Erik on Chemicals in our Food and Personal Care Products, Part One

Rune and I had such an awesome time in the Hill Country. As wine club members of the Bending Branch Winery, we were invited to the annual blending party where, with the help of graduated cylinders, we’d measure and mix various portions of four different wines to find the tastiest blend. We were also given a spec sheet with the total acidity, pH, sugar and alcohol content of each wine. Rune came up with the winning combination: 30% Charbono and 70% Tannat. We didn’t even include the other two. And the decision was unanimous among the judges. Of course there was only one. Just kidding! So now we get to return in March to have a private dinner in their barrel room with a private chef along with the winners of Sunday’s winners. Yay! 

Check out this YouTube: At 1:19, you can hear Erik say, “Mommy!” Cute!

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Enjoy today’s post transcribed so graciously by Luciana! Thanks, Luciana!

Elisa: Good evening.

Emma: Hello. Is it still morning?

Elisa: Yes morning here, but isn’t it evening over there in Belgium? First question: are Belgian chocolates the best in the world?

Emma: Yes it is. That’s an easy question. I’m going to send you some for Christmas. I’m going send the whole clan some chocolates. And then you let me know; ok?

Elisa: That’s what I hear. And we didn’t even have to ask Erik? Okay, I’ll send you some Norwegian and we’ll compare. It’s really good. Next time we go there anyway I’ll get some. Hi Erik. Hi Emma. How are you doing?

Emma: I’m doing good.

Erik: Hi Mama. I love you.

Elisa: I love you. We’re going to talk about two things in two different sessions. One is about dangerous chemicals in food and personal care products. We’re also going to interview John Denver. The first–personal care products–is short. But anyway, what would you like to do first?

Erik: Good thing for me, Mama, just let me know.

Elisa: Okay, let’s do the personal care products. I have a lot of questions from blog members on this. People are concerned about the way our food is prepared; the way personal care products are created. A lot of chemicals are involved, etc. Do you want to talk about this? How does this affect us?

Erik: Yeah I wanna talk about it because it’s part of our daily routine to ingest all these frickin chemicals.’

Elisa: And smear them all over our faces!

Erik: They’re just messing our whole system up. People really have no idea what they’re subjecting themselves to. I would have a book this thick filled with all these chemicals and what they can do to you and what they can cause. A lot of people ask me, ‘Well, it’s everywhere. What can we do?’

Elisa: I was concerned enough a long time when I learned that there’s an allowance for how many rat turds or roach legs can be in cereal, but chemicals, too. But go ahead.

Erik: The rat legs could be healthier than the chemicals.

Elisa: Probably true. No, rat turds! Gross!

Emma: Not a fun thing to find in your cereal.

Erik: Is this chocolate? Yummy. There are so many products that we add to our food, to our washing detergent, to our shower gels, shampoo, which can be really damaging and toxic to the body. I’ll go over a few main ones just for a start. There are some things that we find in almost everything, anything we eat. Just to give you some advice, one of the simplest choices you can make to support your own health, is to eat real food–I mean vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, eggs, fruit, raw grass fed dairy. It’s about going back to basics where we prepare our own meals. When we buy the vegetables we should give them a really good wash. The pesticides contain a lot of chemicals that can cause cancer, allergy and skin reactions. Wash vegetables and fruit thoroughly. Grow it yourself people and don’t use pesticides. It is one of the best things you can do. You can cook your own meals again. All those pre-made foods are not good for you. You want a pizza? Make it yourself. It’s not that hard to make the dough.

Erik: How do you keep bugs away? Bugs don’t like lavender. They don’t like the smell of it. If you want to get rid of snails, just use a little bit of beer. Beer traps are perfect. They love beer.

Elisa: Lukas makes some great pizza, and he grows his own garden. There are all sorts of natural ways like putting marigolds around them or some other plants to keep the insects away.

Erik: This will keep them away from your veggies. We need to go back to how we used to grow our food. Even people who don’t have a garden can grow food. You can have pots inside your home where there’s a lot light where you can grow your own herbs, tomatoes and whatever you want to grow. Certain things can grow anywhere. It doesn’t have to be limited to people who have gardens. The main thing is to go back to basics when it comes to food. Buy your own food. Prepare it yourself. Then you know what you’re doing to it. Go back to the home cooked meals like we used to have a long time ago. When it comes to the hygiene products, I definitely recommend purchasing anything that is scent-free. I know people are going to say, “Without a scent? What the hell?” They add chemicals to our products that dissolve plastic. That’s how they bind chemicals together. Let’s say you have a fabric softener or any kind of detergent like shower gel and there’s a smell in it. In order for the smell to be introduced and bound into the rest of the product, they have to introduce chemicals to create the bonding process so the smell stays in it. That can be really toxic for a lot of reasons. I’ll give you a hint.

Emma: He calls them phthalates or something like that; I’m not really sure.

Erik: The scent and the plastic and all of that, it can cause asthma, it can cause breast cancer, Type 2 diabetes, brain damage, neurodevelopmental issues. It basically attacks the brain and it attacks the nervous system, all because we want to smell good, all because we want the laundry to smell good. If we need to just stick to any product that does not have the scent. It’ll say on the label. Some people are really allergic to those chemicals.

Elisa: All for smelling good; I tell you. Let me ask you some questions from a couple blog members. “Hi Elisa, Is there a good way that the male population can counteract the estrogenic effects of some of the chemicals that they put in meat and that kind of stuff? Aside from avoiding plastics and foods with hormones, are there any herbs to take or foods that might be beneficial? What can we do to counteract some of the estrogenic effects in our foods? Why do they pump them full of chemicals? To fatten them up I suppose.”

Erik: Yeah, it’s to fatten up the meat faster so they can be slaughtered faster. It creates distortion in the body and in people’s hormone levels. In order to restore it? It’s pretty tough to get your body back into balance.

Elisa: What kind of shower gel did you use this morning?

Emma: I know. I’ll have to look for a product for me.

Erik: In order to reboot the body, to recreate a healthy balance inside the body, the only thing you can do is go through a detox for your body. It’s a reduction or elimination of meat for a good period of time and introducing a lot of raw foods like celery and nuts. Nuts have very healthy oils that are good and healthy for the body. It gives the cell energy to restore everything. That’s really the only thing you can do. There are not specific foods that you can say, “That can fix the whole thing.” It will take a whole reboot of the system. You can go online. There are places you can go visit like holiday resorts where you can have the option of complete restoration of your physical health. They can give you food that can completely cleanse everything. Stuff will come out of you and you’ll say, “What is that?” because the bowels will be completely cleansed. It’ll come with special diets, special drinks.

Elisa: What a way to spend a holiday! Okay.

Erik: But you feel a whole lot better when you come out of it. It’s not painful to do it. It’s just an adjustment. It’s going back to the raw foods, and really using those foods to cleanse the system. Garlic is a good cleanser for the body. People next to you won’t like it when you use too much garlic but you can get it in pills if you don’t want to get bad breath. Garlic is a cleansing tool. It really purifies the blood flow as well. It’ll help you with releasing blockages in your whole system.

Elisa: Well, it keeps away vampires.

Erik: Right it keeps away vampires, Mom. Good idea.’

Elisa: Halloween is coming up. You never know.

I’ll post the YouTube version of this session tomorrow.

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