Erik on Trump, Part One

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Here’s Part One of our series on Trump. I don’t want a political war happening in the comments section though…please?

Kim: Good morning.

Me: Good morning, Kimberly! How’s it going?

Kim: It’s going wonderfully. How about you?

Me: Good. Very good. I had a nice time camping at Lake Livingston, hiking, sitting around a campfire and all that kind of good stuff. It was really pretty weather, too.

Kim: Must be nice. It was 20 degrees each night here in Ohio.

Me: Ah!

Kim: So that was lovely.

Me: Well, I’ll trade that for our summers here in Houston because they suck.

Kim: Brutal.

Me: Anyway, hi, Erik!

Erik: What’s up, Mama?

Me: Not a whole heck of a lot.

Kim: He’s really mellow.

Me: He’s mellow?

Kim: Yeah, earlier, he was acting like a hard ass, and I was like, ‘Why are you acting like a hard ass right now?’ Then he’s like, “Who said I’m acting?” So he was being a smart ass!

We both laugh.

Me: A smart ass AND a hard ass! So with this recent election—and I’m not going to tell anybody who I voted for because I didn’t really like either candidate—but anyway, there’s a lot of anxiety over the results. So, I thought maybe to allay anxiety or maybe to make things worse, we’d ask you, Erik, some questions about Trump, the new president-elect. How do you feel about that? Good?

Erik (in a sing-song voice): Let’s do it!

Kim: He’s like shaking.

She mimics a shoulder shimmy.

Me: Oh, the shimmy! The Hillary shimmy.

Like the one she did during a debate.

Kim laughs.

Me: How about this first. How will the economy fare over the next 4 years? These are all from blog members. And how will job growth and unemployment rates do?

Erik (scratching his head): Where do I start?

Me: Keep them a little bit short because I have 28 questions! So the economy will do fine, not good? Job growth good? Unemployment good? Bad?

Erik (making two fists): With the economy, you’re going to see it become very secure and safe. It’s going to feel very safe.

Me: Oh, good. Will he bring in the jobs that he says he’ll bring in?

Erik: He will, but a lot of people will lose their jobs at first.

Kim: Okay, who are these people losing their jobs and why?

Me: Government people?

Kim: He gives me identity with a question mark. I don’t know what that means. Illegal immigrants?

Me: Well, tell us, Erik! He might shut down the Department of Education and things like that, so there could be some government job loss. The government is way too big! He might be shutting down some [unnecessary] government jobs. Could it be that?

Kim: Is it illegal immigrants?

Erik: You’re going to see a big shift in that category, but that’s not what I’m talking about. You’re going to see equality among the “little people” when it comes to jobs.

Kim: Ugh, I hate using that term.

Me: I know.

Kim: It kind of makes me feel like, when we go upper class all the way down, that the “little people” is where he’s going to insure security.

Me: Oh good.

Time to get rid of that huge income gap.

Erik: When you were talking about the government, it’s going to be the reverse. The common people are going to have strength, a voice and independence again.

Me: So [the job loss] isn’t in the middle class. Thank god.

Erik (snapping his fingers): These changes will be quick so the adjustment might take some time.

Me: Okay, will he be successful, and will he be reelected for a second term?

Erik: It’ll be like this. (He does the so-so sign with his hand.) That doesn’t define his success. It defines his support. Everyone right now is in a state of “prove it before I support you.”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: He’ll be able to prove it. He’ll be very successful in establishing financial security.

Me: Good. Will he be reelected?

(Long pause)

Kim exhales sharply.

Kim: Wow, that’s some heavy information that I don’t know if I want to translate in this session.

Me: Okay, forget it. Either he’s going to be assassinated or die because he’s so old, but don’t say.

Kim: Yeah, maybe I’ll share with you, personally, Elisa, but on a platform like this, no.

Me: All right. That’s fine.

Eventually, she told me she just got a negative feeling about it but no specifics. 

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