Erik Describes His Own Death

Before revisiting this old YouTube, Raylene has an announcement!

Hello Friend,  (If you are receiving this email you are one of Raylene’s clients and had an appointment with her this past year. Please reply if you wish to unsubscribe from this email list.)

We are excited to announce that Raylene will be offering a very rare in-person workshop!  See details below.

WHAT:  Join Me in an Intimate Setting (Limited to 17 Participants) as I Walk You Through 5 Interactive Channeling and Spirit Topics!

Day 1 Summary Agenda: 1. Connecting with Spirit, 2. Working with Crystals, 3. Semi-Trance Channeling
Day 2 Summary Agenda: 1. How to Create Your Own Natural Energy and 2. Practice Channeling Sessions

 WHO:   No experience necessary – just a love of Spirit and an interest in learning more according to your pace! (limited to 17 total participants so book early to reserve your seat)

 WHEN: Fri September 7(10-3pMST)  & Saturday September 8 2018 (10am-1pmMST)

WHERE: Holiday Inn Express * 12030 Grant St. Thornton, Colorado 80241

WHY:  By popular request from her clients and new and ongoing students to get live in-person quality time with Raylene and her Spirit Guides!

Cost for 2-Day Event: $207 (click on this link for availability):  * USE 10%EARLYBIRD coupon for a 10% savings!

  • All sales are final. Since seating is very limited refunds are not offered for Event or Live Reading cancellations.
  • Both days are included in the  cost for this Event and all topics detailed below are part of the live Training & Channeling experience Raylene will present to you.
  • Lodging and transportation are the responsibility of participants and is not included in the workshop fee.

SPECIAL ADD-ON OPTION: – Raylene will be offering live 1:1 20-minute Private readings to 5 Event participants. Cost is $40.  Check here to see availability of this separate offer:



Day 1 Friday 9/7/18

Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

Location: Holiday Inn Express * 12030 Grant St. Thornton, CO 80241

**Ticket price includes lunch on Day 1**

Day 1 Friday 9/7/18 DETAILED AGENDA –

  1. Connecting with Spirit
  • Protection
  • How to connect
  • How to feel spirit energy
  • Identifying which spirit is around you
  1. Working with Crystals
  • How to feel crystal energy
  • How to balance chakras using crystals
  1. Semi-Trance Channeling –
  • Allowing spirit or higher dimensional beings to move your physical hand

Day 2 Saturday 9/8/18 AGENDA:

Time: 10:00am-1:00pm

Location: Holiday Inn Express * 12030 Grant St. Thornton, CO 80241

**Ticket price includes drinks on Day 2 (no food will be offered so plan to hang out with new or existing friends and go out to lunch!)


  1. How to Create Your Own Natural Energy
  2. Practice Channeling Sessions
  • Attendees will be given the opportunity to apply what they have learn the day prior to strengthen their skills in channeling by doing practice sessions with one another
  • Please bring your own oracle cards (Example: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue is one of Raylene’s favorites)

Support her by buying a ticket, if you can.

Enjoy the video! Please share it so it can get tons of views!

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