Erik on Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides

This one was scheduled to auto-publish, but it missed that schedule due to a glitch in WordPress. I just noticed it today, so enjoy this post meant for November 2, 2018!

Before we delve into this fascinating subject, I have some great news! My daughter, Michelle, and her husband, Nick, just had their second baby, a boy, 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long. (I just channeled Erik telling me to let you know that’s his body length, not the length of another appendage he put in crude words.) His name is Liam Nicholaus Murphy. Love that name! Michelle was a trooper, having the baby naturally without an epidural. Dang. I couldn’t do that. Here are some pics:

Enjoy the YouTube and the transcript that follows. Book a session with Veronica soon! She’s awesome!

Elisa:  Good Afternoon Miss. V, how are you doing?

Veronica: Hey, I’m doing great, how are you?

Elisa:  Very good, very good, you know we’ve had a lot of blog members, oh by the way Hi Erik, I love you. I don’t have to say that every time.

Veronica:  He’s over here like, ah hello?

Elisa:  I know, what am I chopped liver?

Veronica: Yeah, yeah, he’s got a necktie on, he’s wearing a necktie today.

Elisa: What?! Why?

Veronica:  What the hell? I don’t know, he’s got a necktie and sneakers on. He looks like a waiter or something, I don’t know what he’s doing,

Elisa: Ah that’s cool, all right so we want to talk about Archangels, angels, things like that and hopefully you can bring in Archangel Michael or anybody Rafael, etc., but yeah let’s bring one of them in and they can answer these questions and you can chime in Erik.

Veronica: Sure. Let me just start by saying in 1996 on a very cold winter day in November I went to try to take my life and literally felt the intervention of the Archangel.

Elisa:  Oh, which one?

Veronica: You know what, Michael, first and foremost.

Elisa:  You know if you want to ask that, ask why etc., then this might be a good time to do it.

Veronica: So, he came in, he’s a very big presence, I mean they all are

Elisa: Oh, I’m sure.

Erik: Let’s being by educating people on the angelic realm.

Elisa: What are the roles of Archangels, angels, guardian angels, guides and I heard that these eleventh-dimension super tall beings are, whose helping Erik learn how to do all sorts of stuff, go ahead.

Erik: There are so many layers, you can call them dimensions, you can call them layers, there’s so many layers, the angels first and foremost were created to aid and assist human beings. So, we were created in his image, he’s calling him God, whatever you want to call it and then directly the angels were created first to directly monitor us.  There are different levels of angels, so for instance, think about the angels that sit right at God’s feet, there’s a level of angels, and then you come down to the level of angels that guide and protect the earth, they’re the angels of principalities, each energy has a say over a certain part of land. The next level of angel are the ones that are assigned to you.

Veronica: Excuse, Erik did I get that right, assigned to us?

Erik:  Yes, assigned to you but then within that there are Archangels, angels, and guardian angels, it can be very complicated.

Elisa: It sounds like it but it does remind me of the time when Terri, my eldest sibling used to have a big full bed to herself and every time we disobeyed our parents to watch like the Mummy’s Curse or you know horrible disembodied hand, she would make us sit at the foot of the bed, like she was that the foot of God and her little princess thing, and we were at the foot going on my gosh, what’s under the bed that going, that disembodied hand is after me, so yeah, you heard me Terri.

Erik: The angels that sit at God’s feet, their primary role is to go down the levels and disseminate the information, and so it’s kind of like, they’re God’s henchmen, if you will.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  And they are not the Archangels, that’s not the Archangels that sit at God’s feet.

Elisa: What would you call them? What’s their title? You guys are not big on titles I know that but.

Erik: Cherubs.

Elisa: All right, are there a lot of them?

Erik:  Yes, then the next level is like principalities and dominion, and the govern the land.

Elisa: They have their own jurisdictions, okay. By govern what do you mean?

Erik: They actual watch it, they control it, they set the energetic tone for it.

Elisa: So, what if some really big crap’s going down there, do they do anything? Do they intervene?

Erik: As a rule, can not, do not and will not intervene without being asked because it imposes on free will. However, the higher the level of angels the more freedom they have to come in when it’s not in alignment with a contract.

Elisa: Ah, I see.

Erik: If that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Elisa:  I see. All right, next?

Veronica: Next?

Elisa:  What’s under, not under.

Erik:  So, we have the principality and the dominion, and then we have the Archangels.

Elisa: And what do they do? What’s their role?

Erik: The Archangels bark orders at the angels (laughing).

Elisa: Oh my God.

Erik: Think about them as managers, they manage all the little angels under them, okay. Like this big presence.

Veronica: I’ll tell you, when I have seen an Archangel, it typically looks like a long light, they’re very long, they’re very tall and they actually whoosh, they’re in and they’re out very quickly, but they’re this way, vertical.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: And then after that, you go down to the angels and there’s just the regular marchers, the regular everyday angels and then we come to the guardian angel.

Elisa:  What do the angels do?

Erik: The angels are helpers; every angel is put here to assist us with our human journey.

Elisa: All right.

Erik: They will nudge you, they will get you up, you know if you’re doing something and you know kind of get a feeling that you shouldn’t be doing it, it could be your angels nudging you on, the guardian angel is the angel closest to us because the guardian angel is assigned to us at birth, and stays with us through every incarnation.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: It is the angel for us.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: So, you’re truly never alone.

Elisa: Wow! Gosh, three is a crowd, all right and guides are like Erik, they can’t intervene but they can nudge like angels, right? So, what’s the difference between guides and angels as far as their capabilities are concerned?

Erik:  So, the difference is angels have never been human.

Elisa:  Ah.

Erik: You can not nor will you ever have an human angel, now, people will say, she’s an Earth angel.

Elisa: Yeah, is that?

Erik:  That is not a literal angel.

Elisa: So, it’s guide probably?

Erik: Right, that is an earth angel.

Veronica: Wait a minute, he’s also saying let me clarify something.

Erik: An angel can inhabit a body if it needs to, now it doesn’t push the soul out, it augments the soul.

Elisa: I see okay.

Veronica:  So, in other words, help me with this.

Erik: In other words, let’s just say you have a crusty old, nasty old man, who’s an asshole every day of his life, and all of a sudden something in his contract comes about and the angels are going to help him, an angel energy comes in and all of sudden he’s not that crusty asshole anymore, he’s compassionate.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: That’s a sign where an angel, and some people will confuse that and call that an earth angel.

Elisa: Oh interesting. All right, so guides obviously incarnate, so no way can an Archangel or angel or guardian angel actually incarnate? Not even under special circumstances?

Erik: No, absolutely not, and humans can never be angels, now, humans can be and they are ascended masters.

Elisa:  Which ones?

Erik: Humans can be ascended masters, but they can not be angels.

Elisa: I don’t understand, what do you mean angel humans?

Veronica:  No, humans can not be angels but they can be ascended masters.

Elisa: Oh, I did not know that, that’s cool.

Erik: So, Christ.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik: Ala.

Elisa:  That’s so cool. All right so, what about the wings, do they have wings? Halos?

Veronica: He’s laughing.

Elisa: I knew he would.

Veronica: He’s laughing his ass off.

Erik: Mom, first of all, the angels are going to make the human feel very comfortable, and where does the perception come from? It’s a lore, it’s a fantasy, it’s been passed down. It’s been a comfort to people. Do angels have wings? It depends, Mom, it’s perception. Do you want to see your angels have wings?

Veronica: He’s saying for me to tell you how I see angels, he’s like V, tell them, tell them V. Literally, they’re just orbs, like flashes, balls, and again the long thing. Now, I will tell you when I do see the orbs, they will jet in close to me, like.

Elisa: Wow, personal space dude!

Veronica: It’s like I’m going to go fuck with her, we’re going to to right up. The other thing is.

Erik: They appear, you have to be careful because they can appear as floaters.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik:  So, you have to really be aware of your health and you know be in good health and not have floaters, you know, if I’m somebody who has floaters all the time, how am I going to know.

Elisa: Go to my Ophthalmologist and say “dude, I got either floaters or angels, can you figure it out?”

Veronica: (laughing) can you see angels in my eyes?

Elisa: Yeah really, and so the wings are like, we take people under our wing, it’s a comfort, wrap you with wings, angel wings.

Erik:  The angels don’t have gender and they don’t have names.

Veronica: He’s laughing because he’s saying tell them, he’s taken to calling me V lately.

Elisa:  Yeah, it’s cool, I like that.

Veronica:  He says tell them about the genders and the names, and I’m going to tell the Erik, okay. They do not have gender, they do not have names but again they will take on the form, shape and gender of what the human minds needs to feel comfortable with them.

Elisa:  Ah, okay that makes sense, what about the halo, what is that? Or how did that arrive?

Erik: It’s a myth.

Elisa: Sorry, guys, I have a rash everywhere, look, it’s a big allergic rash, I just had to take a shit load of prednisone, but anyway.

Veronica:  Dear God, we better send the angel of healing, we’ll get Raphael right on it.

Elisa: Yeah Raphael, come on.

Erik: Angels will make us comfortable, that’s their job.

Veronica: If you’re somebody like me, I’m going to use me, I don’t need to see a gender for an angel.

Elisa:  Of course not.

Veronica:  I don’t need to, but I get asked all the time what’s my angel’s name, is my angel male or female.

Erik: Please reiterate, that it’s not necessary to know the gender or know their name. Now the wings are from mythology and how they have come down, they are all about protection and soaring above, and so if you want to think about wings and you think about soaring above and hovering. The wings when we see them in mythology and pictures and paintings, they’re huge, massive right? It’s all about lifting up and just moving out of what you’re in. Listen Mom, they are what I am, they are energy, they are what you are, they are energy.

Elisa: Right, and we’re all part of the collective so we’re all a part of Michael etc., so I just figured the wings came from and the halos like some sort of extraterrestrials that you know they fly in their little spaceships and they had this helmet that looks like a halo, did any of that legend, that lore come from that?

Erik:  No actually, the halo, representatively is indicative of the white light.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Erik:  It circles the crown chakra.

Elisa:  All right, what about these eleventh-dimension tall, tall, tall beings that work with you and of course other Erik, tell me about them and their powers?

Erik:  They’re not angels, you think they are, they’re not.

Elisa:  No, I was just asking, what are they?

Erik:  They are not angels, they’re lightworkers.

Veronica:  Are they called the Tall men or the tall ones or something. He’s using the word tall, I don’t know what he’s talking about.

Elisa:  Tell her Erik.

Erik: They come from a different dimension from a different galaxy.

Elisa:  From the eleventh, are they the tall whites?

Veronica:  YES! I couldn’t get the word whites, he sounded like he had (inaudible) mouth, I didn’t know what he was saying, okay.

Elisa: So, tall whites are working with you Erik, are they in spirit or are they physical?

Erik: There are some in physical and some in spirit. There are physical tall whites that walk the earth.

Elisa:  Yeah, right. They ought to make their own little basketball team. That would be awesome, I would bet on that shit.

Veronica: There you go, right.

Erik:  I travel and everyone that I am with travel dimensions with ease, so I can come down for a meeting with tall whites down there and I can go up for a meeting with the tall whites up there, it’s not restricted in anyway.

Elisa: Yeah, all right good.

Erik: They’re college level classes is what they teach, for the soul.

Elisa:  Oh, so you did make it into college, awesome! All right, so what is their purpose, just teaching? Like they’re doing with you Erik?

Erik: Evolution.

Elisa: To help you evolve on the other side.

Erik: Evolution, pure evolution.

Elisa:  And they don’t have anything to do with evolution among humans, it’s all just spirit right?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  Okay, how are these things created? I don’t think there’s time so maybe they have always existed.

Erik:  They were created the way everything else was created, out of a spark.

Elisa:  Okay, so they’re from source basically.

Erik:  Yeah, everything emanates from the one source. If you want to do this Mom, you breathe life, that’s it that’s all you have to do.

Elisa: Sounds pretty easy. Now can angels and guardian angels and archangels or whatever, can they become each other, like an angel becomes archangel, or a guardian angel becomes and archangel or no.

Erik:  No, no.

Elisa: You got your name tag on, hi this is Tom, guardian angel and that’s it.

Erik: Ixnay, on the shape shifting.

Elisa:  Okay. Oh, I know there is no big deal with names but Arlene kind of wants to know her guardian angels name. Mine is Veronica.

Veronica:  Awe.

Erik:  Hers is Cloe.

Elisa:  You’re mine. Awe, is she sweet?

Veronica:  She a very demure, as I see her and feel her and Erik presents her to me. She’s this very little demure, soft spoken, gentle but will kick your ass.

Elisa:  Alright! You protect my baby. All right, how many are there of you guys, the archangels, angels, guardian, I’m sure guides it’s almost like infinite right? 11D people beings.

Erik:  It infinite.

Elisa:  Ah, it’s not important, but there are enough right, well how many archangels are there?

Erik:  How many can you count to? Here’s what happens, typically humans gravitate towards a certain core group of archangels and then they just forget about the rest, it’s like being a movie star, are you an A actor or B actor?

Elisa:  Oh, okay. That’s not good. (laughing)

Erik:  There’s Michael, there’s Raphael, there’s Gabriel, there’s, (inaudible) Ezekiel, you could go on and on.

Elisa:  So many, and any of the archangels that are here, if you want to chime in, that would be awesome to channel you, so one of you guys could maybe answer, what was/is Lucifer?

Veronica: The archangel Gabriel has come in, and Gabriel is the messenger.

Elisa:  Hi Gabe.

AA Gabriel:  Lucifer is an angel.

Elisa: An angel, not an archangel?

AA Gabriel:  No.

Elisa: An angel, okay.

AA Gabriel: But you put the word fallen in front of it and really why Lucifer became a fallen angel, so that we could see both sides. You can see the good side and you can see the bad side, there has to be an opposite to balance everything out.

Elisa:  So, duality?

AA Gabriel:  Duality, so Lucifer is walking the earth.

Elisa: Okay.

AA Gabriel: Now, it’s not like eat that ice cream, when you shouldn’t eat that, it’s not rob that bank, rob that bank.

Elisa: A pitch fork and horns, is he red Oh my God.

AA Gabriel:  The energy of Lucifer, is self-centeredness. Selfishness. Self-centric individuals, possess/carry the energy of Lucifer.

Elisa:  Well does he do anything that has a good purpose?

AA Gabriel: Yeah.

Veronica:  Erik’s laughing his ass off because he’s like Mom, you’re loaded with it.

Elisa: Oh, God help me Lucifer.

AA Gabriel:  He wants to make it easy for the human mind, think good angel over here, devil over here, it is, you need to balance my energies and so you might know that Lucifer is over here and you understand what he is, he’s an angel but he’s a denser angel, he’s a heavier angel, but over here, and it’s all based on choice, so, you were given direction, you were given love as the compass, that’s the true north, anything that doesn’t support or go towards true north is not the angel of God.

Elisa: So, that’s why this shoulder is quite a bit lower that the other huh? Nah, I’m kidding. So, is he considered the devil or Satan?

Veronica: Erik is laughing.

Erik:  Yeah, Mom, he’s a real thing.

Elisa:  Well, what’s the difference between Lucifer and Satan.

Erik: There is no difference, it’s a name, it’s a title.

Elisa:  So, he doesn’t hang out in hell, right because there is no hell.

Veronica: No there’s no hell.

Elisa:  Even the current Pope said there’s no hell. All right, so he or she has their purpose. Okay, here’s one from a blog member, how do we know if they are with us when we call on them?

Erik:  That’s going to be perception and it’s really what you understand it to be, because how they show up for V they might not show up for Mom that way and so you have really sit silent and ask them to show you and let you use your body, your physical body.

Veronica:  Like for me, I see the floaters, I see that, but when the archangels come in, the hair on my arms stand up, my whole body gets erect, I can feel them come in.

Elisa: Wow.

Erik: It’s a personal experience.

Elisa:  So, it’s different, but when we call them and pray for them to help us, do they always, if it’s not going to betray our spiritual contract and interfere with our path and the human experience?

Erik: The archangels are the only choir, or tribe or team of angels that can help without us calling them. One of the ways they will help us is if we’re going to end a contract and it’s not time. They could intervene, they don’t always but they could, now the angels, every body forgets about the angels.

Elisa: Awe, angels I feel sad, I won’t forget about you. Veronica my guardian angel, thank you, God, you’ve put up with so much.

Veronica: My guardian angels name is Annie, you know, she’s with me all the time, she does things like hook my necklace because I have too long of nails.

Elisa:  Aw, that’s nice. But does she do windows? That’s what I want to know.

Veronica:  No, bitch need to get here.

Erik: I really want people to embrace the idea that angels are everywhere and you have teams of them, they are just waiting to be called in.

Elisa:  Yeah, we can’t let them get fat and lazy guys, call on your angels really, seriously.

Erik:  And you can name them, if you want to and when you name them, it going to be like you’re going to say “okay here’s an angel, I get this sense from this angel, her name is Gert.”

Veronica:  You know what I mean, and he picked the name Gert so, I don’t know what that means.

Elisa:  Okay somebody wants to know, oh yeah, I kind of want you, Erik, to bring Michael forward, and can you tell us about how you intervened for Veronica.

Veronica: It’s funny because the time is 444 and anybody that knows angels knows 444, and AA Michael, it feels like he sashayed into the room.

Elisa:  Ta-da! It’s really weird because I was going to go off on another tangent and boom it popped into my head that we needed to do this.

Veronica: 444. He’s a very big presence.

AA Michael:  I have a very big job. Angels, you can’t even think about an angel with a human mind, because angels are every where all the time.

Erik: But so, am I, so does that mean I’m an angel?

Veronica:  He’s chuckling. AA Michael is larger than life, in front of me, like out the corner of my eye I can just feel this, it’s a radiating warmth, it’s the same warmth I felt when he came in my car because my car filled up with this energy, this warmth, and his job is the protector.

Erik: Think of him as the bouncer at the bar, somebody get’s their shit all out of whack, you know Michael’s going to come in and you know just kind of take them down a notch.

Elisa:  So, how did you intervene for Veronica and why?

AA Michael:  It wasn’t her time. I waited until the last possible minute.

Veronica:  And I can attest to that.

AA Michael:  She had to learn her lesson, and the lesson was that she couldn’t.

Veronica:  This makes me want to cry. I couldn’t keep running away, so he held me in that car, in that space and that was the first time I was introduced to anything angelic and he was my first introduction to the angels, very powerful energy.

Elisa: Wow, gosh, well, I’m glad you did that Michael.

AA Michael:  Just by coming in, it’s almost like an electrical current, where it rewires what you might be thinking up here, take suicide for example, if there is somebody that’s going to commit suicide and it’s not in their contract and it is okay for me, because we have a glimpse of everything, if their going to commit suicide I can come in and I can move the brain chemistry around to kind of defeat what the brain thinks it needs to do because it’s never the soul that going to do that, it’s the brain.

Elisa:  Well did you save from me from that serial killer?

AA Michael:  I’ve always had your back. You still do things that are risky for you, and I’m watching.

Elisa: Like what?

Veronica:  Well, do you put yourself in harms way, like what do you do, do you do crazy things?

Elisa:  Well I can’t even climb on a ladder or have a knife in my hand, not at the same time especially, without my family freaking out, “oh my God, Mom’s on the ladder.”

AA Michael:  One of the things that you don’t know.

Veronica:  And he’s not saying this to scare you or me in anyway, they protect us, as we do this work, as we go out, in public with this work, they are actually protecting us.

Elisa:  Okay, that’s cool, so what is his personality like, or Michael you can also say that, I mean you can tell us anything about yourself, do you like to have fun, what’s your favorite colour, like some blog members think.

Veronica: It’s interesting because this is a very regal energy, it’s not playful, but it’s not scary, it’s not heavy, it commands a lot of respect.

Elisa: Is it like paternal, is that what you’re trying to say?

Veronica:  Yes.

Elisa: Like a benevolent father figure.

Veronica:  Yes absolutely, paternal is the ultimate paternal, now God is the ultimate paternal energy.

Elisa:  Or maternal.

Veronica:  Or maternal, right.

AA Michael:  My name is Michael, but I’m gender neutral.

Elisa:  Of course, yeah.

AA Michael: But people know me as a man, a he, a male energy. Masculine energy is what I am, very prominent masculine energy.

Elisa: Well are there any female archangels?

AA Michael:  Perception. Most people think Gabriel is a female.

Veronica:  For me as Veronica speaking, Gabriel does not present as a female, he presents as a male.

Elisa:  Okay so, it’s all perception.

Veronica:  I have not seen a female archangel but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

Elisa: Yeah, like some might have more female energy than others, so let’s talk about Raphael, and Raphael you can come in and tell us what is your specialty and what are you like personality wise, energy.

AA Raphael:  I’m the healer.

Elisa: Ah, okay.

AA Raphael:  I’m the healer, I’m the one that sits at the foot of the bed when you don’t feel well, I’m the one that guards your children who aren’t feeling well. I’m the one that takes you from dry heaves to on the mend.

Veronica:  He’s the ultimate healer.

AA Raphael:  You can pray to me, for me to intervene when there is illness in the family.

Veronica:  And really what he’s saying to me is if it’s not in the contract the energy of prayer and they can come in, they literally actually heal you.

Elisa:  Well, do we have to pray to them for that to happen? Is it like, well you missed your chance, I was sitting there tapping my toes thinking, when is he going to call on me because someone is dying of pancreatic.

Erik:  The archangels don’t need to be asked in, it’s like a common courtesy, it’s like you want to show respect, you want to show love, you want to show vulnerability, you want to surrender. When you surrender and you open your heart, that brings in the highest vibration of energy in which is love. Talk about people that don’t know about the angels.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Veronica: He makes a good point, so Raphael, tell me about the people that don’t know about angels?

AA Raphael: People that don’t know about the angels, like as you know about the angels, they do know that it’s a feeling. They ask to feel better, they ask how can I work with this? How can I manage this? How can I deal with this? That kind of thing, and that can actually invoke the energy of the archangel.

Elisa:  So, what is his personality like?

Veronica:  He’s very compassionate, it’s funny because I see him, Michael’s big, Michael’s really big, but this energy is big but it’s kind of buff like, he’s kind of big and he has like a green glow around him, there’s this beautiful turquoise green energy.

Elisa:  Wow!

Veronica:  It’s very beautiful.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s beautiful.

Veronica:  Very peaceful feeling.

Elisa: What about Gabriel? AA Gabriel, maybe you could step forward Gabriel, and let us know what your thing is, you’re the musician of the group because you got your horn, nah, I’m just kidding, I don’t know. All right, tell me.

AA Gabriel: I am the messenger, and I am the one that inspires you Elisa, when you feel blocked, when you feel “I can’t do one more thing with this blog, or I can’t produce one more piece” I am the one that comes to your aid.

Elisa:  Ah, God, thank God somebody’s helping me. What is his personality like?

Veronica:  He’s a talker, and he’s very flamboyant. He’s very in your face.

Elisa:  Effusive, yeah, fun guy at a party.

Veronica:  Yeah, and he is actually the muse for creative forces.

Elisa:  Oh, interesting. I want to play quarters with him, I bet he’d be fun.

Veronica: There ya go.

Elisa:  All right, that sounds great. Well, I guess Raphael, how do you heal the sick?

AA Raphael:  It’s all energy work.

Elisa:  Manipulating energy, okay. Getting rid of blocks, okay, and the same thing with Michael as a protector, he protects by shielding us with a big energetic bubble or?

Veronica:  Everything, about the angels is energy.

Erik:  Just like the way I communicate is all through energy, it’s all thought communication.

Elisa: What about Mother Earth?

AA Michael:  I may, a form of protection may come in the form of a human, I may introduce another human into the situation that then becomes the protector or the saviour, or I may myself go into the body of the human.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s so cool, I just would love Michael to get into my body, that does not sound right but you know what I mean. Who protects Mother Earth and how?

Erik: These are the angels that are called the dominions and the principalities.

Elisa:  Oh yeah of course.

Erik: They are like the watchdogs for Mother Earth.

Elisa: Oh good, what about wars, is there anybody that intervenes in war, or bigger things, I mean not bigger things, like weather, earthquakes, anything like that?

Erik:  The dominions and the principalities are in charge, even if you look at war, the war-torn countries, the principalities, energetically what’s going on, in you know the Middle East, energetically, there are angels guiding over it. So, when you see these stories on the news where a little girl got blown up by a bomb and she should have died but she didn’t.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

(barking dogs)

Veronica: The angels must be ringing the bell.

Elisa:  Mailman, God dang it, and somebody let the dogs in. Who let the dogs in.


Veronica:  I knew it, I knew you were going to say that.

Elisa:  You knew you channelled me. Okay, so but who, Michael the AA is here to protect us, does he ever intercede to stop war from happening or to change the course of war so there’s less causalities?

Erik:  Mom.

Elisa: What?

Erik:  Mom, they can’t intercede because everybody’s contract calls for something. When we have wars or mass destruction or natural destruction, it’s because those souls signed up to have that experience together.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  That’s what that’s about and you can’t intercede, you might intercede on an individual basis and it happens constantly.

Elisa: All right, so what about this, it seems like and I might be wrong, an AA, maybe Michael, helped create World War 2, some how because he thought it would usher in decades of peace, that was a lesson, or he fortify that spirit or contract, I don’t know, maybe I dreamt it, I don’t know but what.

Erik:  Angels don’t incite or start wars or pull the plug so to speak.

Elisa:  Including AA, right?

Erik: Including AA, they as powerful as they are, they are truly following orders, world orders.

Elisa:  Okay, all right.

Erik: So, you know we can look at World War 2, what was that about, well it’s bigger than just the angels intervening or the angels starting it, it’s because, we’re going back again to self-centric individuals, that’s why all wars are started. Lucifer, good angel.

Elisa:  Yeah and Michael did you fight Satan and defeat him, there’s that whole bible story and if so what was that fight about?

AA Michael:  In the simplest terms it was because I saw what he was he was about, I saw him transparently and his heart was not pure, but there isn’t anything that God didn’t make so, so he knew that Lucifer was going to be a fallen angel, God knew that. Lucifer had to fall so that you could see good – bad, white – dark, light – dark.

Elisa:  And it’s all part of the big spectrum of light, everything is light, everything is love. Lucifer is just kind of in the dimmer part, all right so, you guys all do work with ascended masters I take it, right?

Veronica:  Yes.

Elisa:  Quick question for Gabriel, did you channel the Qur’an to Mohammed? I mean was it from you/God, or was a lot of it man-made.

AA Gabriel:  I was the messenger, but a lot of the Qur’an like the Bible was man interpretation.

Elisa:  Yeah.

AA Gabriel:  I might say one thing, to Ala, but it might get written in an interpretation, the world, all it is, is perception.

Elisa:  I know, so Mohammed, may have taken some of it and misconstrued it and put some fear-based beliefs in it.

AA Gabriel: Not in an intentional, harmful way.

Elisa: No, of course not, yeah. We’re human, we’re not perfect. What is Metatron?

Veronica:  Oh, he is the divine knower of everything, he is the most powerful angel and he actually, you know if there’s anybody that you’re going to want to hook up with, it’s going to be him because there is such, I would have to say.

Elisa: It just sounds like a transformer toy, Met a tron.

Veronica:  Metatron, you know he’s larger than life, he’s all about the divine wisdom coming to earth.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: He shakes shit up.

Elisa:  Okay, we need to channel him.

Erik: He will shake shit up.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s awesome. Okay, I will save some of that for the future channelling of Metatron. Real quick, a couple of blog members, who is God’s Army and if Lucifer isn’t in hell because there isn’t a hell, who are we battling against? Well, is there a God’s Army? Does God have an army?

Erik: Yes, y’all.

Elisa:  Oh my God, there is the draft. I want to be a conscientious objector, man. I’m just kidding.

Veronica: I love Erik’s twang, yawl are God’s Army.

Elisa: He got it from his Mom, not his Norwegian Father. All you AA dudes, what is the best way to communicate with you and do you always hear us?

AA Michael:  We always hear you. You can’t even think in human terms like hearing, like we hear, and the best way to communicate is with your heart. If you want to communicate feel your heart, think it to us, say it out loud but it needs to come from the heart.

Elisa: What do you think of the current state of the U.S and also the world?

AA Gabriel:  It is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Elisa:  I knew you were going to say that.

AA Gabriel: Everything needs to break down before it breaks open. When things hit the ground, so to speak, they smash open, they break open and then we can heal. Right now, you have a festering wound, and it needs to be lanced, it needs to be opened. And that happens one individual at a time.

AA Gabriel: Individuals are dominoes. So, one does it, one does it, one does it, and then.

Elisa:  Is it partly to get rid of the global elite, the new world order all the corruption among the world oligarchy?

AA Gabriel:  You’re never ever going to get rid of that, if you look back to the beginning of time, there’s always been an opposing force, there must be an opposing force, so you can know the opposite of it.

Elisa:  Yeah, then we don’t evolve as a collective here on Earth. And the future, does it look better, given that we’re breaking things down to rebuild it.

AA Gabriel: What looks better is that you are coming into an understanding that this is an intuitive age. You are opening up to more than your 5 senses, more than ever before, and this is the way to heal the world, because the 5 senses are needed to work with the above senses, but you need to be in touch with the 5 senses and marry it with all the other sense that’s out there.

Elisa:  Sounds good. Well thank you so much, if you have any other message or suggestions guys, let them fly, and we’ll close by me giving you thanks and gratitude and telling you guys how to get in touch with that amazing lady, Veronica Drake.

Veronica: and I have started the school of spiritual arts, if this interests you and you want to learn at a very, very affordable rate, I teach constantly how to do this, like channel the angels.

Elisa: Right and I am putting that on the blog October 10, 2018, that’s tomorrow but by the time I share this, it’s going to be later than this. So, thank you Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Veronica, Erik, I love you all, no last words archangels, any angels? Any other suggestions?

Veronica:  They are very grateful for this show, because it is going to change things and turn things around. The important part is, if you hear something about us, research it, come to us, ask us because there’s a lot of perception out there that isn’t us.

Elisa:  Oh, okay. Sounds great. Love you guys! Bye. Thanks for an awesome session Miss V.

Veronica: Bye.

Elisa: Bye Bye.





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