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Today is bittersweet for my family and me because Erik should be celebrating his 30th birthday with us. Who knows what could have been? Would he be married? Would he have a child? Would he be working in a job he enjoyed? We will never know, and we are left with pain in our hearts during significant dates like this. Unfortunately, another date looms, the day of his death. Not looking forward to that one. Please consider giving Erik a donation for his birthday if you have benefited from his wisdom and humor. And if you make money in any way because of Channeling Erik, please consider a monthly donation. 

Before reading these awesome Erik stories (which I forgot to publish a long time ago. Duh.) I want to share a healing session Tammy De Mirza did yesterday with blog member, Rebecca. Check it out!

Here’s some information about the event. If you need healing, please sign up, if not for in person attendance, at least remote attendance. You owe it to yourself. 


If you do, you are being normal. However, why be normal when you can have the confidence you need to make decisions! You have the answers within you.

I remember years ago having great difficulty making decisions because I was looking at my life so seriously that I believed that if I did not make the right one, that I could or would damage my entire life and not be able to make up for it. It was paralyzing to be in this space and one day, I decided that I would face the FEAR OF MAKING THE DECISION and just make one, knowing that I am not infallible nor is anyone else; that I will in fact make mistakes and that I can change my mind and therefore change my life again. I went through this process of being taught by God/the non-physical, of how to read the energy of my decisions and therefore feel confident that this is the path for me without worry paying some kind of penalty for not doing it right.

Facing the fears of making decisions is one of the biggest things you can do for yourself and the other part is being able to feel the resonance of what is in alignment with you and what isn’t. This is what I call tapping into the intelligence of your own Inner Guidance System.

The workshop I am offering the weekend of October the 11th to the 13th (which is my 60th BD) in the home of Elisa Medhus is entitled Learning How to Read the Heart Energy to Get Your Own Answers is all about teaching you how to do this for yourself.

You will receive personal attention during this workshop on how to tap into your heart energy to get your answers and find that “sweet spot” of knowing when it resonates and when it doesn’t. I will guide you intuitively to knowing that you have the answers within you already and how to reach that awareness, so that you can thrive by being here and not be paralyzed by the fear of indecision. I no longer struggle with decisions because I have learned how to do this, and if I can, you can.

These abilities are inherently within you to do so, but you may not yet know how. This is why it is on my heart to offer you something that will change your life. The whole point to me is to get you independent of others who do not really know your life well enough to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do and to cause you to be able to stand in your own power of owning what you resonate with and don’t so that your life goes easier.

Once you know the difference between what feels easy, good, truthful and the contrast of heaviness, dis-ease, complicated and more, you will be able to determine with every decision, what feels in alignment with your purpose in life and what does not. Come and join us and know that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN YOU. This workshop will teach you how to tap into that space.

I only have love for you – Tammy

To sign up, go to: https://medhusenterprises.com/store/events/tammy-demirza-learn-to-read-with-your-heart-energy-october-2019/

Paola Marino, famed documentary filmmaker, will be filming during this event for our upcoming Channeling Erik documentary! HOW EXCITING! (You can request to be cut out of the documentary or have your face blurred out.)

Enjoy these two Erik stories.

Story #1

Ok so first off I know Erik is around whenever I need him. Erik also like to pop up randomly. Saturday night my son, 14, and I were watching Ghost Adventures. I think the show is funny because how they over exaggerate contacts they have. Well it comes down to a part in the show where they bring the spirit box out and it says words. It get to a serious point in the show and we are both engrossed in listening to what the box is saying. Out of nowhere a wooden child’s block flies right by me. I look at my son and say did you throw that? He looks at me like I’m insane and I knew he didn’t because he was into the TV. Then we start thinking of reasonable explanations and came up with the dog must have threw it even though they don’t have thumbs. I knew exactly who threw it and I know he laughed about it. Thanks Erik!

Story #2

Hi everyone,

I have been watching Channeling Erik on Youtube and that is how I became familiar with him. I channel too to God and angels, and I started channeling several months before I watched your videos. After a few weeks of watching your Youtube videos, I thought, “… Why don’t I try to talk to Erik?” So, I did. I don’t always feel confident in my channeling abilities (I channel only through feelings, so I can’t see or hear when I channel), but one time (now this is the somewhat inappropriate part hahaha) I was in the bathroom changing and I said to Erik, “Well, now you know what my boobs look like.” and he said, “I know what many boobies look like.” I thought, “Oh jeez,” but I didn’t really mind because he’s a good soul and he’s not going to humiliate me or anything. I also asked him why he committed suicide, and I caught “there was a war inside my head”. Poor Erik.. But he is very loving, very kind, just like my angels.

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