All About Erik, Part Two

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After publishing the “All About Erik” YouTube channeled by medium, Veronica Drake, I received a lot of very positive feedback. So, we’ll work with her more, and she’ll start offering the same monthly Q & A with Erik as Raylene did and as Emma is now doing. I asked her to write up a little blurb about herself so here it is:

Hi, I am Veronica Drake I am a medium, an intuitive, and angel communicator. 
My abilities were presented to me in November 1996.  I had made the decision to end my life on a very cold day in November. A life that I had screwed up so badly that I wasn’t even willing to stick around in. I wasn’t raised with any knowledge of God. I thought Christmas was about Santa Claus and Easter was bunnies, eggs, and chocolate. I had nothing to pull me back from the edge.
I got in my car and decided to crash into the side of a bridge. I had my pedal to the floor, tears streaming down my face, screaming “EFF YOU” to God. I was pissed. “Where are you?” I screamed. Hands clenching the wheel. I challenged Him to deal with this shit that was my life.

Instantly I felt the indiscernible warmth come into my car. I felt as if I were wrapped in a blanket. Suddenly, the car felt very crowded. Next to me. Behind me. On the floor. The car was packed! I had no idea with what. I just knew something had me. Strangely, I wasn’t scared. It was very peaceful. And, then I heard a whisper, “We have you”.  My foot came off the accelerator, my breathing slowed down and I saw flashes of light. Was I dead? No, I was being held by the Angels right here on earth. That was the beginning of my hearing and working with the Angels.

From that day forward I started to see, hear, smell and just know things about everyone around me. It was my gift from God. It was born November 1996 and gets stronger every single day.

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Veronica Drake

Here’s today’s post. Again, thanks SOOOO much, Cassandra B. for the wonderful job transcribing!

Veronica: There’s also a woman here with him here today. A younger woman.

Me: Is it his girlfriend?

Veronica: Is there a name Kelly? Does that mean anything?

Me: Kelly? That’s Lukas’s friends but she’s a live. I’m not sure he had a lot of friends. One of them might have been a Kelly.

Veronica: So he has a woman with him here and she’s very quiet and on the sidelines. She’s not saying anything. She’s a younger woman. She has a lot similarities to the way that her life was lost.

Me: So it’s not Jillian his girlfriend? Let’s see there’s Jordan, there’s Ali, they got killed.

Veronica: I see the name Kelly. Erik, please clarify for me. He’s showing me a tree. Was there someone that was lost in an accident with a tree?

Me: Could be.

Veronica: Maybe this is just a friend he brought along with him.

Me: Could be? Maybe it’s a blog member’s daughter?

Veronica: There you go. He’s showing me a red car. He’s showing me a tree. He’s very protective of this energy. He’s very protective of it. It’s a new energy.

Me: Someone who recently passed.

Veronica: Yeah, the hair on my arm.  Erik, he’s just loving her. He’s loving her purely.

Me: Maybe this rings true to any blog member out there if you’ve lost a daughter Kelly.

Veronica: She’s very at peace. Erik is like the R. A. in college. He’s showing her around and he’s taking her under his wing.

Erik: I want to go back and talk about life purpose. Why we even come here. I didn’t really know that until it was close to me leaving. I had a divine revelation, but it couldn’t stop me. There wasn’t enough of it, again the missing shoe. The missing piece. I understand now and I want you to understand that we look so deep, so far, so wide for purpose in our lives and I’m saying you don’t need to look any further for purpose than who you are and what you are naturally.

Me: Your life purpose is to be you.

Erik: Embrace the naturalness of who you are. I am encouraging you to revisit who you were as children before the filter became murky.

Veronica: He’s said at around age 9 for him the filter, he’s showing me a camera lens and it has fingerprints of smudges on it and he wasn’t able to see as clear at age nine.

Me: Did something happen then?

Veronica: He’s showing me in side of his head, his thoughts weren’t firing correctly.

Me: That’s when the mental illness started to creep in?

Erik: Yes. At age nine. I had glimpses of myself like an out of body experience, but not typical when you die, out of body experience. It felt like I was watching myself but I didn’t know what I was seeing at age 9 and couldn’t say to you what I was seeing because I didn’t know. Nothing happened extraordinary, except that the lens began to get cloudy. It almost felt like around age 14-15 that I was on a rollercoaster.

Me: That’s exactly right.

Erik: I couldn’t get the brakes to work.

Me: Let me ask you a real quick question, I just found out today that I have a genetic defect – many defects – I have a mutation of the C667T gene which is involved with the methylation process and involves DNA and folic acid and all that stuff. Sometimes that can cause neuropsychiatric problems. Is that….

Erik: No.

Me: He did not have that?

Erik. No.

Me: Did he just have bipolar disease?

Erik: Yes. What I had was mainstream.

Me: Okay. Oh, so boring.

Erik: Nothing quite elaborate or as fancy as what you’re saying. Very mainstream. I knew that it was a possibility or felt very strongly that it was possibility for schizophrenic tendencies for me passed age 20.

Me: That was bounced around.

Erik: I couldn’t risk it.

Me: Was there something we could have done. Any medicine that would have helped. Not that it matters now.

Erik: They only know 10% of what they could know about the brain. They really couldn’t have. They were not that advanced with what I would have needed at that time. I am, right now, owning the role of healer and teacher, officially. I want to be the mouthpiece, the voice for mental awareness.

Veronica: This is really important to him. I talked a lot to him about wanting to die and he brings a comfort to me. I grew up with a mentally ill mother. He and I talked about this prior to coming on here. He’s very forthcoming with me about mental illness and he wants to be that mouthpiece.

Me: Did you have any kind of endorphin deficiency like your brother? He’s responding to low dose naltrexone. He’s a totally different person. No problems at all. Except for maybe some laziness.

Erik: I just know I missed fired.

Veronica: Does that mean something to you? He’s saying he miss fired.

Me: Yeah the neuropathway.

Erik: To speculate wouldn’t help.

Me: Doesn’t do any good, of course. He’s gone now.

Erik: You’re not doing anything that wouldn’t be helpful to humanity by sharing my brother’s story. If he is comfortable, feel free to share his story because that can really help a lot of people.

Veronica: He’s showing me all of the globalness of this disease and saying if the brother’s story can help and you can share what you just shared. Go forward with it and bring it out.

Erik: It maybe too late for me, but there are a lot of other people who will benefit from hearing that.

Me: There are some people who have depression, that are not responsive to the usual anti-depressants and they could have a deficiency of endorphin, which some people think is autoimmune disease and what you do is just take something called low dose naltrexone or LDN to increase your own endorphin levels by 300% at night. So that`s all there is to it. Just google it.

Erik: There`s going to be so much revelation in the next 18 months in the field of mental health. There is going to be major breakthrough. It`s not going to be the standard “finder” or developer of what`s going to be revolutionary in the field.

Veronica: What does that mean Erik?

Erik: It may be a layperson.

Me: Oh really. What is it? Don’t be holding. What is the big breakthrough?

Erik: The layperson will be the guinea pig. I’m crediting the guinea pig, because they are putting themselves out there.

Veronica: Can you be more specific with what this process might look like?

Erik: It’s a blockage to a receptor. I understand that there are pills that do this, but this is not pill form. It’s not quite invasive, but yet it is.

Veronica: He’s showing me something with the brain.

Erik: Just tell her they are going to actually touch a piece of the brain. They are going to stimulate it. That’s going to make the difference.

Me: Oh wow. That makes sense. Okay.

Erik: It’s much easier than it sounds. They are already doing it in some places.

Veronica: He’s telling me Sweden or Switzerland. Somewhere with an “S”.

Erik: They are doing this process on clinically depressed people.

Me: Do they stimulate once or do you have like a pace maker that’s implanted and stimulated on a regular basis.

Erik: Yes. You can’t do once and done. That’s never going to solve it. That’s like going to therapy one time and thinking you’re fixed. It’s a constant zooming. Like a pacemaker.

Me: Interesting, so it’s implanted into the brain?

Erik: Yeah. You cannot remove this. This is something that’s done surgically. I give the credit to the guinea pigs, with respect because without these courageous souls, this work would not come to fruition. It would not be born. Had I been here, this might have been something that would have worked for me, but again it didn’t work out. Free will. Free choice.

Me: You are helping so many people on the side you are on.

Veronica: Absolutely.

Erik: Life purpose. No matter how long a soul lives, no matter how long, it serves its purpose. It has relevance. Even children that are born and live for an hour, serve their purpose. Karma and what it is we come in to solve for our souls.   We carry pieces of the soul with us, but not the same soul.

Veronica: Erik can you clarify for me, how would that work?

Erik: If a soul is energy, you can’t kill energy, but pieces of it can mutate or go into a different physical structure.

Me: So basically you have this higher self, this over soul, and then pieces of you are tendrils going to different bodies and times in the past, future, and present. Is that what you are saying?

Erik: Yes. All for the purpose of learning lessons for the main soul. We have this main soul, these pieces go out at after all the lessons are learned all these pieces immerse back into this one main soul. So this is like retrieving our contracts on a bigger level. There’s more than meets the eye.

Veronica: He feels very cerebral and learned.

Me: Oh Wow. Professor Erik, where’s your smoking jacket, ascot and pipe.

Veronica: Actually, he’s wearing a suit.

Me: oh wow! He’s buried in a suit. He would wear, what he would call, a puppet suit. His father always went to work in a suit. He just loved to sometimes put a suit on for nothing, to walk around the house. He loved his suits.

Veronica: I can also smell pizza around him.

Me: He loved him some pizza!

Veronica: I get the pizza smell.

Erik: I want to tell you some cut-up stories, but not sure it would be appropriate for the video. We can bond over them later. I have some doozies.

Veronica: I don’t want to be that messenger.

Me: You‘ve got to share with the rest of the class, Erik. C’mon, just give us one.

Veronica: Do you live by a pond? He’s showing me a body of water.

Me: There’s a duck pond where we would take walks to.

Veronica: He’s showing me a body of water. He was a pranksters. Something disappeared mysteriously from one of his siblings. He in a moment put it in the pond.

Me: Interesting. I wonder what that was?

Veronica: Does he have an older brother?

Me: He has a younger brother.

Veronica: He’s showing me the brother. He’s saying the brother was older than him. Not chronologically, and it was something of the brother’s that he took and it took a dive in the pond and he’s showing me that it was something made of metal. To this day probably nobody knows what it is and he doesn’t want to stir the pot.

Erik: Yes I do.

Veronica: He was very mischievous and could always be counted on to….

Erik: People never knew what I would do next. I would eavesdrop a lot too. If you wanted to know anything about my siblings. I can write the book. I was the media of the family. I could be the know all

Me: Oh gosh!   Oh Yeah. It would probably be horror story. I’m kidding.

Veronica: He’s very attached to a grandfather. There’s an elder.

Me: Yeah, Bestefar in Norway. That’s the first one he visited after he passed over, in Norway. He spent some time living with him for several weeks.

Veronica: He’s very attached to him, very.

Erik: That’s where I hang out.

Me: I bet. That’s what he did when he was first got out of his body. That’s the first refuge he took

Erik: That’s where I hang out. I am getting very learned by spending time and paying attention to him.

Veronica: It’s a big role that the grandfather is still fulfilling. Very beautiful energy.

Me: Sweet.

Veronica: Very beautiful energy.

Erik: This is important. Wake up!

Me: I’m awake.

Erik: You’re not going to hell.

Me: I know. I knew I wouldn’t. There’s no such thing as hell.

Erik: Hell, if you’re ready, this is going to be brilliant so just back up.

Me: Drumroll please.

Erik: Hell is right here, right now, where we are.

Me: I know.

Erik: It can all be eradicated with the L-Word. Love. Hell, is really absence of love. This is what you are experiencing. The “big cheese”, the big Kahuna doesn’t believe in religion. There isn’t religion. Call yourself Catholica, call yourself Baptist, call yourself Buddhist, call yourself whatever you want. What the hell are you doing? What are your actions?

Me: What are your actions.

Erik: What the hell are you doing? Not, what are you believing? What are you doing, is what matters.

Veronica: He’s very adamant about that. He calls him the big Kahuna the big Cheese, that’s funny.

Me: He’s done that before

Veronica: He’s very laid back, very chill. Erik, what else would you like to share with us?

Erik: There is an electricity around you.

Me: Is that why my hair is getting all frizzy?

Erik: I feel the circuits are exploding around you. Are you ok?

Me: I’m good.

Erik: I feel there is an electrical charge around you. Hold on and brace, yourself because what you think you have right now, is going to get ten times bigger.

Me: Okay. Is that good or bad?

Erik: In a loving positive way.

Me: Oh good. I’ll accept that.

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