Erik in my Head

So for the first time ever…I have finally acknowledged Erik speaking to me!

I just got the hang of the pendulum, that’s how I get confirmation for my art channelings because I kept on doubting and doubting myself so I needed an external tool for validation. So I called on Erik and tried dowsing with him using my keyboard.

So first word he says is “shithole,” but then he also gave me a message, “Let Go of Your Fears.” I knew he didn’t want me to use the pendulum because I’m hearing him in my head, too, but I was doubting if I’m all making it up. So I asked Erik (in my head) to say a random word then he will translate also via dowsing to know that what I’m hearing is what I’m seeing. I asked him not to use a curse word, so he used “Dolphins” — how random.

And yeah it did, spell as Dolphins. Then I asked him a couple more questions and all he ever answered was “asshole” and ” bitch” and “suck it” as pendulum Erik because he wanted me to talk to him in my head. I asked him for the name of my Twin Flame and he gave it. Then Pendulum Erik gave it. Then I asked Pendulum higher self to give it…and it’s all the same name. So yey!

But wait there’s more..

Because of my highly doubtful mind (Erik nods mockingly with concern), I had to ask the help of another medium to play a game with me to confirm if I’m really hearing the dude in my head and I’m not making it all up. We asked Erik to give a word to both of us then we compare what we heard.

Yes, the word was “Bitch.” What a suprise. And yay, we got it correcto! So that’s how Erik got acknowledged in my head. He is sitting now in my mental couch, in my higher self’s house and when I told him I will write about this experience he told me to start with…

“As I first laid my eyes upon him….” in a very dramatic way.

Oh yeah, that’s Erik alright.

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