Inspiring Stories of Spiritual Awakening

It takes courage to embark on the journey toward spiritual awakening because it often involves an element of suffering. What’s more, it takes even greater courage to share that journey with others. On the radio show last night, 5 of those braves souls shared their stories live. Since I received so many stories, I wasn’t able to have everyone share on the radio, but I’ve included theirs in this post along with the other five. Erik chimed in with his two cents, channeled by the very gifted medium, Jennifer Doran. Enjoy!

I have been on the cusp of awakening my entire life. I was raised in an organized and very religious background. I felt guilty for being me for as long as I can remember. I spent so much time hiding from “God” in my closet. I spent many years learning about all religions and even some labeled as “cults”. Hinduism or Buddhism was a cult in my family, so I had to hide it. I even minored in Western religion in college.  If you honestly want to know the  moment of my true “awakening” is when I stumbled on the videos you put out with Jamie. From there, I read “My life after death”. I have been truly growing spiritually ever since. I can’t describe to you what that awakening felt like, nor can I thank you and your son enough. I hope it suffices to say that I know I am not the only one you have awakened. I send all my love to you and I appreciate, from the bottom of my heart, what you are doing and what you continue to do. It is not about me but I needed to tell you so that you can understand the impact you are truly making to world that needs it so badly. If you could make me have faith, I promise you, there is no one you can not reach. Much love and blessings to you, Erik and your family.



It all started when I told God I was ready to wake up.

This happened several years ago. I was staying at my sister’s house for Christmas. I woke myself up during the night when my toe hit the floor. I was several feet away from the bed, totally upside down in the air. It was like I was standing up except flipped. I started to wake up when my leg lowered and my toe hit the floor.

I’ve always been empathic, a few weeks after this aligning I became clairaudient. I also communicate with animals and that ability has deepened. I am also being visited by people I know who have crossed over giving me a message on their way out. At times I’ve seen energy areas. I have learned so much about contracts, even from animals, that have helped me with my health in this lifetime.

As to the upside down stuff, I was told that they were aligning my chakras so I could continue to ascend. They also had to do it when I didn’t have dogs by me because they would have woken me up. A few times after that, I would go to sleep in a certain area on the bed and wake up in a totally different area on the bed and them moving my pillow in the process. I always sleep exactly in the same place but turn on my sides and back but I stay there all night.That happened 3 or 4 times after all of the other.

So, my life has totally changed for the better. I’m an old soul, it was my time to wake up and be a lightworker. I also do my purpose/mission and also try to stay above 3D in my everyday life, except when I get behind the wheel of a vehicle in the Austin area, ha.

Anyway, happy to share and so happy others are waking up and changing the planet. Thanks for all you do with the channels, I listen to several different ones on YouTube and am learning much about the other side. I continue to marvel how much humans/religion has controlled spiritual knowledge just to control the masses.



I am 64 years old and believe that my awakening came as a child even though I wasn’t aware that that is what was happening.  My mother was fascinated by mediums and psychics when I was in grade school.  She would travel long distances in the US to remote places to see them.  I was always the mini “adult” in the corner when she would relate to other adult friends what was predicted for her.  In many instances those very things came to pass.  I believe she was psychic or at least sensitive in her own right.  She would have dreams of future events that would come to pass.  Not earth shaking events, but things that would come to pass in our family.  She had me read Edgar Cayce’s The Sleeping Prophet when I was 15.  I found it fascinating.

My family was not particularly religious,  but Mom did have a sense of spirituality  that I believe was passed on to me.  I started going to church in high school with a group of friends but never really connected with the idea of hell. Most of my young life I could not reconcile to the teachings from the Bible in church.  I always thought that it was interpreted way too literally and not for the general guide to living that I

still believe it to be.  I do attend church now because I appreciated the scope of what this particular church does for the community.  I still, however, do not resonate with all of the sermons given.

10 days ago my sister had back surgery.  I requested my Mom, my husband and our dad send her surgeon a steady hand and a clear head on the day of her surgery.  A day later I was cleaning out change in my purse and found a buffalo head nickel with my mom’s birth year 1936.  I am sure that was a sign that my request was acknowledged.  The surgery went well.

My awakening intensified 6 years ago when my husband of 34 years passed from cancer.  While he was sick I would quiz him about his dreams and any “visitors” he might be getting from the other side.  He was purely skeptical of the afterlife.  I requested that when he passed – if there was an afterlife – that he let me know.

He did in spades!  I felt him in bed with me on more that one occasion which was later confirmed by a medium.  He was leaving me nickels everywhere for months, turning pictures in frames upside down (something he used to do to my sisters in life to drive them crazy), and I even have an EVP on my phone that not only did I know was recorded by Facebook messengered itself to my best friend while I was sound asleep.  His voice unmistakable.

I still see mediums when possible – have had several reading by call ins to radio shows, live shows and privately.  I have never felt let down or scammed.  I was watching your YouTube video about skeptics.  I would love to recommend that you listen to NDE Church’s youtube out of Pueblo Colorado.  Aaron Tomlinson is the pastor and he is working on combining the spiritual with the Biblical and he is what I believe is part of the awakening.  If I had discovered him when my husband was alive it would have answered so many questions for him.

Okay, as long as I have your attention – I believe I was Erik pranked not long after discovering your channel – maybe 10 months ago.  I was in my bathtub as it was filling and muddy water started coming out of the spout.  That had not happened before and has not happened since.  I think it was Erik welcoming me to the group.

Sorry if this seems a bit all over the place.

Thank you for doing what you do –

Sherry Ogier


I think I have always been Awake in a not so awake world. Ive always been an Observer of life/people.  I also think people saw this in Me and I wasn’t sure what they were seeing except I felt more loved by them.
After my 27 year divorce I couldn’t understand how 2 people could live so intimately and not want to Love and Honor who we have grown to be With Acceptance and forgiveness of a lot of shit.
I was willing to split away and bless what we had and bless our futures as well. Because our anger doesn’t just affect the one we’re aiming at But Bleeds Everywhere!!  I saw it in my parents and families lives!!

I was honest he stripped me of everything he could So he could say “I win??!?”.
Like I said Everybody looses.

I have Woken Up To The Fact that
“Only I ‘Define’ Who I Am!!”

And I was Raised With Love and Honor and Respect For Self and Others.  And This Felt Right and Good and I went (through fucking Hell!!) (Erik said I could say that) to Process All The Emotions and Forgiveness and forgive Self which was the Hardest.

I’m still growing More Stronger and More Beautiful Everyday. I Love Me!

Thank you and Erik for sharing your lives with us All.  You were part of my Truth and Healing.

I’ve always known There’s More to this Life than Meets the eye!

Carry on Strong Soldier !!

Ann M.


I was born into a catholic family much like a lot of us.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we had been removed from church because the priest had wanted to take all the boys on a camping trip by himself even after my father offered to help out.  So, we completed our communion and that was it.  Fast forward ten years and I am attending an all girl catholic college at which I continue to become more confused regarding religion and Catholicism in general.  I seriously went in less messed up than coming out!  Again, fast forward to these past couple of years and I’d visited church for obvious reasons (weddings, funerals etc).  Still not feeling at ease with my confusion and even feeling out of place, guilt for not regularly attending.  Basically not being a “good” catholic.

Well, one day, I was finding myself in a rather stressful and depressed mood, scrolling through Facebook.  I saw one of your videos and thought, hmmm I’m not close minded, I’ll give it a shot.  Well after binge watching different videos, I was hooked!! I remember after having watched one or two of the episodes with Jesus and Mary, I had an epiphany!  This is what made sense to me.  Religion, lack of religion, guilt, all of it finally made sense!   It was the most enlightening experience I have ever had next to my son being born that is!  I can’t tell you how truly grateful I am for you and Erik and all those mediums out there!



My son Zack crossed over 3 months ago, on August 4th, 2019 at the age of 24 of an accidental Fentanyl overdose. He was using Percocet and got a pill that he didn’t  know was laced. We have a similar story in that we communicate with our boys that crossed over.

To begin when he was born I had a death experience due to complications during a c-section catapulted me into this new world, I crossed over and met the source and didnt want to come back, realized that I could never attain the feeling of love and home here on the earthly plane as I felt during my NDE.
Fast forward, earlier this year I was getting down loads from the universe/guardian angels prior to my son Zack’s passing in what was about to happen, and a very explicit dream. I believe I was being prepared . Ive been grappling with enormous grief but on the other spectrum very relieved that my son is happy now and free of pain and suffering. I have been working on communicate with him, asking for signs, and the other week he left his handprint on my mirror in the bathroom.

Zack have also come to the family and his girlfriend in dreams. I am glad I found your youtube channel and social Media, finding answers through Eric and the channelings.

Best regards,


I have an awakening story I’d like to share with you. I’m not sure if I am ready to share it with the whole world because I’m not sure if the whole world is ready or not to hear it. So please be patient with me while I choose my words carefully to explain.

I have always known I was different from other people. I was raised in a small town where people tended to be narrow-minded. So, I was forced to suppress who I really was, as I’m sure a lot of sensitive people have had to do. (You’re too tender-hearted, people would say to me.)

Fast forward to the present, skipping a lot of stuff! (I may write a book about it later.) My husband, the love of my life, died this year in April, sending me into the worst tailspin of grief I have ever experienced in my life. I wanted to keep a connection with him somehow so I asked my daughter what I should do. (I leaned on her heavily after he died.) She suggested I go to the bookstore and get some books on what other people experienced when there was a death involved in their lives.

So I did. One of the books I picked up was Erik’s book, My Life After Death. I wasn’t sure how the story of a young man who had committed suicide at age 20 could help me because my husband was 73 years old when he passed away after suffering for years from ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

I’m pretty sure that Erik must have had a hand in making sure that I bought the book and brought it home to read. And that book is what really got me started down this path of expanding my mind and healing my heart, not only from the grief of losing my husband, but also from the grief of my whole life. I have been communicating with my spirit team as a result, experiencing wonderful healing, seeing signs everywhere, and watching videos on YouTube.

One thing I always wanted to know since I was a child was who my guardian angel was. A couple of days ago I got my answer from the spirit realm and I was stunned. They told me that Lucifer was my guardian angel! Now, I was raised Roman Catholic and I knew who Lucifer was according to the Bible. I thought, that’s not possible. And I certainly didn’t feel like I was the anti-christ, whatever that was supposed to be. So, here is my question: do we (mankind) actually know the real truth about Lucifer and the whole devil/Satan thing? Or is it a cover-up by the very human men with free will that wrote the Bible to have a scapegoat to blame for all the “evil” that humans do and to cover up their shame?

If you or Erik have any insights at all about this I would really appreciate hearing them. I’ve watched your interviews with Jesus and Mohammed and many more and I’ve loved them all. I feel like someone is finally telling the truth about the way it is. And what a relief it is after my whole life thinking that there was something wrong with me.

Keep up the good work you are doing and I hope to see a video about the truth about Lucifer in the future on your channel.

Thank you so much.


Debbie B.


I think I was born with a knowing that there’s more than what was my life.  Abandoned from age 4-7 in a hospital due to congenial hip dysplasia  I was admitted under false explanation, I didn’t speak English so life began to become a place of trying to survive.

Whispers, started the feeling something was keeping me safe.  I could feel their presence when the hospital ward lights were turned off.

Released back to the custody of my parents age 7, I still sensed presence of those that kept me safe with their Whispers.  So, my forming years were formed in the hospital. 

Fast forward to age 25 , I had my two babies age 3 and age 1.  My husband bless his heart worked all the time.  I loved Harlequin books lol , we were at a store when my eyes caught a book (which I thought it was a love story) the title “Born to Be Together Again “.  The author was Dr. Weiss.

That’s the book that started me on a journey of discovery the Whispers were my Angels maybe?  I read every book I was able to find on the possibility of possibility on top of possibilities.

As, life got busy with yet a surprise unexpected child at age 36 I had a Preemie which enriched my whole family.  So, once again I got busy with a new baby and my research came to a halt.  Then, the most impossible thing happened  to me the loss of that preemie my son Jonathan at age 30.  I haven’t gotten back on the horse and nothing seems to matter much to me anymore.  Jonathan , whispers to me now but my life of looking for answers only brought me more questions.  But, I really believe my life was guided by unseen but I know and felt them always near giving me courage and comfort. 

 Last part is this, I had a Near Death Experience  a few years ago while having surgery.  I popped out of my body and  I was in a dark void it was safe , very loving and no whispers.  I watched the room filled with extra help until my awareness was interrupted as I saw I was energy, was very fascinating and then my attention, was brought back to where I was.  No room, no doctors l still don’t know did I leave the room or was it that I no longer could see the physical ?  Then I heard my name called over and over again , just like that I was back in my body .  There was no experience as I had read about, I popped out and somehow got back into my body effortlessly.  Doctor validated for me all the things I witnessed and he told me that they lost me for a while.  The surgeon came to my ICU and said “God Bless you”.  Now that was weird to have a doctor to speak God’s blessing. 



Weird things have happened to me all my life. Things for which there is no explanation. So, when I was dx’ed with subglottic tracheal stenosis, I needed to reach out to that ‘Something Out There’, that I knew had to be there. I picked up Dr. Michael Newton’s, ‘Journey of Souls’, and after reading that? knew that was how it goes, more or less. Does Erik agree?

I started to have waking visions, and my intuition ramped up significantly. I was told by I don’t know how many other mediums that I was also one, but not the type who gets a letter or a date, and gets msgs from ‘dead people’.

I had a private session with channeler, Darryl Anka, whose Bashar told me that I was a medium to a specific group… the angelic realm. Have you ever heard of this before? I still have that session on my computer. I would like to follow it up with another, if I can ever get the money together.

I wanted to understand my life of abuse. My narcissistic father who drove my mother to death at her own hands at the age of 38. Her note was to me, and said she was sure our father (I have a sister) would take much better care of us. But, he was The Monster behind closed doors.

To be removed from our lives ten years later in the American Airlines Flight 191 crash at O’Hare in 1979. I hungered to know what his last thoughts were. Were they of his children? A therapist has told me… no.

At the age of 65, I still struggle with all of this. So much has happened to me that I no longer know how to fit into the world. And, being old, now, others are very happy to ignore me.

Not sure if this is of any interest for your query. Many thanks to you for being there, and for sharing Erik with us.


The Five Radio Guests’ Stories:

This topic is a great topic, and seemingly difficult to put into context the intricacies of feelings and actions that put into place an epic journey.

If I had to tell of mine, I would have to start back to the beginning when I started feeling different than my perception of “reality”. I grew up in tune with my emotions, expressing them like any sensitive would do. I would cry and feel extreme sadness and panic when a cat would catch a bird. I was always intrigued with astrology, and saw fit my horoscopes labeled version of a “cancer male” and identified with it. I struggled with expressing these feelings as it was considered “gay” and unacceptable in the society i lived in. I crushed on girls, so I didn’t understand fully. This leads me to using drugs, and I mean all the kinds at an early age, to escape what I should be processing. LSD, Coke, Meth, mushrooms, marijuana and eventually opiates. This was all before the age of 16 and continued for nearly 20 years. When I became addicted to opiates I went through the proverbial hell that most do experience, but I really gave up everything. I have kids that I wasn’t being there for, and this caused a hole that needed sedation. So I would use, and lose.. I had to be stripped of all I love and lived for, for the new me to emerge. This emergence came from despair, loss, grief, sadness, hopelessness, and homelessness. Ego and victim mentality at it’s finest. I lost my daughter’s mommy in an auto accident and failed to do right by her in getting custody, but that also catalyzed my growth. I became another face in the courts system, legal system, and decided I wanted to die too.. I’d already lost a few people in my life to overdoses and so I figure why not? I was also a product of going in and out of medication assisted treatments and attempting to quit opiates but I couldn’t shake it and desired a way out.. So I did overdose on fentanyl and all I remembered from that was blackness.

My life took the turn for what I thought was the better, after being placed in rehabilitation program. I was successfully a recipient for most improved, and people said I had a lot to say, i just need to say it.. I meet my soon to be ex-wife and graduate from the program. In between these times we experience ups and downs but the worst was when we lost our baby that we were excited about. This was my worst at that moment, this is the time frame I consider my change over, awakening.

Always being emotional, I stopped, just a kill switch if you will on my behalf. I shut down and showed very little empathy and understanding to my wife, this was also demonstrated with drugs and lying about using again. We decided it would be best to divorce, and at minimum, get out of that state. I move south and strike out a new beginning, I thought for us, but it was just a beginning for me. She states that she is going to end her life and I felt the same way, she is doing great now by the way, but this lead me to such a new place of personal depth in darkness.

Unaware it’s working for me, I cried and begged and plead with “God” to make better this life. I had a sense of love come over me during my breakdown. I was in the presence of something greater than me but it felt like me. I felt my heart “grow” or just get hugged? I looked at the time and low and behold it was 11:11 pm and I was prompted to the rabbit hole. Since I can remember I always enjoyed topics like wiccan, shamans and all that is metaphysical, but never looked at it seriously. But I couldn’t reject these synchronicities I’ve been given.

From being guided to Neil Donald Walsh, Channelling Erik, Victor Oddo, Delores Cannon, Jamie Butler and Emanuelle, came my understanding of what I always just knew, I knew out of intuition. I listen to my voice and heart, go by what I know to be true through feeling the “vibe”. This had me thinking about the conversations my ex and I had prior to moving away. That we were twin flames. It may in fact not be true, but that feels like a lie. At that time I understood of soul mates but nothing of the magnitude that I experienced and grew from with her. I am not fond of labels and can seemingly manifest what I read and perceive as my reality and everything happened like I read it in a book.? I thought I was going crazy, with such a radical change in my thoughts and actions.

Once was extraverted now i am introverted, amongst other traits of empath, healer, lightworker, whatever worker. I am a a rebuilt version of my spirit trying to express, create, and remember.. I read over the words and realize they fall short of all that has transpired to my becoming, And subject to constant change as further introspection occurs. I give C.E. so much credit, as it validates my beliefs and in a world where my beliefs are taboo in nature to the collective unconscious. I thank you Elisa and Erik for all that you unknowingly did!! Love you all

Lee T.



I want led to share my story regarding my “awakening” in a 500 words or less attempt.

Unbeknownst to me, I have been very psychic since a child and often got messages from the other side but I never realized what these messages really where.

When I think of my “awakening” I associate more with becoming “aware”.   Such as when I became aware the images in my head wasn’t just my imagination..because something happened in an image I wouldn’t of contemplated and it involved Erik.

To make a long story short..I thought I finally connected with the Other Side. When I was driving home from work I was listening and jamming out to the song Spirits by the Strumbellas. In my minds eye, I saw my friend Victor (who passed away in ‘08) in my passenger side dancing beside me..the song goes “I got guns in my head and they won’t go, Spirits in my head and they won’t go”. I saw Erik, flat base ball cap, hair coming out the bottom of the hat, black shirt, khaki-looking cargo shorts, tube socks pulled up to his knees , and skater boy shoes, in my back seat, dancing with a gun in his left hand..and with his right hand tries to slap the guns magazine into the gun (trying to be a hard ass) and the magazine pops out of the gun and falls to the floor of my car and Erik, looking like a goof ball, scrambles to catch it before the magazine hits the floor.

Then I heard..”You gotta tell my mom this gun story because she lives in Texas.”

That was confirmation I was aware of my awakening because there was no way in hell I would of made that action by pure imagination.

Amy Nell


My mom and I were brainwashed by religion but very close to God my mom was dying from cancer nov 2014 she was 56 I 36….i prayed over her feeling she was getting ready to leave us as I prayed heavily I began to sob and pray in tongues as i have since a young age my eyes were closed as I prayed I saw a tunnel open up at the end of the dark tunnel I see a white light and 2 shadow figures coming from the light one Jesus and one my grandma I yelled out ok grandma and Jesus you can take momma now and in the dead silence of the room at the exact moment she took her last breath.

i knew what I saw was real a year later my brother 39 passed i was down south praying and saw the tunnel open and mom come for my brother after this I began praying to God for TRUTH I was seeking truth on Easter evening your you tube channel pops up on my phone randomly and I spent the whole night watching video after video. I knew my mom and brother lead me to you.

For the past 3 years now I have been using dowsing rods to communicate with them then began to hear them now I have established a spiritual team including your son I have been doubting all if my abilities and today your live came on and I jumped in asking Erik if I have abilities or if im just some crazy lady making voices and conversations up in my head I prayed asked Erik if he could give me confirmation…as you winded down and were just about finished spirit took over.

Before i know it I’m talking another language and crying just then you say lets take one more and BAM say my name…erik confirmed my abilities and that was an amazing answer to prayer. He has helped my family connect and shown my big brother the ropes so to speak I know this journey is just beginning but I pray my abilities will bring peace and love to others as those you work with do.

Thank you for reading my story.

Sara M.


First let me say that I’m so glad that you decided to bravely go public with your story.  You and Erik were the final puzzle piece that solidified my belief in souls and the afterlife.  I’ve been listening to your broadcasts for many months now. I did not grow up with any religion whatsoever, but when my mom passed away, it became necessary for me to try and find answers to the universal questions.  Erik really helped answer so many of my questions.  So thank you to you both for what you are doing.

My story:

My mom past away from breast cancer (age 61) when I was 36. She barely had time to meet my only child who was 10 months old at that point.  2 months and 1 day after this, I came down with a horrible headache and started to lose my vision (blurred at first).   The date was 11/02/2001 which happened to be my birthday and I was actually having a lovely visit with friends when pretty suddenly I came down with a severe headache. Blurred vision soon followed and continued to get worse for a couple of days. An eye specialist verified that I had Optical Neuritis.  The unusual thing was that it was happening in both eyes.   I learned that this is sometimes referred to as “hysterical blindness”.  Which in fact I did actually go blind after a week.  (Told that my vision would return in several weeks.)

I could only relate the cause of this to the hysterics of watching my mom start to slip away and then 10 days after she passed, the 9/11 terror attacks occurred.   So it was a very rough time for me.  But this 100% blindness was very frightening and basically left me staying very close to my 10 month old who was crawling at this point.

I would listen to the tv for comfort.  I tuned into the show “John Edwards” talking to peoples dead loved ones.  It was the first time I had thought that maybe my mom was still with me somehow?

A month had past and I realized for the first time that I could just barely make out my daughter’s form. I said her name and she got up off the floor and WALKED right to me!   This was her first steps!  Such a joyful moment that I had been so worried that I would miss!

Because of the significance of the moment I stopped to think about what day it was.  It was 12/01.  Exactly 3 months after my mom passed.  I truly thought for the first time that my mom was there with me at that moment and may have had a hand in giving me this special moment.

For years after this, I realized that I kept seeing the date or time: 11:02. at unusual moments.  Either on the clock or in an email or text etc.  I would say to myself  “why am I seeing 11:02 instead of 11:01 or 11:03” etc. Explainable many times I’m sure by many.  But it wasn’t just on the clock.  It finally clicked with me that 11/02 being my birthday must tie into my Mom having a hand in these moments.

Here’s the incident that made me a 100% believer.

This last summer I had been preparing a letter to give to my then college bound daughter.  You know, a “go forth and have a wonderful life, here’s all my worldly advice.  I love you.” kind of letter.  I started and then stopped working on it a few times, until one day the words just started flowing very easily.   I decided it was done after about an hour. (I usually find myself rewriting stuff extensively for hours).  It was two pages long.  Just enough, but not too much.  Right?

A year before this my daughter had shown me how to use Documents in Google Drive.   She was using it at that time to show me her college essays.   They each had to be a certain word limit and at some point she showed me that Google drive makes it really easy for her to check the word count.  So I didn’t give that another thought until this moment when I finished my letter and became curious to see if this was perhaps how long her essays had been.  So I tapped on the feature and pretty much fell out of my chair.   How many words was it?  1102 .  That was the one and only time I’ve ever checked a word count!!!!!!

I laughed and cried. I thanked my Mom and also Erik.  I told my daughter all about this when I gave her the letter, hoping that maybe now she might also be a believer.    I thought about you and everything Erik has said in the last several months and because of this I believe that not only had my Mom helped me write this letter, but that she’s definitely been here all along.  Such a comfort and I hope also a comfort for my daughter one day when I am also gone.

Thanks again.



Though I believe ‘awakening’ occurs over time, I will share a moment that was very important to me as it proved to me to be a moment of unquestionable validation.  It stemmed from one of your posts and information that came directly from your son Erik.  In the post he stated that we are all connected to everything, nature, animals, other people, etc. so when you take a walk in nature, think about being connected to everything all the time.

I had just retired and began to walk daily, my route taking me through a wooded area opening to a small reservoir.  I began to put into practice what Erik had suggested, thinking about how connected I was to everything, the trees, grass, leaves, birds, everything.  When I noticed a bird singing in a tree, I would mentally thank the bird and send a mental image of a bird landing on my shoulder.  I’ve always loved birds and thought that would be a wonderful feeling and connection.  The first couple weeks, it felt strange and I had to think about it and forced myself to think this way.  The next couple weeks, I still had to think about it, but it no longer felt strange in any way. It felt normal.

The next few weeks, I wasn’t thinking about it.  It became a feeling and it felt natural, wonderful.  When a bird sang I would automatically think ‘thank you, that’s beautiful’ and send the mental image of a bird landing on my shoulder.  My wife is a teacher and her very first day home for summer vacation, she took the walk with me and we brought our two dogs.  As we got to a small wooden seating area at the water’s edge, a bird landed in the tree above me and began to sing.  I automatically ‘thanked’ the bird and sent the same mental image.  At that moment my wife called me and I turned to respond to her.  As I turned I felt something brush the side of my face, which made me turn back immediately, only to see the bird landing on a handrail in the seated bench area I was standing in.  The bird began squawking loudly at me.  I thought, “are you answering me”?  I stuck my finger out and it immediately flew up and tried to land on my finger, which I nervously pulled away.  It then landed on the opposite handrail, still squawking at me.  I then thought, “what a wimp, I’ve asked for this and here it is and I’m nervous” so I put my arm straight out and the bird instantly flew onto my forearm.  It just stood there while my wife and one of our dogs slowly approached in disbelief and wonder.  It stayed on my forearm for several minutes and then just flew off.  I came to realize later the bird was quite likely trying to land on my shoulder as I turned.

That night I meditated, asking the bird to return.  My wife had a training day so I walked the next day alone.  As I got to the water’s edge, there was no bird.  I felt I should close my eyes and meditate, asking the bird to show.  As I opened my eyes a couple minutes later, a bird landed high in a tree to my left.  As soon as it landed, it took flight again, completing a half circle, landing and in one motion running up to within 5 feet of me then gently lifting in flight and landing on the handrail within inches of where I was sitting.  I stuck my hand out and it hopped right into my palm.  I recognized the same color and distinct lines from the day before that could only be seen up close.  It was the same bird.  I began to cry.  The bird stayed with me, so long in fact I got up to return home and it began to follow me, walking behind me for a good 150 feet or so until it finally lifted back into the air.

My thanks to you, Erik and the Mediums you work with for what you do.


I hope you can find inspiration in any or all of these stories. I know I did. All the best for your own awakening.

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