Interview with the Bog People, Part One

KINDA GROSS (but fascinating!) For centuries, archaeologists and other scholars have been trying to unravel the mystery behind the hundreds of bodies—the oldest dating back some 10,000 years—found buried in the wetlands of Northern Europe. Due to lack of oxygen and the anti-microbial properties of peat moss, many of the “bog bodies” found in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and especially Denmark are startlingly well-preserved, with discernible facial features, fingerprints, hair, nails and other identifying traits. Most of them date to the Iron Age—the centuries before and after the birth of Christ—and many show signs of torture or other violence. Cremation was customary at that time, so bog burial must have been a special event. Yet Iron Age Europeans left no written records about their customs or rituals, and scholars have only been able to speculate about how and why the bog bodies ended up where they did.

Let’s get answers straight from the horse’s mouth as channeled by the awesome medium, Veronica Drake. Please hit the SUBSCRIBE button and share this with your family and friends. Thanks!

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In case you missed it, here’s last night’s show where Erik shares all kinds of interesting information about China, including our relationship with them and their future (among many other things.) Denise Ramon did such a great job! Check her out at

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