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Last Sunday, Erik christened (pun intended) a new religious order in his own name, The Congregation of Latter Day Cranks. We’re back in The Church of Erik for high holy mass today, this third Sunday of June in the year of somebody’s Lord. Any confusion with a holy mess is completely intentional.  Says our Preacher, “Please be seated, my faithful, and never mind that sound – nobody passed gas – and open our Holy Scripture to the Book of Blasphemy.”

Your humble substitute teacher, as all good ones shall, follows the lesson plan provided. This week our esteemed committee has elected to assist Preacher Erik as he delivers his first sermon. Divine guidance comes from the good Rabbi Erik as he leads his flock to salvation. The Committee steps in to save us from ourselves and the eternal damnation of insolent irreverence to which we are otherwise condemned by the reading of these words. Amen.

As usual, the decoder:

E = Rabbi Erik

ST = Substitute Teacher

CC = Committee Comment

ST:      Erik, great idea to take the wheel this week and steer us towards the cliff.

E:      Nobody will ever have the fun of falling off without going to the edge; it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta lead us over it.

ST:     Given the prognostications of great changes in the world, that’s symbolic. Is humanity headed over the edge, really?

E:         Hell yes, but Satan’s coming along, too! The great difference, when we all reach the edge, we won’t be falling, we’ll be flying together, and even Satan’s gonna do his Superman thing.

CC:      Indeed, as each of you see the changes unfold and your experience in them, you will rise as the edge comes and passes below you. We like the concept of reaching a peak and then launching out over the valley ahead as the down slope of the mountain falls sharply away.

E:        That’s right, what’s coming is we all go higher. Vibrations, feelings, emotions and awareness will all rise. This hell crap, by the way, that’s just an invention to make people feel guilty to control ‘em. Satan is really the hall monitor. No, just kidding, more like a traffic cop. No….not that either…more like…a prison warden.

ST:      So there’s no eternal damnation?

E:     No, and no purgatory crap, either. That’s just a last minute deal to get a little more guilt squeezed in. Everybody goes to Heaven….everybody comes from Heaven. It’s our home.

ST:      OK, Erik, a sermon is like a speech and this is deteriorating into conversation.

E:      My congregation today, so we will deteriorate. Besides, since the speech never started, no deterioration, right!

ST:      Pretty good, Einstein, pretty good.

E:    Speaking of Einstein, he also helps out humanity. There are people he talks to, he communicates with and supplies information to benefit all of mankind.

ST:      Are we going to see this information?
E:        Of course but he ain’t gonna take credit for it; the people who spread the knowledge around will be seen as the good source for it. Giving credit is cool, it shows appreciation but taking credit, seeking out the limelight, this will be going away. This is one of the big things coming with The Shift; people ain’t gonna get hung up on their own images and what they think others think. You can’t control others, don’t waste time with it.

ST:      This question’s for you and then The Committee and after that Erik, we’d like you to explain a little about The Committee from where you can see them, a little different from most of us.

The question is about education, because a post with your comments on that subject appeared a few days ago and Jamie Butler said she hadn’t seen you that agitated or animated, I forget the exact word, in quite a while, so the subject meant a lot to you. It means a lot to many of us so could grab your pulpit and expand on education. Committee, please jump in.

E:       Grab my pulpit? Ouch! OK, first about this Committee, a really cool group, we’ve got a few Guardian Angel Guides, custodians, secret service agents, chaperones, security guards, give ‘em whatever title sounds good, and then others that come and go as the need and subject require. Their job is to use the substitute teacher to speak with and for ‘em.  This happens often but here in our Church of Erik we have a congregation member, the substitute, who gave ‘em a good nickname.

Education? It basically sucks around the world but the good news is, it’s gonna change. It’s a bureaucracy and too many teachers are stuck in it and can’t do much about the system; the kids, the students…what can they do?

Here’s what’s gonna happen; schools are gonna be more like universities, where there’s an academic leader like a dean, and the teachers are gonna put together the curriculums, the dean will act like a process leader but the teachers will vote and decide. Schools won’t be social centers where meals, birth control and shit like that gets as much attention as everything else. It doesn’t mean those things aren’t important but schools act like replacement families. That shit’s gonna stop; I know some families like or even need it but the school administrators like the power and control and having zero tolerance policies to show they’re managing. Instead, kids will be evaluated and then moved to classes where their style of learning is more like the other kids and the teacher is prepared for and welcomes it. Teachers are gonna be highly qualified and the position will be high honor, prestige and admired like doctors. Try to do this now; you’d be hunted down. Parents will have a say, like what school boards have direct parent involvement in curriculums? Yeah, yeah, Parent Teacher Associations, sure but parents don’t play a role in what kids study. They will.

CC:      Erik has summarized developments well, both to date and what will occur with education. Schooling and education will evolve and expand.

ST:      What’s going on with the US economy?

E:        Fucked up for too many people, but it’s the calm before the dawn.

ST:      Calm before the storm?

E:        No, calm before the dawn, when everything wakes up. The storm is now; yeah, the wind’s gonna blow and howl and lightning will flash, thunder will roar (like that poetry?) even a little more, but we’re in the storm now. It will get worse and then better.

CC:      Indeed, the dismantling of the world’s financial arrangements will be a part of the new age. It will be far easier than thought; too many people believe in financial ruin. This belief has allowed many who offer these ideas to profit. Behavior that revolves on fear, where things are done to avoid problems, not promote the good. Behavior based on scarcity, fear, competition and concern will reduce and disappear.

ST:      What’s going to happen to residential real estate prices, “housing” as it’s called?

CC:      There will not be a return to sales and prices which recently increased; the collapse of many sectors of the old economy will mean foreclosures will cease; the lender wants to recover investments; this requires a buyer to get a mortgage. When lenders stop, foreclosures will slow and stop.

ST:      Erik, your view on this?

E:       The cycle of chasing money because you’ll be chased for it will end; nobody’s gonna see money as security.

ST:      Erik, tell us why some people channel so well and others can’t?

E:        Why can some people grow afros? Everybody’s different.

CC:    The ability to communicate without words is the natural sense; humanity has intentionally decided perception of thought should be suspended. Communication by understanding the thoughts of another is the natural way, and everyone retains this ability. If recognized and taught from infancy, it would be as common as speaking. Look for example at a person raised in a house with deaf parents using sign language; the children naturally learn this as easily as speaking. Communication with spirits, pets and all beings with what has been named telepathy would be common, but it is simpler than that, it is only natural communication. The process can be recalled to the surface in almost everyone.

ST:      Why are we not given dates of important events?

E:        When that information is not abused, it will.

ST:      What abuse?

E:        Gambling; the reason I’m going to hand out a few football scores, to the exact final, to stop it.

ST:      Does it hinder or help to know certain things?

E:        Usually hurts and doesn’t help learn anything.

ST:      Why are we being told about the shift and what’s happening on Earth?

CC:      Fear; we want to teach acceptance, faith and to not have fear.

E:        If everybody knew everything, good and bad all the time, they’d chase what’s good and avoid everything they didn’t like and where would that go? Soon, we’ll know because we’ll understand.

ST:      As we close this week’s sermon, what can you say about psychics, channelers, mediums and people who get information from….Heaven?

E:        Everybody’s a filter and says what they hear with the words they know. Asking tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers, the time today’s rain storm starts, the day your uncle’s gonna visit? “What uncle?” you say. See, maybe you didn’t want to know you have an uncle, much less the day he shows up. Whatever information you get, your Guardian Angels carefully watch what your plan says you want to know and don’t. You have to encounter circumstances and decide; it’s not just what happens but what you decide, that’s what really matters.

CC:    As we’ve mentioned on other Sundays, do you want your life reduced to a school assignment? Become proficient in following a list of to-do items? You all understood this many times before. Listen to information; understand what it means to you. Look not for answers but rather guidance and direction; then go!

E:    Polish your Holy Books and kiss your Holy Socks, ya know, the ones with holes in ‘em! See everybody next week!

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