How’re We Shifting?

Me: Are we still on track for the completion of the Shift? How much of the Earth’s energy, negative or positive, play a part? I’m wondering if all these shootings that have taken place are related to the polar shift—the anxiety, stirring up everyone’s emotions and energy. Does it?

Erik: Yes. Yes. Big time. They don’t know how to react to this shift, because, you know, it’s not something that comes to you and says, “Okay, now the Earth is going to change its vibrational quality, and you are going to feel it subtly. If you’re not fully aware of it, you’ll have more anxiety; you’ll feel paranoid. It’s like having a bad drug trip, but –“

Me: Stay away from guns.

Erik: So, it’s hard for some people to make it, and it’s surprising, this change. We’re really kind of in the middle of it. When I say “in the middle of it,” I don’t mean that if zero is the ground, and ten is up in the sky, and we’re at the number five, and we still have five paces to grow up. Think of a mountain. Zero is on one side of the ground, the valley of the mountain. Five is at the peak, and then ten is on the other side of the mountain. We’ve already gone up. We’ve made all of these changes, and now we need to settle in and get used to our new surroundings and kind of—

Jamie (to Erik with a horrified laugh): Don’t! You use some strange metaphors!

Erik: It’s like a fat person losing a lot of weight, and then they go shopping again, but they still see themselves as a fat person and unattractive and all this, but they’re fucking beautiful not matter what size they are. But they still go for the size 22 pants when they’re really a size four. You know, there’s this adjustment period, and so now we’re going from 5 to 10 to adjust.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: So, around 2015—

Jamie: 2015. Three years! No, 2 years!

Erik: —we’ll really be in the groove of what this change in vibrational quality gave us as being human. A lot of this psychic energy will be more accessible. People will have way more coincidences, but now they won’t be seen as odd. People like Jamie won’t be seen as different.

Jamie (giggling) I’m fine with that!

Erik: So, we have a little bit more to grow into, and we’ll just call them the ones who don’t want to adjust, who still want to see themselves as being fat, and they’re going to have a hard time with their environment and their surroundings.

Me: Yeah, the shooters and people like that, right?

Erik: Yeah. And normally, if you have a hard time, you don’t lie there quietly and take it. You speak up. You act out. You rage out. And this is why we need to start embracing these people and helping them psychologically adapt rather than keep up this fucking punishment shit.

Now given the Boston Marathon bombing, this doesn’t set right for me. No adjusting to The Shift is no excuse to kill and maim.

Me: What about energetically? It seems like the whole root is energetic. Can’t we help them energetically?

Erik: Completely!

Me: Can we help them energetically as a collective? It’s going to be impossible to say, “Come here. Let me do some energy healing on you” to every troubled person. We’re not there yet as a society.

Erik: Yeah. That’s why I love to tell people to focus their time and effort they use on energetically healing someone—focus to the center of the Earth—

Me: Yeah, and then let that energy radiate from the Earth’s core to the soles of the feet of everyone.

Erik: Yeah. Every person will receive that energy, and if you want, you can specifically focus on those who are having a hard time adjusting. Send it to the core of the Earth, and let the Earth radiate that out.

Me: Exactly. We might save a lot of lives that way. What about wars? Will that get better when everything settles in?

Erik: There’s always going to be war. As long as Earth can maintain that lower vibrational emotions—anger, hurt, pain, jealousy, pride. People in spirit actually have a lot of pride, like they say, “Oh, we have Earth that has that! They have that there. It’s attainable,”  whereas stuck in Heaven, that’s not attainable. So as long as Earth maintains that energy, there’s always going to be war. It’s unnecessary war; I’ll give you that. Totally unnecessary. I don’t care what the fuck it’s about, it’s totally unnecessary.

But there’s going to be that one that can woo and get people to follow there ass and create a war and do all kinds of fucked up shit. But what I can say is that they’ll be shorter, less relevant. They’ll be smaller, but for the world to really have a united, peaceful front—that’s a fucked up thought. I mean, yay, utopia! But you get that shit when you die. You came to Earth to have this rough-edgeness. So, it’s going to be there somewhere on the Earth. It’s just not going to be as prominent as it was.

Given Erik’s advice, I think we should all take a moment out of our day, everyday, to practice this healing technique. Link it to some daily task like brushing your teeth so you’ll remember. 

I just heard that Jamie is hosting another online class May 15th about how to protect yourself while communicating to spirits. It’s a 5:00 PM CDT. It’s $20. SIgn up here



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