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The substitute teacher steps in one day early. Elisa is occupied with pressing family matters and will be unable to post. She’s fine, no worries about her. Please suggest in the comments whatever questions you’d like Erik, The Committee or both, to address. How long Elisa will be absent even she doesn’t know. Let’s cover whatever ground passes.

Today The Committee answers questions about timing and probability of events; why some events are not foreseen by usually accurate psychics, why predictions do not come to pass and why dates aren’t provided for events that do occur.

As usual, we ask Erik, the Master of Disaster, our Jester of Pester and Prince of Wince to leap in. With that, we toss the microphones into the proper dimension and begin. (As before, ST = substitute teacher, E = Erik and C = The Committee)

ST:       Erik, can you and The Committee explain probability of upcoming events?

E:         Sure can, but let The Committee speak and I’ll fill in around what they say.

C:        Greetings, our enjoyment to be asked again to speak to this larger group. Larger groups we always intended to address, this a role your substitute teacher has followed to now take on.

ST:       Why can’t dates and times be provided for an event?

C:        Providing a date or even a moment on a clock, a number line point as we see it, for an event assumes the event will, by fact and deed, take place. Along humanity’s perception of linear time this makes much sense. Away from Earth where time does not pass, there is no number line. An event is a place; its meaning is the placement of souls involved. The event occurs as placements of souls coincide with plan. Placement can provide for a slowing or acceleration of time on your Earth clocks; this is quite easy. The trip of 20 of your minutes can be shortened to ten; this is commonplace yet is attributed to good luck, when it happens. More often, it is  adjustment of placement to coordinate the event. Yes, the hands or numbers of your time device are adjusted to compensate and then return to an Earth rotation rhythm. Your time is the tachometry of spherical revolution, which proceeds at pace; it is no difficult task to advance your placement so its location within this tachometry coincides with destination. A personal timepiece is simply another component of the location factors synchronized. It is almost impossible to know what “time” it will be for different people along a matrix trajectory until there is co-incidental congruence and timekeeping is realigned. The time is then known; it is not predicted.

ST:       That’s quite a clockful of concepts. This is to say, only when it happens, do we know when it happens?

C:        Yes. It is as would be this question, at what time will you open a computer word file? This will be at the time you choose to open it. You will know the time when you do it.

ST:       How do we know if an event might occur?

C:        The probability depends upon the sequence order of events related to it, as these affect involved souls. Think of time not as a linear concept; your human number line represents this. This number line, where an event happens after another event, and another event, matters but to the observer of the line. It is not significant, in fact. Does a person in Bangkok know of the events of a person in Mexico City? No, as even daylight is seen for the one as darkness covers the other. There is little, if any intersection, and the matrix as each sees it is unaffected by the other. Where interplay happens, each matrix is disturbed; stretched, if you like, and distorted by effect. The squares play out to infinite distance in each direction and are distorted as a magnet distorts a television or computer screen image, which are a metaphor of the matrix. Where a new, unplanned influence displaces a square of the matrix and distorts, the matrix will shift vertically, horizontally and laterally. This shift, in relation the force of the influence, will cause a certain number of squares – really, cubes – to pass until the proportions of the matrix are restored to parity. We say squares, as the cube is composed of 6 squares; as these are distorted, the cube’s shape is altered briefly and the dimensions of the segments along the sides of the squares are what matter. The distended cube is the effect.

ST:       You mentioned the opening of a computer file. How does that relate?

C:        A computer file can be created, saved and modified as often as required or desired. It can be opened at any time. This is how the eventualities in your reality occur.

ST:       Yes, but computer files lie dormant until used. Life goes on continuously.

C:        You all sleep, do you not? This is when files are modified.

ST:       Events occur when we open the files?

C:        Yes.

ST:       So we can enter the file, make changes, save it and later open and execute what’s been provided for?

C:        Yes, and all versions of the file remain. All possibilities remain available; it is but a matter of travelling to the point on your matrix; 4.546735-6 up, 3.257634 -2 down and 4.235-5 back; it is that simple. All places have a numerical location; think of your astronomy. Think of your latitude and longitude.

ST:       What about moving to different locations along a sphere?

C:        The sphere is the matrix. The matrix is visualized to be flat yet it curves as traversed and even where traversing symmetrical cubes, there are rectangles, polygons and all manner of hedrons that form the spheres and globes of the universe’s framework.

ST:       So why is an event predicted and then does not occur?

E:         ‘Cause the person saw a file preview version and then the file was changed, that free will thing.

C:        Indeed; one alternative could have been the basis for the prediction and through collective will, the event was altered and humanity chose a different course; the matrices of the affected were sufficient in number and influence to store the scheduled file opening; amend or create another event and then the event was chosen in place of the prediction. Remember your sleep. Your matrices are reconfigured. Have you had dreams where you travel places and see things that represent locations you both know and don’t know that all require you to be travelling? Indeed you are, travelling to alternate locations and these files are amended, saved and matrices reconfigured to match the new courses of events. It is not necessary for all to coordinate; time is accelerated and slowed to bring about a coordinated new occurrence event. The date upon which this falls is both unknown and unimportant; the coordination of souls involved is what matters.

ST:       We here on Earth want to know the date.

C:        To reduce life to a schedule? A list? What is the value in predicting and knowing your death?

E:         This is what I’ve said about gambling; the bookies make money getting bets going both ways. I wanna give out dates and scores so the bookies have to refuse bets and this gambling goes away. Gamblers lose; the casino always wins and taxes get paid; what kind of system is that, players don’t get ahead, only the game’s owner and the government? When non-interference  arrives, I’m doin’ it!

ST:       Why do some good psychics not see events that affect situations and people involved in the questions asked of them?

C:        The influences change between question and scheduled manifestation. The hard disk is spun and a different file located and opened.

ST:       You describe time like a computer disk and operating system.

C:        From where might have come these ideas?

E:         Computers are heaven!

C:        Yes; computers are structured the way events, time and continuums of space exist.

ST:       So, event probability can be changed?

C:        Yes; as an event approaches, each soul scheduled to be involved compromises the ability to alter the event. More and more lines of the matrices intersect closer to the event.

ST:       Can you provide an example of an event avoided in this way?

C:        A significant political assassination was stopped because collective will closed that file and opened another one without this event.

ST:       Who?

E:         Not while in office! S/he’s still on the job!

ST:       What about an event a psychic didn’t see?

E:         Get another psychic!

C:        No general assessment is possible. Errors are human and with imminent expansion of awareness, these errors will diminish.

ST:       Can psychic mediums, channels and clairvoyant people misinterpret messages?

C:        Certainly, just as the listener can interpret messages differently than intended.

E:         Psychics can’t see everything; they will “see” what you ask ‘em. Some things you don’t wanna see, and as soon as you did, you’d be sorry for it.

ST:       One last question: we have all heard many things about events to occur in the latter half of 2012 and soon after, events part of a shift in human consciousness. When will these things take place? If we cannot know a date, can a range be provided?

C:        Yes, it is possible yet it will not be provided to humanity’s detriment. Knowledge of events would achieve what? Why go to Earth? All of you have chosen this moment and if that were done, it would eliminate the purpose sought by all brave souls having assumed the challenge.

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