Erik and Pamela’s Q&A July 20th, 2020

Perhaps the last time before school starts, Rune and I are taking Easton and Arleen camping in Galveston again. They love it so much, that sometimes they don’t wanna go home, especially 4 year-old Easton, who is particularly fond of his Mimi. We’re leaving Thursday, returning Sunday late.

I will post Tuesday’s radio show tomorrow because it’s VERY interesting. It appears as though Erik nudged callers to the show who had trouble attracting abundance in their life, particularly life partners. I find this interesting because I have just learned that many people have closed portals in their energy bodies and their homes as a results of a collection of disappointments, failures, betrayals, blows to the self-confidence and things like that. They feel spiritual stuck. Once these portals are blasted open, creativity, abundance, love, information, streams of consciousness, the right job and more flow easily, but of course you can’t sit on the couch and wait. You either try those things that didn’t work before because they are likely to now, or try whatever your intuition guides you towards.

Erik still has me in Portal Jail but he is healing me from my stint of improper protection so I think I should be out in a week or two. After I am out, I will start a business, as I have mentioned before, helping people who have open portals that need closing, closed portals that need opening, negative entities and energies that need removing, etc., all with the aid of a powerful scalar energy wave generator. However, Erik will not let me do anything without some sort of liability insurance. He even wants me to wait on the next Fundraiser Friday, so I will start researching policies ASAP and let you know.

To me, portal work is a tremendous investment for anyone. It can save a relationship, a struggling teen, and of course, as you saw with the huge income leap with Lukas, bring in financial abundance, too.

And now for today’s YouTube. Even though she is on a hiatus, every Monday at 8:30 AM PT/9:30 AM MT/10:30 AM CT/11:30 ET, Pamela Aaralyn ( and spirit guide, Erik Medhus, take questions from the audience on YouTube Live via the Channeling Erik YouTube Channel alternating with Pamela’s YouTube Channel. You can also ask Erik to bring forward a deceased love one so you can communicate with them. I post instructions the Sunday before on all of my Facebook pages and groups. This is entirely free and is our way of helping those who can’t afford a session with a medium. Please check out the various ways to connect with Pamela in the YouTube description box.

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