Erik Messes with Props and a Phone

I FINALLY GOT ERIK PRANKS. I thanked Erik for the pranks, and gave him acknowledgement that he did these. (Elisa please add my photo at the bottom of this for me )

I have been complaining that for 2 years that I never got any pranks from Erik. I can’t say this anymore. The first was yesterday. While I was on my phone to my husband at his workplace. While we were talking suddenly the conversation was cut off by the weirdest sound coming over my phone VERY loud.

It kinda sounded like those police sirens in the UK but at a lower tone. It kept making this noise
continuously and I could only hear this and not my husband. I ended my call. I called my husband back right away and asked if he heard that noise? He said “Not at all.” I then asked him if there was some noise at his workplace like I described ? And he said, “No not at all.” I then said, “It must have been Erik.” I thanked Erik for the prank right then.

Today I was just watching a video on my computer about the 3 secrets of Fatima. Then I heard this thump outside in the front yard. I looked out the window, and here is one of our grandest Halloween / Christmas props laying on it’s side. Mind you we took down the last of all our Halloween props into the house last night, but allowed this prop up for the Christmas season again. We had built this prop in 2011, and it has been outdoors in the yard almost each season until Spring. Here is a picture of the prop. The Prop is from “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” It consists of a VERY heavy solid wooden coffin, a very heavy solid wooden platform, steel and PVC piping. The whole thing, with a very well made PVC Jack Skellington sitting in the coffin weighs around 200 lbs plus. It is so heavy that it has with stood all kinds of Minnesota weather = snow, rain, high wind. Nothing can push this thing over let alone move it. I can’t even move it, and it takes two people and muscles to set it up. The Erik prank took Jack right out of his coffin and he is screwed down in it but the screws were all pulled out. The lid behind him was busted right off. And the sleigh rammed into our fence and bent it. I ran outside. Funny thing is none of the skeleton Deer were damaged and were standing and not even moved. If there was wind they might wobble a little, but they never fell over either in all the years we had them. So they would be the first to go if a big wind ever came.

Today it was a sunny and warm day without hardly any wind at all. Like I said this prop has stood up to all Minnesota weather each year and never fell over yet. It is basically impossible to tip over, and the platform has actually dug it’s self into the ground from all the weight.

I do not know if Erik liked or hated the movie “A Nightmare Before Christmas,” but this is one hell of a Erik prank that I could had stood without. But I still thanked Erik for finally giving me, not one but two pranks this week. Thank you Erik !

Halloween 2012 016 Halloween 2012 098

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