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Yesterday afternoon, when I came home from my walk, my husband told me our precious little 3 pound Yorkie, Bella, almost got taken by a hawk. We’ve had three in the area that seemed to have made their home nearby, probably because of all the fat, juicy mourning doves and other birds attracted to my bird feeder and suet. We hear their creepy, piercing calls all of the time. When Rune was watching her play out in the backyard, he suddenly heard the blue jays making such raucous screeches. Then comes the hawk, perching on a branch not more than 6 feet above Bella. It was probably salivating at the thought of this little appetizer. Of course, Rune scurried in with her. Scary. 

Hawk Bait, Channeling Erik

Hawk Bait

Eclectic Horizons recently invited one of our clients who is also a Channeling Erik family member to ask questions of Erik through psychic medium Kent Lehman. The first part of that session can be found here. Following is the transcript from the remainder of the session.

Client: I’m wondering literally how does he (Erik) see things on the other side?  I’m having trouble imagining “sight” without physical eyes?  Is it as clear?

Kent: Yeah, I wonder that, too!

Client: (laughs) I’m really visual so…

Kent: Okay, he’s showing me a visual to demonstrate visualization!

Erik: Remember that everything is energy and so as we are beings of light and energy it is very similar to how you picture things like a house in your mind or in your imagination. Or if you think back to a trip or someplace that you’ve been and you can conjure that up in your mind even though you are not there right now.

Client: It isn’t as clear to me as it is right in front of me.

Erik: Exactly. Now part of that is the limitation of the human brain and your own filters. You could make it that clear if you worked at it and that comes from relaxing and tuning in because you have so much other clutter in there. It’s competing for that. So work on your third eye visualization, because that’s what it’s like. And once you transition, you don’t even think about it. It’s in your consciousness. You sense everything and it is perfectly clear. In fact it’s even clearer than with physical eyes.

Client: Okay, so you’re saying our vision is just automatically there like our sight is here, we just know it.

Erik: You’re right. It’s not like there is light reflecting off of things and coming into your eye. It’s just that you are aware of everything around you and how it appears, just like if you were imagining it in your mind.

Client: And it’s even better than what we know as humans?

Erik: Oh yeah, because your eyes are limited to a certain visual spectrum but here you have access to all of the frequencies and so there’s even more colors than in the rainbow and even deeper hues and shades.

Client: Okay, thank you!  I guess another one would be with loved ones on the other side. How do we know if a loved one that has passed over wants to help us as a guide versus just wanting to say “Hi” sometimes to let us know that they’re Okay?

Erik: Okay, so one way you would know is to think about how you knew them in life. If your Uncle Joe was somebody that was always broke, always asking for money and then he crosses over and he tells you that he wants to be your “Money Guide”, I think I would question that!  Part of it depends on your definition of what a Guide is. They (your loved ones) could be guiding you on how to communicate with people on the other side even though they don’t have the official title of a guide. We don’t have titles here per se, but to answer from your perspective, our loved ones sign up to interact with us and help us with lessons in our lives and then when they cross over they want to continue that relationship but they might not necessarily become a Guide.

Client: They may not be “guiding” you but they are “there” for you?

Kent: Yes. They want to let you know that they are still around because that’s a huge shift in your belief. If you know that life carries on, then he’s saying that it changes your behavior.

Erik: If he (your loved one) was a mentor or mentoring type person in your life here, then he will most likely continue that role and be a guide after he dies. I know I’m not being 100% clear because it’s kind of mushy.

Client: That’s Okay. I get it. That’s cool!

Kent: But you do have angels and guides who don’t incarnate that sign up to come in at different times in your life. They have some expertise in some areas so he doesn’t want to say that your loved ones don’t guide you, like these are your “guides” and your loved ones are just “loved ones”.

Client: Okay, I just have one more. When we cross over, are our beloved animal companions there waiting for us?

Erik: Oh yeah, definitely!  Usually there’s a big crowd!

Kent: He says part of it is determined by what he wants to call your belief system but the other is what you ask for.

Erik: If you expect to be greeted on the other side by a bunch of animals, that’s who will greet you. It’s whatever makes you feel comfortable to come over.

Kent: He keeps showing me this picture, it’s like a little bell goes off like at a kennel. This bell goes off when someone’s getting ready to transition and all of their tails start wagging and they go running!

Client: That’s so cute. I love that!  Aww!

Kent: I asked him, “Is it really that way?” and he just laughs!  He said it’s like when you come home from a day at work, just multiplied!

Excited Puppy

Kent Lehman is a psychic medium and trance channel based in Lakewood, Colorado. He works together with his wife Cindy Musil in their business Eclectic Horizons providing private sessions to clients around the world. To learn more about their work, please visit their website, check out their blog, sign up for their monthly e-newsletter, and follow Eclectic Horizons on Facebook.

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