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Who would have thought this was a thing? Well, guess what? IT IS! And it’s a very important one! Watch until the end because it’s all VITAL information to your life! You can connect with this brilliant medical doctor at Also, help me keep Channeling Erik alive by contributing to its overhead. DONATE HERE:  THANKS SO MUCH. Every little bit helps.

first, a few things: I also would like to thank all of you who have donated over the last several months and during the last Fundraiser Friday. That means so much to Erik and me. Erik has told me I need to wait until I have liability insurance before holding another Fundraiser Friday or doing any portal work, which is a shame, really, even if I do it for free. So, I’m getting my husband to check into what kind I need and seeing who can best write up a disclaimer and a waiver. When you think about it, I’m working on a photograph of a person and a home/apartment in a scalar field, not the body of the person him or herself. Just their bio-field in the photo.

When I do start doing having the Fundraiser Fridays again, one day, it would be fun to surprise everyone and gift each of you with that portal work, even if it takes several days!

Portal work is rough, emotionally and physically. That said, I’m not able to do that many a week, so I need to select those who are most in need, particularly when children are involved.

One more cautionary tale, a blog member used a YouTube to “clean” his portals and Erik said it did more harm than good, letting in all sorts of nasties. Before any harm could be done, he instructed the person to clear himself and his area with a 4096 Hz tuning fork, smudge the same with sage followed by palo santo sticks, then finish off with a 528 Hz tuning fork. Portal work is serious and dangerous business and there is so much more to it than I even realized. I have two pages, single-spaced, of what’s allowed and not allowed on my person, in my surroundings, what preparation I need and in what sequence, what I must have in the way of tools, what frequencies I need in the scalar field and so much more. It’s CRAZY complicated and when not done correctly, it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

Last, I received a lot of yes or no questions and plan on filming the system Erik and I use to answer them to see whether my accuracy has grown or not. It’s unlikely to be 100%, but I’d like to measure the trend over time!

Now enjoy the fascinating words of wisdom from the brilliant Dr. Maria Johnson who you can connect with at

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

Last but not least, please put this on your calendar for Friday evening!

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