Erik Describes His Own Death, Part Three

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Me: Who was the first one to meet you?

Erik: Well, hell, I can’t even remember.
Me: Was Denise (my sister) there? Aunt Denise. I think she was also there to greet you, right?

Erik: Yes. I remember seeing a whole bunch of faces. It’s different now. Looking back, I can get the feeling much more clear rather than relying on what I was seeing or saying.

Me: Yeah, because in spirit, it’s more about feelings than about mental, uh brain based remembering of details. I think why people get disappointed when they go to a medium and ask validation questions like, “What did we put in your pocket when we buried you?” You don’t remember things like that anymore. It’s not important after you cross over. It’s all about feelings.

Erik: You’re right, and, trust me; we’re not checking our fucking pockets, either.

Me: Exactly. All right. Let’s go on to the life review. What’s the life review like? I mean maybe they’re all different, but give me a general idea about what the life review entails.

Erik: Yeah, sometimes you feel like you’re going into this room, like an Imax theater and it’s almost a 360, but you get to feel what emotions or impressions that other people perceived of you. So, it’s like you’re going through this life review and you get to feel like you’re done for yourself. You see YOU through other people.

Jamie (laughing): I can’t imitate that. Basically, he said, “That’s totally wrong. That’s fucked up. It’s the worst joke you could play on anyone.

Me: So, you’re like that person. You’re seeing through their eyes and feeling what they felt?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Oof. Boy, that’s not fun. If on Earth, you’ve resolved those issues, if you’ve made amends with that person, do you still have to go through that with that person?

Erik: No! No.

Me: Okay, good.

Erik: If it’s truly resolved, it’s not on your plate.

Me (chuckling): Oo, I’m going to go around apologizing to a lot of people!

Jamie and Erik laugh.

Erik: And the life review is not like somebody comes in and says, “Excuse me. It’s time for your life review. It’s at 2:30. Please walk into this room and have a seat.”

I chuckle.

Erik: It just kind of overtakes you, and it’s weird. It happens really fast, but you’ll feel like you’ve been in it forever.

Me: Well, what causes the life review? I don’t understand. What are its origins? Who decides this; who creates this?

Erik: Most of the time, it’s actually the consciousness, the human experience, the need for the human to do a checklist. Energetically and spiritually, it’s not really needed. You don’t need to go through those checkpoints, because if you came in spiritually, energetically connected, you already know what those checkpoints are. So, you know, this is pretty much for every living person where we’re functioning more from our brain than any other part.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: So, it’s almost like the brain decompressing, running through everything, but it’s in the reverse. You get to understand how other people perceived you for you. And your answers are given to you. “Oh! That’s why this happened this way!” You put things to rest in a very quick way.

Me: So, is it painful, emotionally?

Erik: Nah. It’s definitely fucked up, but it’s not painful. You don’t’ leave wrecks like the Titanic, right, Mom?

Jamie and I laugh.

Me: So, was yours long? Did you have to go through a whole lot?

Erik: No, it wasn’t a whole lot. Mine was mostly the voices in my head. You know, my fucked up shit.

Me: What do you mean?

Erik: I had to deal and have conversations with myself quite a bit, you know, talk myself down from shit and try to understand myself. That’s mostly what I came across.

Me: Oh. Who did you have to deal with the most as far as your life review is concerned?

Erik: Mostly my family.

Me: Yes, of course. Okay. Anything else on the life review.

Erik: Nah. That’s probably it.

Me: Do you ever have to go through life reviews for past lives at the same time, or is it only for this current life?

Erik: It’s pretty much decompressing the life you were just exiting.

Me: Okay. Now, this white tunnel. This white light you hear about. Of course, some people experience it; some people don’t. Why do some experience and others don’t, and what the hell is it?

Erik (teasing): Only the good get to go down the tunnel. No, really. That’s bullshit.

Me: It reminds me of that show, “Outer Limits” where the guys jump into this big swirly circle.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: No, really it’s based on a belief system.

Me: What is it? Does it exist?

Erik: The tunnel of white light?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Here’s my two cents about it. When you die, if that’s what you believed in, that when you die you’re gonna see this bright white light and all that crap, then I think that’s what you’re going to get.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But also, the actually death of the brain, the lack of oxygen and everything, creates this tunnel vision. Is that the light you go into and cross into death? No. That’s your brain dying.

Me: Well, the belief system had to start from some place.

Erik: It started form those people had those near death experiences or whatever and their brains were dying, and they got up and talked about it—that they saw God and angels and all this. Consciously—

Jamie (to Erik): Thank you for saying that. This makes sense.

Erik: Consciously, you’re trying to look through the eyes that are set in your head, so when the brain is dying, that’s what you’re seeing. Intuitively, if you’re looking with the third eye, you don’t have to see a tunnel of white light to cross over into the Beyond.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, if you’re looking with your third eye—the intuitive eye—most likely it’ll be like going into another room.

Me: Yeah, a lot of people describe it that way—It’s like going into another room. When you got pulled back by your shoulders, where’d you end up?

Erik (chuckling): In another room!

Me: Okay, and—

Erik: It’s wild. The room around me just kind of disappeared. Where I was just dissolved. I think that’s the only way I know how to say it. Got dark. Dim the lights. Turn the lights on. You’re in a different space. There’s nothing fast about it. It wasn’t like a quick jerk or anything. It was more of how you feel your body going to sleep. It’s more like that.

Me: I remember when you were doing your life review, you talked about how you sat at a long table and you had your head in your hands.

Erik: Mm hm.


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