Meditation Timer Resets

I’ve been listening to Erik’s book on Audible and I’m absolutely loving it! Every morning I spend 15 minutes meditating and lately I’ve been asking Erik to show up and do “something” so that I know that he’s here. I’ve always wanted him to visit me or play one of his popular pranks on me. Anyway, before beginning my meditations I start a timer on my phone just to know when I’ve meditated for the 15 minutes. The past couple of mornings I KNOW that I’ve set my timer but after I can feel that the 15 minutes have passed I check my phone and it’s been reset to 0 and the timer was stopped. I just know that this was Erik’s doing and I look forward to more interaction with him. I’ve always wanted to actually see a spirit so maybe one day Erik will make himself seen for me! 🙂 Thank you Erik, Elisa, Jamie, and the other Mediums that continue to share Erik’s messages. I love you all!

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