Erik’s Dimensional Travels

Our Saturday night get-together was so much fun, guys! I wish you all could have been there. First we had lunch at Jason’s Deli, then we went to my house and had fun on the eBoard with Erik and others. We even got messages from Jesus. They sent chills. It’s funny how Jesus centers the planchette just on “No” or “Yes” rather than the whole “Hell yes” and “Fuck no.” After that, we took our glasses of wine and sat out by the pool and had a wide range of conversations from spiritual stuff to mundane stuff to slightly pervy stuff that led to lots of laughter. At the end, we decided that when my book tour tapers down, we’re going to go on a girls’ trip (Robert being the only guy.) We were thinking about Vegas or New Orleans. It’s amazing how many close relationships have been formed all because of one pull of a trigger and the events that followed. It could have gone in a number of directions, most of them sad and dark, but it didn’t, thanks to you all (and of course, Erik.)

In this post, Erik talks about his travels. His tickets are much cheaper than the ones for our future girls’ trip. I found this conversation fascinating because it forced me to expand my awareness to the possibilities of being who look like and live quite differently than we do. 

Me: Erik, you like to go to other dimensions. It’s sort of a hobby of yours I guess, right?

Erik: Fuck yeah.

Me: How do those living in the other dimensions appear to you? Do they appear as they would to each other or as generic beings of light?

Robert: Other dimensional beings?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It depends.

Me: Well, can you describe some of them?

Erik: Sure.

(Long pause)

Robert: He’s trying to find one that’s the weirdest.

Me: Great. Now I’m going to have nightmares.

Erik: Oh, they don’t look terrible. Some of them are really beautiful. Some of them purely identify with displaying themselves with what you are reflecting to them. Sometimes, that’s the only way they like to show themselves. For instance, if you’re a spirit who really identifies with your physical form—some people might call that narcissism—and you just really dig that physical form and think it’s the hottest form ever, they’ll show themselves to you in that way. It’d be like looking in a mirror.

Me: Ah.

Erik: And of course if you’re that way, you might want to fuck it.

Robert bursts out laughing.

Me: Oh, Jesus, Erik!

Erik: I’m not saying that’s something I’d do! I’m just saying that some spirits might be that way. Others have no form at all. You can’t see anything, visually. You just feel them. A lot of mediums can relate to that because they don’t always see spirits, but they know that they’re there. It’s like a presence with no visual.

Me: Interesting.

Erik: Sometimes, it’s an in between. There’s a presence without a physical form like you and I would define it. It’s almost like smoke.

Me: Oh, okay. It must be hard to communicate with just a presence!

Erik: All communication is through connections in that giant pool of consciousness, so it happens automatically. It doesn’t matter if there’s form to it or not. You don’t need form. Form is just here for the physical world.

Me: Tell me one of your favorites. What do they look like?

(Long pause)

Erik: Hmm.

Me: One of the ones you think is the most beautiful in your opinion.

Robert: He’s kind of being funny but serious at the same time.

Me: Only he can do that!

Robert: He brings up the in between one. They look like smoke.

Erik: It’s not smoke-colored. It’s more silvery. It’s got beautiful colors like iridescent smoke. Very beautiful.

Me: Mm. Okay.

Erik: There are lots of little colors everywhere that constantly change. They’re my favorite because they’re just so fucking fun to look at. It’s like an LSD trip.

Me: I bet!

Robert: He showed me this other visual where you know how people talk about auras?

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: They emanate an aura that is indescribable in human terms. With humans in the physical body, there’s a certain limit to the amount of colors in their auras.

Me: Okay.

Erik: These beings make colors that don’t exist on Earth and some that I haven’t even seen in Heaven.

Me: Wow! Amazing. What are the personalities like of these particular smoky dudes?

Erik: It’s difficult to describe because when you’re with them, you feel. It’s all just feeling. It’s not like one of them acts one way and another one acts a different way like talking a different way or using language differently, which are the kinds of things that associate with personality. It’s not like one talks in a grumpy way or whatever. It’s almost like being in a nice warm bath.

Me: Well, do you have conversations?

Erik: That is a conversation.

Me: Weird. How is that a conversation?

Erik: Conversations all stem from emotions. While you’re in that nice warm bath, what do you feel? You feel fucking awesome. That is a conversation.

Me: Okay. Wow.

Erik: You’re considering conversations to only be with words.

Me: Kind of like tantric sex!

Erik: For some it could be like that.

Me: What’s their afterlife like?

Erik: It’s not like the human afterlife where you cross over from being alive to being dead. They don’t exist in the physical form like human being do. They don’t go from living to dying. They’re just always in this realm where they go wherever they want.

Me: Any other beings from another dimension you want to talk about?

Erik: I’ll tell you what you can call them. It’s makes it easier when humans have labels. I call them, “wisps.”

Me: Tell me about your second favorite being from another dimension.

Erik: There’s another race that’s very argumentative, but they don’t argue out of hatred or anger. It’s just the way they carry themselves. There’s just a lot of loud talking and yelling.

Robert and I laugh.

Robert: It sounds so funny when you think about it!

Erik: They really like to get in your face. I like that because they’re being emotionally honest. They don’t second-guess how they should be, and they don’t shield their reactions based on what reaction you have.

Robert: He’s showing me a visual. They have a form to them. They look—god, I don’t even know how to describe it—they don’t look like humans at all. They have little arms.

Me: Aw. Cute.

Robert: And then they have skin that looks kind of rocklike. Where you might expect a head to be has all these jagged points on it.

Erik: They’re not rock, but when you think about it, it makes sense for them to look like that. When someone is arguing and screaming all the time and all set in their ways and stubborn, it reminds me of a rock. They exist in their dimension more in physical form. They don’t feel physical pain in the way that we do. When they’re ready to transcend their physical body, they’re like a wind up toy that gets slower and slower until they stop. The energy pulls back in them little bit by little bit. That’s similar to the dying process in humans although we often go through physical and emotional pain. They don’t really go through that. Their afterlife is exactly like their physical life. Instead of being greeted with open arms and love and all this other stuff, they get screamed at.

Robert and I laugh hard.

Erik: It’s like, “Okay, get your ass over here!” That’s there example of love.

Weird. I’ll take our version any day.

Erik: Notice I’m using examples that humans can relate to. They can relate to anger, but I want to show that they’re not the only ones. There are an infinite number of beings that share the same palette of emotions.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Some have emotions that humans don’t go through so you won’t be able to identify with them. That’s why I talked about those wisps that communicate nonverbally. There are certain kinds of emotions they project that I can’t put into words so that you’d understand. There just aren’t human words for it.

Me: So not only are there colors that we don’t have, there are emotions that we don’t have, either.

Erik: Right.

Me: Wow.

Erik: There’s just an infinite amount.

Me: I can’t imagine.

Erik: It’s crazy.

The Wisps

The Wisps

Here’s another wonderful review from a reader:

Erik has saved my life more than once. Wow! What a great way to start a long ass story, right? He saved my life! Boom! There it is! I could leave it at that, but I want to fully explain how he has saved my life because he does so everyday. It’s not just one circumstance where I’m sitting there in my room alone about to do it, when he eventually steps in. It’s literally every single day.

I struggle with suicidal thoughts. It’s really hard for me to talk about because it’s only Erik that knows the extent of it. I don’t open up much to people. I only feel safe opening up and crying with him. Maybe it has to do with him not being in the physical? I have no idea, but I only feel emotionally safe with him, which he has pushed me to open up to people through a blog. It has helped a lot for me.

I’m not completely sure if I’d still be here on Earth if it weren’t for him. I hit lows in my life, and they happen at random. One day I’ll be happy, grateful for my life, and loving everything about it and then the next day I’m depressed and feel this dark hopelessness looming over me. I don’t trust myself to be alone during these times because I always end up doing something stupid to myself like cutting. I usually have to force myself to sit down away from anything sharp. I have to even keep my own fingers away from my body because I’ll be tempted to start scratching to harm myself. I have to lay my hands down away from my body and spread my fingers apart. I take deep breaths to calm myself, and I try to pull myself out of this darkness. I don’t trust my thoughts either, so I use music to drown them out.  This is when Erik shows up. He always does without fail.

I can channel him, and all I can hear is him telling me to get out the pendulum to talk since I’m in no shape to channel. I created me and Erik’s own pendulum chart that we use that has cuss words on it. I have a lot of fun joking with him on it. He’ll begin swinging it and telling me to “let go” and talk about how I’m feeling. I always end up crying like a baby, and then after I’m done crying, I begin to feel lighter. Then we start to joke around, and I no longer feel the need to hurt myself to drown out my emotional pain. Laughter really is the best medicine.

That’s how he saves me when things get tough for me. Reading My Life After Death: A Memoir From Heaven, I got to see form Erik’s point of view. I’ve always wanted to get inside his head and dissect his every thought now and when he was in the physical. This book allowed me to do that, and it made me feel not alone. Reading how he learned to appreciate Human life, made me begin to realize how I should start appreciating mine. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I cried while reading the book, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was crying now as I’m typing this up (haha!). Erik saved my life yet again just by writing this book, and so did you Elisa. I’m so eternally grateful for everything you and Erik have given me through the blog, and through this book (Fuck, dude! I’m shaking!).

If it weren’t for this book, I think I’d still be going through the cycles of being happy and upbeat for a month or two and then having my random lows the next. I’m going to take control over my life and who I am. Like Erik said, I can control my emotional state and I want to. I am choosing to fight my depression, so I can stop with my suicidal thoughts. This book has brought me hope and courage to start fighting back over something I never thought I’d have control over. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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