Humanity Aware Part 2 of 2

Continuance of the Saturday post; Sunday came and went before I could get this posted.

Again,   ST = Substitute Teacher

              C = Committee

              Erik = Harpo Marx (He put that in. Yes. He. Did.)

ST:       Once we have travelled through the process of awakening, what will life be like for humanity?

C:         You will become more aware of your surroundings and this is not limited to what is considered physical; as significant as physical surroundings are and will continue to be; they make up a minority portion of what surrounds all of you. Awareness of our position and influence beyond a body in its three dimensions will be seen, understood and used.

ST:       Can you give an example of this?

C:         Yes; thought creates and the delay will shorten. What you think of having will come to you much more quickly.

ST:       That seems too short and simple a response.

C:         For a basic question, yes. Present a more complicated question and we will offer as complicated a response as we believe to be appreciated.

ST:       That’s a good challenge, so here we go: thought and outcome from it in a 3 dimensional experience requires a physical movement to cause a physical movement to cause another physical movement. Each step involves a person performing an operation. The time required for each operation is added to the sum total to measure the time; in a higher elevation of existence, with higher vibrations, how is this different? Can you compare them?

C:         The comparison is difficult. On Earth this “compare” means observance; as this happens, the lift in vibration, expansion of awareness, the observer forms part of the awareness transmutation, the movement from one place to another as a transformation of awareness rises. As a person undergoes the process, awareness is gained of the prior condition and level now newly appreciated; the previous levels and “vibrational settings”, if you please, do not have a similar benefit of perspective; they don’t see it. An example would be what is termed a two way mirror; possible to see inside but not to the outside from within.  An example; typical observance is similar to study of a mechanical process. It compares the existing concept to the new. The existing idea is well known; the new area builds upon it. It involves observance.

This will be different; the observer will participate in the new level and appreciate the previous level, to interact in that way with all who remain in its boundary, yet you will also be a part of and put to use the new “territory” open and available in the expanded influence. The previous level will not appreciate or even see the expansion now available to the risers and risen.

In practice, how this works; a house built with thought is the process, always, in any dimension. The appearance, size, location and materials planned lead to procedures, techniques, methods and application to produce the house. Always and continuously, thought produces the outcome.

This part is permanent and will become the source of all, in any dimension. This is and always was.

As awareness expands, the series of thoughts and outcomes will shorten and manifest in different ways than understood possible.

Assume a house would use wood; the expanded dimensions the wood will probably exist in a form close to, if not exactly as required, already. As the thought of its use is contemplated, the location will come immediately to mind, including knowledge of condition, quantity, cost and method of transport. It is not that objects will appear out of thin air just because; more that, in many places, appearance of an object will follow the thought in much shorter order.

Thoughts remain the impetus for all; results will come more quickly and in many forms. The desire for a match will provide instant knowledge of the match’s location. The need for flame in the absence will provide the information of where and how to get a flame; location of a lighter device, or tools to produce it. Short concentration of thought upon materials can cause flame to ignite as needed. This will come to those responsible to use prudently; the awareness and understanding will accompany all process. Irresponsible use will remain a characteristic of three dimensions. The notion of safety to be established to the level of the lowest denominator will disappear; such approach will not lift into expanded dimensionality.

This is a small insight.

ST:       How will living occur day to day?

C:         Much as now. There will be bodily functions; sleep and awake cycles and interaction, to take place in subtly and profoundly different ways. Humans will communicate with speech, certainly, a unique approach and “flavor” telepathic speech does not have. The physical body likes this; thought and intent of the words will be understood simultaneously, and speech will be shorter.

An example: a person long winded and excessively talkative; listeners provide no feedback to the speaker and often do not participate, not even providing body movement clues to indicate intake, understanding and absorption of the thought. Listeners, now often isolated and comfortable in expressionless silence, will come to appreciate messages more efficiently. The speaker will perceive these thoughts of agreement quickly. Words efficient and precise. Many communications will use less spoken words; animals and pets will be better understood as now not common.

Written words will remain; the thought energy will be sent, unlocked and delivered as they are read.

ST:       It has been said that higher dimensions, conflicts, disputes and disagreements will reduce. Is this true and why?

C:         Understanding. Movement often occurs from force; of thought, of will and the results from them – everything results from thought – in action. Violence is one option expressed. Expanded dimensionality has promoters of new ideas no longer embracing them as a river eroding rock; more and continued force to eventually move or wear down will not help. Both sides will appreciate the points-of-view and positions. Compromise will not involve throwing 10 requirements at an adversary to settle on 5; assuming good settlements require initial requests for double will vanish. The adversary will no longer see positions as hostile, oppositionist or contrarian. All ends will appreciate opportunity to assist without undue burdens & cost.

Some human societies embrace self defense concepts among solutions to physical, unwanted force. The notion such ability deflects aggression is often correct in current dimensionality; future awareness will reduce this. Motives seen when expressed; surprise force will not possible, nearly gone. Both aggressor and subject will understand causes and possible outcomes all in advance.

ST:       We have not heard from Erik, who has just jumped in and reminded us about this!

C:         Indeed your Erik has, indeed he has….and yes, he is here to contribute. We most happily yield the stage.

ST:       Erik, you’ve listened in; you knew this would appear where now posted. Please add thoughts you wish, Erik personality included.

Erik:     Shit, there’s no other way, you get me undiluted or I don’t pour myself in the glass. Just like this says; where I am, we present ourselves as we need to but see the environment no matter how different. You’ll see this soon. You’re gonna like it.

ST:       What can you say about some people remaining in three dimensions?

Erik:     Many already decided ‘cause it’s part of their plan. Some’ll change later, most won’t. The higher dimensions will see ‘em but it’s no big deal, the 3 dimensions will also see everybody but not what the higher dimensions have. Some confusion, not too much. It ain’t like gravity will go away and some people will float along; that’ll be your visitors doing that.

ST:       Visitors?

Erik:     Hell yes, all the people from all around the galaxy here is help. This gonna be cool, cool, cool ‘cause you’re all gonna see new stuff and new ideas but for us watching and (he snickers a little) the faces on some people are gonna be like the best practical joke ever invented. That happens here, too, by the way, the jokes and stuff, all that shit. Higher dimension means more possibility to pull off funny stuff.

ST:       Go back to the “new stuff” you just mentioned. Such as?

Erik:     Like how I keep making you misspell my name so you have to go back and correct it? Get used to that! Ha ha ha…no, seriously, man…. (Erik has caused me to type Eriuk, Eirk and Erk already…..) what y’all are gonna see is a new way to build things with new materials in new ways. Wood gets used a lot for houses; not necessary, plastic from ethyl alcohol will be used, it’s done now for shit like plastic bottles. with a chemical so it can’t burn. Stronger than wood, lasts a lot longer. No pollution, no oil refinery for the plastic, no trees get cut. Wood will be mostly trees already dead, no need to cut down live ones.

ST:       What else?

C:         Food; you’ll get new ways to grow and cook. New energy is coming; it will be good for cooling, heating and cooking. Food won’t involve bigger animals with intelligence, nobody’s gonna want it. Cows will just give milk and take a dump; presto, fertilizer! Higher vibrations and the energy of eating it won’t sit well. Birds, fish and simpler stuff like that, not much risk to affect populations, will be bigger.

ST:       Would you lie to come back for the next piece on time?

Erik:     Yes, with your committee here. My mother likes this subject; Hi Mom, get ready you’ll enjoy it.

ST:       Thank you Erik and “The Committee”

They all bow in the silence of orchestra conductors and just smile.

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