Hello to Erik’s Family

Love this story!

Hi Dr. Medhus,
I am a scientist and teacher and also a student of Swami Svatmananda’s teacher (Guru). I recently came across Swami’s interview on your channel and was intrigued by your work. I have been hooked and watching your channel since then, almost every day, and am so grateful for your work; I am moved by your love and sincerity. I am also enjoying how easily you embrace science and spirituality which is something I struggle with:)

Now my experience with Erik:

I have gone through numerous deeply painful experiences throughout my life and have worked hard to process my emotions through prayers, therapy, meditation, writing, listening to spiritual teachings of Swami and his lineage etc. which have helped me tremendously. But there is always some heaviness which is stubborn and never leaves me. One day as I was watching your channel, I was thinking of the pain body and not being able to process it and suddenly I felt this weird feeling that something was moving inside my chest and stomach and I felt like throwing up. For some reason right after that I started crying and recounting my past experiences at my altar and this went on for hours! After about 4 hours, I felt so much relief and you couldn’t see even a single symptom of crying on my face! I attribute this to Erik. The next day as I was enjoying my lunch, again I started feeling the same movement in my stomach and I said to Erik that I wanted to enjoy my meal and it stopped immediately and I almost felt a mischievousness around me. I haven’t ‘seen’ or ‘felt’ him as I consider myself a little ‘dense’. While I have thanked him and continue to thank him, this message is primarily for the Erik family.

I wish to remain anonymous but you can use my writing.

Thank you for your work and I send you and your family my best wishes, love and prayers.

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