Where Should We Evolve?

Hey all. Thanks for all of the wonderful stories for the possible reality TV show! If anyone else has a story they’d like to share, send them along. The instructions are on yesterday’s post. 

My vision is still pretty bad. During the surgery, my left eyelid became paralyzed so I have to slather ointment on it all the time. That makes my vision blurry on that side, which makes it challenging to type and read. If anyone can send that eyelid healing energy, I’d be grateful. It takes me so much longer to transcribe, post, read and answer emails and Facebook messages, etc. Okay, here’s today’s post.

Me: Why do we have to go through the human experience? Why can’t we just evolve in the spiritual realm?

(Pause as Jamie listens to Erik)

Jamie laughs at what he says.

Erik: That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Yeah, screw all this, let’s just do it here!

Me: Yeah, I vote for that.

Erik: But Mom, you know that’s not the point.

Me: Oh, I know. I’m just framing the question for some of the readers who have asked.

Erik: The whole point of really learning—the purpose—is actually having a place where you can learn. Just think about it. Spiritual beings, they don’t LEARN—they REMEMBER.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: They remember how to access the information and absorb it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: There’s a unity between past, present and future. There’s no struggle or challenge to learn—only a challenge to remember. So on earth—BINGO! We can erase parts of what we already remembered, we can incarnate on the earthly plane, and we can learn from that struggle between good and bad.

Jamie: Whew! He’s talking so fast; I can barely keep up!

Erik: There is some truth to that statement, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

Me: Yeah, sure!

Erik: When you’re in spirit, you can’t fucking get away! You can’t get away from anything! And frankly, you don’t want to get away.

Me: Of course not.

Erik: That’s just who you are. It encompasses you; it feels great. So it’s a little about learning by having respect for where you come from and what you have in the spiritual realm. Also, on earth, it’s a place—


Jamie: Oh, this is so cool! I’ve never heard this before!

As she conveys what he says, she starts stumbling on the words, giggles and says, “Oh my god, I’m stuttering now!”

Erik chuckles endearingly.

Me: Stuttering? Oh, you need some reefer then!

Jamie (laughing): Stop right now and light up!

Jamie and Erik laugh.

Erik: Earth is a place that’s a lower dimension, and even though heaven is multi-dimensional, there are endless dimensions out there. So there are other races and, um, you know, groups of people or beings who are in separate dimensional levels that we can’t access while we’re in spirit.

Me: Really?

Erik: Yeah! But when we reincarnate to earth, we’re incarnating into a fixed dimensional plane.

Me: Hmm!

Erik: That’s why you have Pleiadians, Lemurians, people from the earth, the heavens, the stars—we can all be in one place right there on earth. It’s a true mixed community.

Me: Yay, diversity!

Jamie: Ah, I’ve never really thought of it that way!

Me: Sort of like a gathering place, like a school with a diversity clause.

Jamie: Yeah, makes me like this place a little more!

Me: Yeah!

Erik: So we get here and other races of beings are doing the same thing, like, “Oh, let’s get together and meet there on earth! How about Paris, France? We can all be on the same dimension!” And the others go, “Okay. Let’s meet up and party.”

Me: That’s so fascinating! I don’t know how much of a party it is sometimes. It’s always BYOB, that’s for sure. But, yeah, differences can be great learning tools for all of us.

Erik: Yes.

Me: And I guess you really can’t evolve too much in the spirit world, because not only can you not interact with other races and beings and learn from them, but you also don’t have that duality. You completely know who and what you are. It’s like you know everything about organic chemistry, because you’ve absorbed the contents of the textbook thoroughly. You know the theories like the back of your hand, but you have to take the lab to completely grasp it from the experiential standpoint. Or you can read a recipe about brownies and understand how to make them, what they look like and all that, but until you bake up a batch and taste them, you really can’t totally understand the whole “brownie concept.”

(Yes, Iola, I’m thinking about Andy. He’s probably the one that gave me that example!)

Erik: That’s true! I love that example!

Me: Oh great. Now I’m hungry. So much for the fasting!


Me: Anything else you wanna add, Baby?

Jamie: He says he was messing with the cat.

Me: Yeah, Ringo’s at the door again meowing. I think Erik knocked him over. And the other day, I think he goosed our Russian Blue, Bluebell, because she was at a complete standstill, then all of a sudden she lets out this startled “Yeeoooow,” jumps up a couple of feet and darts away.

Erik: They’re so awesome.

Me: Yep, I bet cats are easy to mess with.

Erik: Yeah, they’re so sensitive to spirit. They’re just so much fun to play with.

Me (yelling out): Oh, hush up, Ringo! He’s crying. He’s just a big baby, a real scaredy cat.

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