behind a belief at the very least. I’ve been accused of needing mentally certifying by the odd atheist because I say I speak to crossed over people, but they’re not dead and that’s the point isn’t it? Life goes on, we’re just here for a summer class between semesters.

So as I was saying, I admire Erik because he soldiers on no matter what he is faced with and that is I think because from the spirit world you can ignore the naysayers when you know you do actually exist can’t you? I also admire Elisa as I’ve heard some of the things people say in the not so artful way of naysayering – that they are so cynical – it takes guts to see above those heads, it takes a solidly-based belief and it takes knowing your own truth. When you think about it there’s more good people in the world than wankers so why do we pay attention even to those people who are negative and abusive, why do freaky headlines draw us in, why in traffic do we rubber neck when there’s a bad accident – we seem to be drawn to drama and it’s easier to bring people down than it is to lift them up.

If we can keep our eye on the goal – then we can let the shit that happens around us go like it’s meh – was that a bug bite? Or we can really sink our teeth into it and let it control our every waking moment – I for one prefer the bug bite and the rest is cream on top so it doesn’t itch 😉

Here’s tonight’s chat with Erik, it was an unexpected visitation….

Hey dude – you got your basketball game on tonight I see – lourve the trackydacs (Aussy slang for tracksuit pants). It’s all very sporty and making me feel lazy.

You are lazy – time you got up that big mountain before you spread.

Oh Gee – thanks – you’re so “cut to the chase” my spooky friend. Good job I love you, anyway I’m tired and it’s 3 b’jillion degrees out there still.

You’ll be fine – 3 times a week will stop your brain going soft as well.

Haha – I could be offended if that was anyone else. Ok, I’ll go but you have to do something for me.

What’s that?

Sit at my kitchen table so I can physically see you and not just in my third eye or a swan across the room like you normally do. Lets have a 3D convo…


Woohoo!! I’d shake your hand my pixilated friend if you did that. (I wink at him and he gives me the most gorgeous smile – beautiful. If you could see the “Castle Hill Goat Track” he’s referring too – you’d know how much I love Erik. I didn’t make it all the way up so I have to wait for my prize till I do.)

Ok Erik so what’s this Challenge you keep putting into my brain – the Erik Challenge? Sounds like a triathlon for nerds….

And ……. It is. Ghost seeking nerds with a penchant for talking with the dead to get a better life.

Ok – I’m listening, “Erik the life coach” it has a nice ring to it…

I’m putting out a challenge to anyone like you that’s willing to let me guide them in every way, ya know when you said, Ok, I’m in your hands, I’ll follow your guidance to get where I want to be?

Oh – that conversation. So that’s how I got coached up Castle Hill tonight. (Note to self – work on those permissions girly!!) So what are your criteria for who you’re going to ultimately whip into shape then?

Willingness to follow what I say, take direction on everything, absolutely everything, the whole scoobidydoo gambit yes sir-eee bob….

Oh mama – now that’s a challenge I can recommend – was I your experiment Erik?

You sure was – and man did you have some bullshit nut job crap to cut through.

(He puffs in and out and shakes his head like it was hell or something, but I had to laugh cause it’s all true, I was a mess)

But ya know – you did it. Bit further to go, but you did it and now you’re over the hump, the sky is the limit.

Why thank you kind sir. So what will your next victim, ahem, next subject need to have or be or do?

Their abilities will need to be already where we can communicate cause I’m not writing notes.

Aww lol ok, that’s fair I guess

Then they will take direction and follow through, it’s that simple – if they don’t follow through we don’t go forward and I look for another one who will.

Cool – I can’t wait to see who is up for that challenge. You’re a star. And with that he dribbles the basketball a few more times and slam-dunks out of sight – gawd I love that guy.

Session Two

Hello beautiful.

Hello back atcha dude – and g’day matey to boot! What’s happening tonight in Erik World?

We’re gonna talk about what’s on your mind – Babaji Nagaraj

Ohhh Yayyyy, the ascended master, the deathless avatar. He’s the real deal isn’t he?

He sure is.

Have you met him?

I sure have.

I have spoken to him a couple of times after doing some work with Toby Alexander – I felt like a two year old though hehe. So what did he do to ascend then and is it different to the, or like the, biblical form of ascension?

Nope, not really, the path amounts to the same result. He followed a specific path ordained in the cultural standards of India – he’s a Guru, a Yogi.

So – many paths to, erm, God perhaps are you saying or simply to ascend as we discussed before?

That’s a twofold question. We’re all on our way back to God – you can do that and not ascend.


To ascend means you recognise yourself as an aspect of God while still in the physical.

Oh that’s meaty – I’m chewing on it cause to ascend for me means I can manifest in Yorkshire at my mum’s for Sunday dinner and be back in Australia by sundown. Is the person on your Erik Challenge someone who is on the Ascension path I wonder?

Could be

We touched on judgement last time and I know you’ve covered this a lot but how do we stop?

First you gotta recognise it and to keep discussing it is one way to do that, so this may be repeating it but it stays fresh in people’s minds that way and they work it out, they stop.

It’s not just this one thing though is it, I mean we gotta shift our crap we’ve been nurturing, a lot of us?


Are we a vessel, a receptacle, a battery, a container?

We are indeed, it’s like you fill up the wheelie bin with mud and there’s no room for the light to penetrate and cleanse the sides. So by dealing with judgement and other low vibrational emotions there’s room for light and love to come in and change the body’s make up.

Is there more to that?

Not really it all goes to lightening that dense body.

Oh I see, I get it – Is there a quantum weight involved as well then with these dense and light bodies? I mean do all vibrational emotions have an atomic weight?

They do indeed.

Wow, now we’re talking science – but it must be in the teeny tiny itty bitty numbers like, I dunno 10 to the negative power of something really small is that right?

It is but I’ll wear your brain out if we go into that side of it

Hmm are you trying to say I’m dense meester? (he gives a wry smile, I know he’s joking with me though I am pretty dense in matters of atomic weights and measures!) Is there more to this ascension bag of tricks we need to know?

Meditation, expanded awareness, acceptance of who we are, acceptance of the life we live – we caused it, put it all together, connect with your higher self, let the ego survive but with love and the recipe is there, right there (he’s open palmed while he’s expressing all this)

Metaphysically I get it. So perhaps it will take the likes of Babaji Nagaraj coming out in public to help this process along?

He’ll never do that.


It becomes a three-ringed circus, time will allow the ascended to do that but today isn’t it.

Awesome – mum’s Sunday roast here I come. Night Erik.

Night Beautiful.

My website is and my Facebook Group is I channel Erik Medhus for the CE family which I love to do and I channel anything from past lives, your spirits guides, your otherworldly relationships and your purpose in this life – I pretty much channel it all and in the coming weeks I will be doing guided meditations – anyone is welcome to join us.


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