Erik Solves the Mysteries of Lost Civilizations, Part Two

ARE ALIENS INVOLVED? Yep, in some cases! Again, Erik solves the mystery of civilizations that have disappeared seemingly for no good reason like the Olmecs, Easter Island, Cahokia, Anasazi, Petra, El Dorado, the Akusumite Empire, Angkor Wat, Terra Preta, and others! As with Part One, Jennifer Doran did a fantastic job channeling my lovely boy. Check her out at

First, a lot of people want to do more than just the basic closing portals that should NOT be open and opening portals that are closed, strangling off every form of abundance. Some have acute present life traumas and want to know what traumas are triggered in a past of future life (usually the former.)

Here’s and example of one such report. 

At the tender age of 13, you were raped by a neighbor. You did tell your parents and they did go to the authorities. The reason this is important is because this trauma (and perhaps some trauma in your current life that you do remember,) triggered a particular life in 1812 where you suffered a great deal. I want you to look at your present life and see if there’s any trauma (it doesn’t have to be sexual trauma. It can be anything you went through in this life so reflect carefully). In that life, you were an African American slave in Mississippi raped by your owner at the age of 21 years old. You got pregnant, delivered a healthy baby boy. Unfortunately, your son succumbed to German measles at the age of 5. Your owner never raped you again, because he went for the younger ones and he considered you sullied. But he did keep beating you. When you reached the age of 42, you had had enough and committed suicide. No one in that lifetime is in your present life. I don’t know how old you are now, but oftentimes, when a person reaches the age they were when they took their life, they start having suicidal ideation, so be aware of that bleed through. 

You and your owner agreed to this spiritual contract. You were to learn about loss. I encourage you to search YouTube for “The little soul and the sun narration.” It will be healing for you.

Erik didn’t recommend any past life regression for some reason, but if you decide to, go to Kim Voigt at

And now for your husband. This one is also interesting.  In this life, he has had a series of traumas that started at the age of 12, seemingly on a parallel lifeline, where he sustains a serious head injury during a track and field event at school. (Maybe he had a head injury at some other point in his life?) Anyway, this triggered a past life in Russia. There, he was a wealthy woman, 43 years old in 1824. Her 19-year-old grandson impulsively pushed her off a cliff. It’s not because he was the next of kin and was after his money. It’s because he couldn’t bear her cruelty anymore. She was always so mean to him. Anyway, she succumbed to a fatal head injury. But this was all a mutually agreed upon spiritual contract, so your husband sacrificed that life to teach and learn. The lessons: To learn the value of life above material possessions, forgiveness and compassion. No one in that life is in this current one. Hope this all helps. Let’s touch base next week!

I then wrote her back:

You know I was just thinking about the spiritual contract of yours with the lesson of loss. Not only did you lose your son, you lost your dignity, you lost your well-being, you lost your sense of safety, you lost your freedom, and so many things. I really want you to think about that and apply it to what you lost in your present life and I really, really want you to watch that YouTube. It’s for children so it’s a bit cheesy but you will get the huge depth of it. Please have your husband watch it too.  

Here are her three responses:

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this. The lesson of loss in my current life. There are so many things and I am not sure how to change this but I think you are right, I will seek Kimberley’s help. I think she can help both of us out.  I watched the YouTube video last night but of course so many distractions so I am going to watch it again this morning. I prayed for my other lives last night and I believe in that. I feel sorrow and gratitude, sad for what has happened and grateful to know that I can change things in this life. I can’t thank you enough, I am so grateful.

Second report from J.N.

I’m doing great! My boss offered me an opportunity to be a coder 3 (I’m a coder 2, currently) this means in time I will receive a raise once I complete all of the training, which started today! I have been wanting this position for almost 5 yrs now and all of a sudden my boss is offering me this and I thought it would never happen. I believe it’s because of the work you have done for me. 

Also another thing, I have had a surge of energy! I have been doing some well needed spring cleaning and you should have seen me, I was up till late doing stuff that I normally wouldn’t do. I feel like there has been a shift in my energy

Another change I’ve noticed is that normally when it’s past 9pm I am so sleepy (I have severe sleep apnea)so when I put my C-pap machine on I conk right out but not these last few nights. It’s like I have so much extra energy that it takes me a while to fall asleep. I’m never like that, in fact Diego says it’s weird how I immediately pass out when I go to bed. Like I never have any energy but not now I feel so energetic!

Third Report from J.N.

I wanted to let you know that I am feeling energetic. Yesterday I tackled cleaning my garage. I didn’t finish it but I put a really good dent in it. Tonight when I’m finished with work,  I plan on completing it. It’s one of the worst rooms in my house. My bedroom as well and now I have finished cleaning that room. I’m so thankful to you and Erik for doing this. I truly believe the portal work you’ve done is really helping me! I never feel like cleaning or doing much but working and drinking. Now I don’t feel like drinking and I’m cleaning/de- cluttering my home. I feel fucking fantastic!

Guess what she does…SHE MAKES AND SELLS PIÑATAS!!

I thought this was so fascinating that I decided to do this form myself, mostly be cause during a forgiveness session with Kim Voigt, she asked me to see what images came up in regards to my family. But instead, I kept getting an image of a dark-skinned woman with long, wavy black hair and a happy, wriggly baby in a woven basket. I felt that baby was going off to be sacrificed. So I got to work in the scalar field and got my answers. Here’s what I found.

My Present Life Trauma and Past Life Triggers

Acute present-day trauma:

Eight years old: My father yanked us out of the bathtub, naked, and beat all three of us demanding we tell the truth over who left a plate of  cheesecake under bed. (My sister, Laura was at fault, but didn’t come forward. BETRAYAL)

The past life that triggered:

1938 in India: I was an infant female recommended for sacrifice by my then sister (present-day sister, Laura) who did so in exchange for money. Jealousy was involved.

Mode of sacrifice: I was to be left out in the jungle to be eaten by wildlife. (See tundra experience below)

Present day triggers:

Abandoned in tundra (I got lost in the fog last summer in Norway in 28 degrees, light clothing, no hat, DSW boots and no one really got serious about calling the authorities until well into mid morning the next day.

They flew out a HUGE Sea King Helicopter but it was ironically grounded due to fog. Next, they sent out a team of dogs. No luck. Next, they sent out 3 groups of 30 each Red Cross volunteers to do a grid search. No luck. Then they made one last attempt. A  circumferential search. During all of this, I was paralyzed due to the cold. Constant heavy rain and heavy wind and, of course, 28 degrees. I was hallucinating, too. I screamed and screamed for help for 10 hours.

Then the suffering was so extreme that I tried to will my soul out of my body. Eventually I begged God to rip my soul from my body. Once, I heard a moose come up behind me. I felt his breath and heard him snuffling, munching on the moss. Next, I just gave up and waited for death to relieve me.

But around hour 17, something (or someone) told me to scream one more time. I thought that was weird because I knew the thought didn’t come from my own mind, but I did shout. And that’s when I heard “HALLO!” Out from the forest came Red Cross volunteers with bright yellow vests on. They stripped all my clothes off, warmed me up and offered my chocolate (which I refused because I felt so guilty making so much trouble.) They made me feel better when they say even experienced mountaineers get lost in the fog and it’s very common to turn left in fog. That was the wrong direction. And the fog was so thick, I couldn’t see more than2 feet in front of my face.

After all of that warming up, my core body temp in the hospital was only 84 degrees and the doctor, a survival medicine specialist, said I probably only had an hour or less to live.

So that was like me as an infant left to die in the jungle in India.

Other trigger: I was robbed of inheritance by my sister, Laura (See below)

Betrayal by father (who gave all of his millions to Laura, even though I was the only one who took care of my parents for 40 years. Laura swooped in from Arkansas, doted on him and fed him lies and convinced him to give it all to her.

Betrayal by family not engaging in get togethers, etc.

Beaten because Laura didn’t tell the truth about cheesecake.

Triggered by not having texts returned and not having Follow My agreement from one of my children.

Betrayal by three of the mediums

An ongoing sense of loneliness and abandonment

But here’s the thing: Laura and I mutually agreed to this past life in India as a spiritual contract. I don’t know what I was to teach her but I was to learn about forgiveness and self-empowerment. Check this awesome YouTube out. It’s a children’s book, so bear with it, but it explains what I mean. It’s written by the author of Conversations with God.

Anyway, now I understand my current life and myself in a deeper way than I ever have before. In fact, I want to do this for all of my family. Erik spelled out the advantages to doing so when Lukas had reservations, saying he thought it might hinder his human experience. Nope, here are the advantages:

Benefits of knowing what past or future life traumas are triggered by a present life trauma:

  • You will learn your spiritual lessons faster
  • You will be less likely to stray from your spiritual path/life purpose
  • Some of you are teachers and you will be more effective as such.
  • Abundance will come more easily
  • Relationships with other people including your significant other will be stronger.
  • You will feel more at peace
  • It will be easier for you to find joy.
  • You will have more wisdom.
  • You will have a deeper understanding of why you are here
  • You will have a deeper understanding of why others are in your life.
  • You will have a deeper understanding of life and yourself, including why you react to people, circumstances and situations the way that you do.
  • You will have more compassion and be able to forgive and accept more easily.
  • You will be able to surrender and relinquish control more easily.
  • You will be able to shift perspective and see the larger picture when you need to.
  • You will see a shift in your priorities.

Another thing, I received an emergency email from a young mother who took a selfie with a friend and captured this image.

She was TERRIFIED. There is a LOT of evil shit out there. So Erik and I spent several hours of portal work right away, not even bothering if she could pay or not. Erik called this a freaking portal emergency. Now, all is good, clean, and pure and she and her family and home are protected for all eternity. I can say as a mother, this brought out the Mama Bear in me. I was so worried.

If you think you need portal work, I will have the website up live very soon. Payments will go to from now on. When it’s up, there will be no waiver to sign, just a terms of agreement checkbox. And all forms of payment will be accepted.

Here are the two packages for now:


This is the one I highly recommend highly because when your closed portals open, you will increase your financial abundance enough to get the other components of the complete package such as past or future life origins, etc.)

With the basic package, the open portals in your energy body and home are closed and the closed portals in your energy body and home are opened. And of course all negative entities are removed from the energy bodies and home.

Individual with pets (This takes around 2 hours)                                           $175

Families with children/pets (this takes around 3 hours)                               $250


The complete energy work including a detailed scan of open and closed portals of all the energy bodies in the household, all negative entities around those energy bodies and how many are attached, how many open and closed portals are in the home, and how many negative entities are floating around the space.

With that complete energy work, you get a detailed analysis of what past (or even future) life was triggered by present life trauma, what year that occurred, how old you were at the time, if any family members in that past life are in your current life, if spiritual contracts were involved and if so, what lessons were to be learned. Last, healing modalities, if needed, are recommended.

Here are the costs Erik has set (all including home and any and all pets):

One person (This takes around 4-5 hours)                                                        $535

Couple (This takes around 5-6 hours)                                                                $570

Family with an unlimited number of children, taking 6 to 7 hours               $625

One more thing, don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show Tuesday at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. 

Again, Erik has decided that the entire hour this Tuesday will be devoted to him answering questions, and he will probably want to continue this until mid-November. If you’ve been able to get on during the last few times, please let another person have a chance. Also, remember, only one question per customer unless it’s a follow-up because I want everyone to get to talk to our rascal. Some have actually been trying to get picked from the studio board for months, so here’s their opportunity! And some are just now discovering the show, so please step aside and let them have the mic.

Channeling those answers from Erik and those messages from loved ones will be our wonderful CE medium, Kim Voigt. They’re all wonderful and unique in their own way! Check her out at

If you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.

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