I’ve Had Enough

I have been very disappointed in the vitriolic comments made by some of you. I made the mistake of looking at some of the comments on a recent YouTube and was slammed for “interrupting” too much. Yes, I know that’s a bit of a problem, but not enough to warrant the attacks I had to suffer. One of the problems is that you guys submit a ton of questions for me to ask, and it’s challenging to get them all answered in an hour or less. That said, I my interrupting is motivated by the fact that I care about others. Plus, how ungrateful! And some commented that I was attention-seeking and “full of myself?” They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Life has bitch-slapped the ego out of me, and I’m the same shy, humble, self-deprecating and broken old woman I was since October 6, 2009, and probably long before. 

Then yesterday happened. Emma McIntosh commented on the Watts interview that Erik told her she was the only one channeling him and that the other mediums were not. She essentially called them all fakes, frauds. I love all of the mediums dearly, and wanted the CE peeps to understand that they indeed were channeling Erik. My motive was to protect them. Well, Emma took that comment down and replaced it, so I was ripped a new one by her followers who called me a liar. Poor little Emma. Then some (Al Morrow and Amy McFarland) called to “Boycott Elisa!” Like I care? It doesn’t make any difference to me if I have 1 follower or a million. I want people that Erik and I can help. The absence of the haters is nothing short of a relief. 

Do they not understand how much I have sacrificed and still do out of my love for my son and the CE peeps? I gave up a $400,000 a year career to spend over $150,000 to bring them the very enlightening and healing messages Erik has to offer. I spend 3-4 hours a day answering their emails and private messages, and I work in their behalf around 12 hours a day for no pay at all. I’ve made it clear that I don’t want to make a profit anyway.

About Emma, there is much you all don’t know. I’ve tried to avoid airing all of this out of unearned respect for the woman, but with so many attacks and no other way to defend myself, the other mediums and her victims…YOU, I have no choice. Here me out.

Things started going south when she told me on our girls’ trip to the Hill Country that she was the best medium in the world. Weird. Then she began cyber-bullying one of the other mediums and even eliminated her from a Facebook group chat I created immediately after I added her. 

And that’s not the worst. Many found out that Emma researches before sessions: Facebook, obits, ancestry.com and more. She’ll never do a cold reading, which is terrible because she is good enough. She doesn’t need to cheat. 

Here is one of the emails I got from just one of many who discovered her cheating. I actually protected Emma because this group of people were planning to meet with the F.B.I. in Houston to report her, and I convinced them not to, to send her love and light instead because clearly she needs it.

Hi Elisa,
I am a follower of Channeling Erik for a long time and I have loved everything you have done for so many, including me. It has changed my life for the better. I have had three readings. One from Kim Babcock, and the other two from Raylene, whom I think is spectacular. A while ago I reached out to Cindy Williams to see if she could help me help my Uncle Mario who was grieving for his son who was killed in a driving accident. She responded very quickly, with love and concern. She told me she would speak to Emma and when she did, she said they would record the Ask Emma segment and told me when it would air. I got in touch with my cousins and explained that I was a strong believer in Psychic Channeling and I wanted to help their dad, my uncle. They agreed and got him ready to see the video. AFTER IT AIRED, ONE BY ONE, MY FAMILY CALLED ME TO SAY HOW (sorry caps went on) Emma had gotten every single thing she said on facebook. The obituary was online. The video of Lukie singing in his car was on there, everything. I was mortified. Then Cindy contacted me and said she had reason to believe it was all true, that Emma was looking up info online. I am so embarrassed, I didnt know how to face my family. I had never interfered before and I keep my Spiritual beliefs close to my heart and dont talk too much about it. When I called my cousin, she was kind and said not to worry. She knows that there are good and bad people and I was the only one in the family that stepped in to help with good intentions. What I came here to tell you is not to upset you in any way but I am pissed off at Emma because she used Erik’s name several times and it has got to stop. I was thinking of asking her (not as me) to do a reading for someone I know who is NOT on FB and she cant look up their info, but it would be my grandmother who has passed. I cant think of anyone else at the moment. If you know a laywer who can just send her a letter, to scare her into stopping. I can also copy and paste our conversation on Private Message tonight if you want to read it. She mentions Erik in there as well.
And here is evidence that she made the recent comment about her being the only one who could channel Erik, only to take it down latter:
After I “fired” her, I respectfully asked her not to channel Erik for profit because it would entail a copyright infringement. What did she do? She announced to her group that I was threatening her, implying I was threatening her physically. Yet I was not allowed to join the group and come to my defense. In a recent email (of which I have a copy,) she said she quit CE and that because of that, I’ve become vengeful. Here it is:
they are all lies as I have explained on my facebook group. Based on fe statements of a person I had to remove from my group for being overly judgemental and aggresive. The rest is just her vengeance for me leaving CE after haning experienced several concerning actions and communications from her. Follow your heart on this as the truth can be found there and know that not everyone is who they claim they are.
Not true. I fired her after she cut the medium from the FB group chat and after I caught her researching before sessions. Vengeful? I don’t have a vengeful bone in my body. If I were vengeful, why would I try so hard to convince the people upset with her researching to NOT report her to the Houston FBI, but rather, tell them to just send her love and light. And I did the same every time people complained about her for other reasons. Recently Erik told me that Emma’s sudden turn is because a negative entity has attached to her. So we have to have compassion for her because of that. Can’t be easy.
But is can’t be easy for me either, getting slammed by her, her followers and other trolls after spending $4.5 million in lost wages and overhead since Erik’s death, after working tirelessly to help others with no expectation in return. Although I’m grateful, I don’t need flattery and am in fact uncomfortable with it. My fulfillment comes from helping my son help others. That’s it. 
Some of the haters assume the problem is me because I have had drama with Kim Babcock and Jamie Butler. Here’s the truth about that: When I first started working with Kim, she promised to stick with me indefinitely and devote two hours a month for sessions. I didn’t require that at all. She just offered that out of gratitude for how successful CE has made her. Eventually, she became too busy and emailed me saying she could no longer devote those 2 hours because she wanted to use those for “paying customers.” Paying customers? I WAS her biggest paying customer. I have spend over $150,000 a year (and like I said, gave up my income as a physician) to make CE what it is so that she could benefit from it. I paid publicists to get her on shows like Coast to Coast. I got her a regular column in the Sedona Journal. Plus, I spent 4 hours a day transcribing her sessions.  (Admittedly, I AM a very slow typist.) So I invested all the money, did all the labor with the exception of that 120 minutes a month but reaped no monetary gain. For her 2 hours a month, she reaped all the income. Plus, religious filters started interfering with her channeling.
And now the truth about Jamie. I adore Jamie. I still do. But she kept raising her prices until I could no longer afford her. When I booked our first appointment, I was able to get one within a week and she charged $50 an hour. After a few months working with me, she became booked for over a year (which of course she earned) and now charges $600 an hour. Then she required me to sign a Talent Agreement where I would pay her every time I got her on a radio show, TV or an article, and I’d have to hire an accountant to prepare quarterly reports on book profits so she could have part of those profits. Mind you, I paid several thousand dollars for her to channel the book, and I paid $15,000 for a publicist for the book tour. And I will never get that money back. You ordinarily don’t make a profit from books like that, and I knew that going in. So that was it for Jamie and me. After all, I felt the true talent was Erik. S
My confusion is why would people believe her over me? I have no ulterior motive, yet Emma does. Think about this: The only reason I’ve ever called Emma out is not out of ego, not because I felt offended, not out of hate. It was because I wanted to protect those I love. It would take a helluva lot more to ruffle my feathers than that, trust me. But NO ONE messes with the people I consider family. And every time they’ve expressed outrage at Emma, I’ve encouraged them to send her love and light.
I’ll have to say that this has been a beautiful lesson for many, including me. I now know that the larger the following, the more the criticism and vitriol. I didn’t sign up for that when I embarked on what I consider a benevolent, sweet mission. I also know who my true friends are. Those who reacted to me with hatred and want to “boycott” me aren’t. Those who want to leave CE because they disagree with my political opinions aren’t. These are people who just aren’t ready for what Channeling Erik has to offer, and that’s okay. Everyone evolves at their own pace. I have nothing but love for them. Disappointment, yes, because I work so hard and I’m human. But still, I love them because we are all perfect just the way we are. Emma, too.
I’m going to take these two weeks camping with my hubby and grand daughter to decide whether or not I should continue to put myself through this kind of torture or return to the practice of Medicine, something I truly adored. My family wants me to stop. They see the toll it’s taken on my already broken self and say it’s not worth it. 
Oh and please don’t comment. I’m not up to reading them for fear some will be hateful. 
Here’s the latest radio show, A Chat with Michael Jackson.

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