How to Contact Erik

Here’s a guest post from Ashley Riley, that wonderful person who created the Channeling Erik Facebook Group. By the way, please join if you want a private place to share and meet like-minded friends. The link is HERE.

How To Contact Erik

Hi everybody 🙂 For those of you in the Channeling Erik Facebook group, you know me as the admin. For those of you who have yet to join the Facebook group, you may have seen me answering questions in the forum either as myself, Ash, or as my blog, In My Sacred Space.

I’ve guest blogged for Channeling Erik a few times in the past with some posts on psychic development and religion’s role in spirituality.

I’ve been involved with Channeling Erik since 2011, and it was in early 2012 when I created the Facebook group for Elisa (I thought I’d add that tidbit because so many people have asked me how it came to be!).

In my years of moderating discussion in the Facebook group and answering questions in the forum, there’s one common theme that seems to pop up more than any other, and that’s what I wanted to talk about today!

So many people – SO MANY – ask Erik for assistance on a daily basis. To have him help them contact a loved one, to help them with their life, to give them a sign. If I were Erik, I’d be completely overwhelmed with the number of requests, but he’s a spirit and I’m pretty certain they don’t get overwhelmed. 🙂

I know that a lot of the people who come to this blog and ask Erik for help are very new in their spiritual journey, so I wanted to take an opportunity to answer this most common question and give you some other pointers.

To Contact Erik (Or A Departed Loved One)
Spirits communicate telepathically. If you want to talk to Erik, all you need to do is THINK it. Think AT him and he will hear you.  You don’t need to send an email, or say it out loud, or submit a question in the forum. Just THINK it.

Thoughts are energy just like everything else, and thoughts are the most POWERFUL kind because they are the basis (well beliefs, really) of all things in existence.

All of this applies to contacting your loved ones as well. Especially with them, you have a very strong energetic bond, and most likely they are hanging around you pretty often anyway.

As far as receiving communication, dreams tend to be the easiest way for Erik and others to communicate with you. You just need to learn how to tap into those dreams and interpret them.

You Don’t Need Erik

I know that Erik has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes him approachable and resonates with a lot of people and because of this, a lot of us feel very drawn to him, specifically. But I’m here to tell you, and he will too, that he is not special or magical or a guru or God (well, yeah, he IS God, but so are YOU :P). He’s just a dude in the spirit world sharing what he’s learning with the masses, as so many other spirits (and people!) are doing.

That being said, YOU ALL HAVE THE ABILITY to tap into the things that Erik talks about. We’re all psychic. Every single one of us. We all have a team of spirit guides and guardian angels who are working with us on a daily basis looking to help us grow and become strong, independent, and empowered individuals.

LEAN ON THEM! Put some of that energy into contacting your own spirit team who have been with you your whole life, who have been there with you (whether you knew it or not) through your highest highs and especially your lowest lows. They have been there for you when you thought no one else was. But you are never alone. They are always there.

You chose them before you even came here to help you do what you needed to do with this life. They have as much of a connection with you as your loved ones who have crossed over. In many cases, they HAVE BEEN your loved ones in your past lives.  They are your soul family. Reach out to them.

The process is exactly the same, but if you want some more info, you can read my three-part series on my blog about how to contact your spirit guides.

If you take away anything away from this post today, I hope that it’s the fact that you have far more power than you ever imagined and you are only beginning to discover it. Erik and others can guide you along the way, but this is your journey. Place your trust and your faith squarely where belongs – in yourself.

One last thing: I’m ready to get together with my Houston peeps. We had such a great time last time. Please email me if you want to join. I’m thinking Saturday, May 30th around 2:00 PM. Scheduling it too close to noon places us at risk of not finding a big enough table. 

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