Erik on Our Ancient Origins


IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! Is the origin of Humanity linked to extraterrestrials? What’s the real story behind the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Tower of Babel, the Tree of Life, Gobeckli Tepe, Chromosome 2, the Annunakis and more. Erik shares incredible secrets that every human being needs to know. After all, it’s about WHERE WE COME FROM! He is brilliantly channeled by Jennifer Doran. Check her out at SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE. And if you don’t want to miss future content like this, hit the NOTIFICATION BELL.

But first, it’s time for our Get to Know the Mediums contest! Today, it’s Denise Ramon’s turn. Check her out at I adore her authentic and gentle nature! Her question: “Where is the one place I would love to visit and meditate?” Send ONE guess to I will reply to the winner only for the sake of time. GOOD LUCK!

For a transcript, either click on the (…) at the bottom righthand side of the YouTube and click on “Open Transcript” or, better yet, click on the subtitles/closed captioning icon to the left of the settings gear icon. (I like that one best because if you only read the transcript without playing the video, I don’t get any ad revenues for this hard work. 🙂

Featured image courtesy of Gaia.

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