Interview with Dead Rappers

In the YouTube that follows, Erik brings forward 5 iconic rappers to be interviewed so that we can learn spiritual lessons and other nuggets of wisdom from each. Nipsey Hussle, Xxxtentacion, MAC Miller, Juice Wrld and Lil Peep have voices that need to be heard. All five and Erik were masterfully channeled by Michelle Gray. Check out her site: And please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! 

But first, I want to let you know that I received such a beautiful Mother’s Day gift from Erik. There on the kitchen cabinet, was a tiny clay heart. The rest of the counter was completely empty and (uncharacteristically) clean. Only Rune, Lukas and me live in the house and the two guys claimed innocence. Check it out.

Last but not least, I posted a review for blog member, Stephanie Lawrence’s new book: Our Six Dimensions. It’s wonderful and now in my recommended reading list under the favorites tab at the top of the homepage. Here’s what I wrote:

Many time Erik has said his side of the veil has Time as a unit of one, so when I read in this book about Time being measured as one as well as Time using our daily measurements I was hooked on Dr. Lawrence’s Our Six Dimensions. Her explanation of Time being measured as a unit of one supports Erik’s Time as unit of one plus she includes how time can be measured in units we are familiar with such as epochs, years, weeks, hours, or even nano-seconds. There are six dimensions and her book also shows multiple ways to measure the other five dimensions: Entity, Place, Constants, Human, and Transactions. When it comes to Place and Einstein’s 3D Dr. Lawrence explains the Place dimension can be measured as a unit of one plus we also measure place at the street level, longitude & latitude, or geographical distribution of business locations and we do this daily. Then Dr. Lawrence identifies and explains how Einstein mis-spoke about his three dimensions: length, width, and depth. It ends up Einsteinian 3D is one of many methods to measure Place with Einstein’s vectors incorrectly labeled as dimensions.

Dr. Lawrence tested and explains how we have six dimensions, she also brainstorms putting the six dimensions in sequence and she mentions my boy Erik,, and my books! This is real science, peeps! So take a look at her website: plus Our Six Dimensions book on Amazon.

Image courtesy of Lawrence, Stephanie “Conceptual Framework of Transactions intersecting Five Dimensions,” (2019) Our Six Dimensions, p. 105.

Now enjoy what these lovely souls have to say and glean the nuggets of wisdom they have to offer. Channeled eloquently by Michelle Gray at

If you are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitles icon at the bottom of the YouTube and read along as it plays. 

Featured image of Nipsey Hussle is courtesy of

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