Erik, Is That You?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted stories about Erik and his pranks. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you can help me with the last one! (You’ll see.)

Story #1


Ok Erik this is the third time now….last week I came to this blog and was reading…Well I went out to the garage..I herd a very loud crash.I herd my Father say “”WOW What Was That””!!!!! .I walked out of garage and opened my door and found two of my pictures were lying on the ground and also my grandsons COW pic he gave me ….My heart dropped I thought . ERIK… There was no other explanation…. Kind of scared me.So I said when father wasn’t looking . ….Looking lol he’s blind..Erik was that you:::: So two nights later I’m in my room and that picture slammed down to the ground . I said Erik .I almost peed my pants ..Keep that up I will be sitting next to you .Your going to give me a heart All in fun I grabbed my phone and started snapping pics I think I got a shot of his face…I said Erik help me …not scare me ..I have 53 Sylvia Browne books ..not helping ..Help me get out of this bedroom I spend 23 hrs a day here. I’ve watched your video on opening the third eye..My eye never going to open .. it’s to scared …lol. All in fun.

Elisa here. Please email me because I have an idea that might help. When you do, remind me who you are and what your story is about.

Story #2 


I ran across the Channeling Erik YouTube channel and was instantly drawn in. After hearing Erik, through the medium, explain that he will be around anyone who asks for a visit. I decided to invite Erik to let me know if he was around me by sending a feather that was unique. I’m Native American so feathers have special meanings to me. Two days later my mother and I were walking around and in the middle of the yard was many feathers from a crow, who looked as though he was in a pretty bad fight with some animal. I laughed out loud knowing it was a joke from Erik. However, Erik sent me a beautiful Blue Jay feather. I can’t wait to see what other shenanigans Erik will get in to! Love and Light – Mallory

Story #3


I only recently discovered the blog and YouTube channel for Channeling Erik. However, almost every time I watch one of the videos, something strange will happen.

For example, last night, whilst watching a video I suddenly heard the whirring sound of the automatic soap dispenser going off. I heard it the first time, but just ignored it, and then it went on again, and a third time. By the time I went to have a look, there was soap all over the counter. Now the dispenser is portable, and happened to be facing a wall and can only be activated through a sensor by holding your hand in front of it.

With it facing the wall, there was no way anything could have got in-between to activate the sensor. Not only that; but I was the only one home at the time, so there was nobody else around that could have activated the dispenser.

Once I got up and found that the soap had been dispensed all over the counter, the dispenser stopped. It hasn’t gone off again on its own since then……………..yet 😉


Elisa here. I am just now reading this and am only in the summer of 2018 publishing these Erik Encounters and Testimonials. The person who wrote what follows didn’t leave a way to contact her. I found her son’s obituary, which revealed his mother’s name: Paula Johnson, R.N. of Fruitport, MI. I’m hoping she reads this or a friend or family member recognizes it. If so, email me at I want to help.

Jareb Seth Ryder, died at the tender age of 18 on March 15, 2015

Thank you Elisa and Erik for all that you do. It takes love and courage to step out of the “taboo box” society creates and talk about things that should be openly discussed.

I miss being here in the physical world with my son every second of everyday. He was my world. I can feel him —his energy touching me and he can still put his thoughts and visions in my head. I still get after him to get a job and to learn what he should be learning so one time he put this image of him hopping around in his white robe, sandals and angel wings with huge gold scissors saying “I have a job , Mom. I’m an angel hairdresser” I makes me laugh like no other ever will. I bet him and Erik would really enjoy each other.

I write with a request for some help in understanding what I experienced after Jareb’s death. It will sound crazy but I assure you I am sane and not suffering from psychosis. I experienced what I would call a demon oppression for 2 plus years after Jareb’s death. I had control over my mind but they were inside my body and felt stuck on my skin. It started out with visual changes, then I was seeing what I called “time warps or portals” to another dimension. It progressed to physical, sexual, and mental torment. I sought the help of churches, demonologists and what ever I could think of but people just want to give you a special white jacket for a trip to the looney bin. I read and prayed for my life, stood my ground put my trust in God and they left. I believe my son thought he was a schizophrenic but I believe he opened the door to demons and somehow they were transferred to me in my devastation and trauma of seeing my son with half his head. I’m an RN and I know Jareb was not schizophrenic. Is this possible? He had a Ouja board between his mattress. What would happen if they did pull me thru that time warp thing? It’s almost, no it is harder to process this and the fear they will come back more than my son’s death. I trust you will believe me and my story. I would be so very grateful for any help or insight you would be able to give. Thank you.

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