Erik Explains the Good, Bad and the Ugly Behind Energy Portals

Yes, there are portals that are open in our energy bodies or our homes that shouldn’t be open which is often the result of trauma, serious illness or even bleed-through from other lives. Through these, negative entities can come through and attach to humans, creating and feeding on illness, physical, mental, emotional and/or physical. According to Erik, 80% of us have these. There are also closed portals in 15% of us that should be open so that streams of information and consciousness can flow through freely. That stifles creativity, abundance, makes us feel stuck, among other things. Now, I know how to open the closed portals and close the open portals and the results are incredible! But it’s not for the weak at heart. There’s a science behind it and there are dangers if you don’t go through an elaborate protection ritual. I do my portal work in a scalar energy field. One example of its success: anonymous person went from 15 dollars an hour to, the day after my doing portal work on him, getting a job in California making 12K a month for 2 months, then a raise to 16K a month. Yeah, I said it. A MONTH! It’s so much fun. Hope you enjoy! Erik has taken me off portal duty for a few weeks because I didn’t know how to fully protect my energy. I started losing hair and my bathtub was full of black scum after I drained the water. Now I know how to do everything properly, and when he releases me out of portal jail, I plan to make a small business out of it. It’s very hard and draining work, both physically and emotionally, so I can’t so that many a day, but it’s so rewarding to see the end results. I will keep you posted on my social media. Please subscribe and share!

Check out what a great job Michelle Gray did channeling Erik with this one!

BY THE WAY, today I’m announcing  our first Fundraiser Friday! We’re doing this instead of the Fall Fundraiser, still to help pay for the CE overhead. Here’s the fun part. The one who donates the highest amount will get all open portals that shouldn’t be open closed in their energy body and home and all of the closed portals that should be open opened in their energy body and home. This takes me hours and hours! This ends midnight tonight. Please include your email address with your donation. Or, if you believe you might be the winner, then email me at (This was all Erik’s idea.) Also realize that if the portals were part of a massive trauma or a series of trauma, then even though the portals are taken care of, healing still needs to be done. I will ask Erik about it after we’re done. And you don’t have to have this portal work done on yourself. You can gift it to another person who is suffering. They don’t have to know it’s being done. Here’s the donation link:

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