Erik’s Prank at 39,000 feet

Here’s one of Erik’s best pranks, submitted by my friend, Jim Petit, but first look at this sweet video of Erik playing with his niece, Arleen:

Hello to all my CE blog members out there. I know we are all having the time of our life expanding our spiritual knowledge by reading each other’s posts and especially reading and listening to the amazing assemblage of articles, commentary and videos posted by Elisa and of course, Erik. I especially get a huge kick out of reading the posts regarding Erik’s pranks. He has already pranked me by hiding an article that I kept on my computer desk at home and then having it re-appear on the same desk some days later. But, I am now writing to let you know how he out did himself and literally had me floored as to what he did. Our family recently planned and carried out a visit to my son who lives and works for the past seven years in Singapore.

So, before my recent visit to Singapore I explicitly asked Erik to prank me on the plane. I couldn’t conceive at the time of my request, just exactly how he would do it. But do it, he did, in typical Erik fashion. I was in row 59 C window seat of a 747-8i Korean jet leaving Atlanta bound for Inchon Airport in Seoul, South Korea. At 8 hours into my 16 hour flight a red glow started forming INSIDE the inner wall of the jet. I have to state again it formed on the inside of the wall. It started out at fingernail size and grew to the size of my thumb. It appeared to consist of a myriad of red LED pinpoints of light clumped together. After about 5 minutes it started to fade away. But before it did I managed to take stills and video before I turned on my call button and summoned one of the Korean Air stewardesses to my row to point out this anomaly. I asked her point-blank, “what the heck is this !!!??” Although stewardesses are taught to maintain a calmness in most all situations, this one had a very quizzical look on her face. It wasn’t long after my questions came the seemingly endless parade of flight attendants walking down my aisle with darting glances to my “red spot”. Oh, yes, they were ALL checking it out and trying to act “normal”. When the parade ended the initial stewardess came up to me to let me know that this phenomena was part of the “entertainment system”. YEAH RIGHT!!! That excuse was laughable, but, she was right…IT ENTERTAINED ME !!  From Erik’s prank to the “parade”. I was most definitely entertained at 39,000 feet. LOL!!!!

There were 388 souls on that plane that day and my wall had the only glowing red LED light, right next to my left shoulder. If anyone out there has an explanation, other than Erik, I would love to hear about it. But, my mind is made up !!!

If you would like to see my Erik pranking video on YouTube, here is the link:

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