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Before we get into today’s stories, I want to tell you that blog member, Kerri Aab, has generously offered  distance healing for anyone who wants it. It’s her way of giving back. Check out what she says below, and take her up on it!

Hello CE friends! My name is Kerri Aab and I am Bach flower essence and Reiki practitioner, and an avid reader of Channeling Erik. As part of a personal practice, I send free distance Reiki every morning, along with an optional email that includes insights received during the session, to anyone who requests it. Although I do not channel Erik, I do feel his presence sometimes during these morning sessions. It was an urge that I feel was from him, that prompted me to contact Elisa about the Reiki group and extend an invitation to the CE community. Imagine my delight when she responded and said sure! So, I’d love to have any CE members in need of some support as part of the distance Reiki group! There are zero strings attached. Just a free offering of distance Reiki and an optional daily email to go along with it. If this is of interest, all you have to do is fill out the short form at the link below.
Thanks, Kerri!

Story #1

The only reason I consider Erik as the culprit here, is because of the timing of the incident. I don’t know any of you guys and I’m a 1000 miles away … But I’ll tell you what happened. I discovered your YouTube videos yesterday (Feb 16/16) and I watched about 2 hrs of them. I recognized there was something real in this because I’ve studied many of those subjects. I woke this morning and watched the Buddha “interview” while I ate breakfast. When I got up and went to the kitchen the chimes over the counter were moving … just enough to chime very lightly. Was it Erik ? I don’t know. What I do know is this ….. 1) its winter, I have no windows open 2) those chimes have been hanging in my kitchen for a couple of years and have never done that before. Sometimes the invisible “little people” do things to get my attention, but in different ways than this incident.

Thank you for the great videos and the great project you now have underway.
LoVe LiGhT Always JC

Story #2

I “accidentally” downloaded a podcast with Amy Schuber where she interviewed Elisa, and medium (Jamie), who channeled Erik. I was left mesmerized. My dear sister died suddenly just a few months ago from complications following surgery. I was devestated and grieved beyond belief. While listening to the podcast, I was greatly enlightened by Erik’s personality and funny wit / humor. When it came to the part about him writing a book and getting “his share of the royalties”, I started laughing outloud. At that moment it felt like Erik was in my kitchen and said to me , “Yup…. I’m a GHOST WRITER”!

Hilarious!!! Was this really Erik….??? Or was it my imagination.????

Either way, I literally laughed out loud for quite awhile.

Blessings of love, light, wisdom, and compassion to each of you… and especially to you Erik. I do hope to encounter you again… just don’t scare me!!!!

Jean :))

Story #3

Last night, I went to take a shower, I spent some time playing around with the radio (on the wall in the bathroom), there was no music playing on any of the pre set stations so I left it on one of the clearest stations (a commercial was on), and stepped into the shower. I asked Erik if he could make sure a good song plays on the radio, I told him I could really use a good song to help guide me, ( I have been having trouble with my siblings regarding the care of my elderly mother, it’s been very stressful and disturbing, lots of disharmony among the family) . The first song that played after the commercial finished was “Calling all Angels: from Train, a group I am fond of in a spiritual way.

The story of my relationship with Train goes back a few years, I was introduced by my sister to a spiritual coach, I had a hard time dealing with the separation of myself from my boys I had raised, this new life was not what I signed up for, my identity disappeared when my boys grew up. The change brought me to a sad place, I could not find happiness in much of anything anymore. If you knew me before, I was the person who put the smile on your face, my purpose in life up until this stages was to keep and make people happy, so I was not very good at being in such a low place. The coach, made me aware of how and what I needed to do to find myself and raise my vibration, ultimately I began tapping into my intuition which increased my vibrational frequency over time and connected me to my higher self and my spiritual guides.

The song Calling all Angels played many many times during this time period, the group has another song Soul Sister that also played a lot throughout this time period.
The artist who sings (and writes the music) is Pat Monahan, he lost mother before she could enjoy his success, he considered her his Angel.

I think Erik sent this song to remind me your angels and guides are always with you, you just need to call on them.

The first verse of the song is “I need a sign to let me know your here”.

Thanks for the reminder Erik, your a true angel. xoxo

I hope these stories lifted your spirits! Have a wonderful weekend!

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