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I’m in Houston, which means I’m ordered to shelter in place. Actually, that’s how most of my life is with the exception of going to the pharmacy, the hair salon and an occasional doctor’s appointment, but poor Maria (our housekeeper of over 30 years and an important member of the family,) is not allowed to work in my home or others. Of course Rune and I will help her out, but I’m not sure the other households will. Also, I’m wondering if the guys who mow the lawn are sheltering in place. If so, three weeks means we’ll have the Amazon jungle surrounding our house. We gave away our lawnmower long ago, otherwise I’d have no problem doing it myself as I have often down in the past.

But those concerns pale in contrast to the larger picture. People getting sick. Dying. Losing jobs. Losing businesses. Nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are overworked and, at times, under protected. If you are a seamstress with a sewing machine, consider making masks and delivering those to your local hospital. While sewing, you might as well let the CE YouTube channel videos roll, too!

I plan on calling a nearby free clinic to see if I can volunteer to help as well as helping the American Red Cross. If you can contribute anything, please do. 

First, I want you to listen to our show from last night. Astrologer (and genius), Allan Varah, spoke to us about the importance of aligning spiritual intention with the physical realm. Plus, he amazed some of the callers with his use of astrology to help them understand their lives, their paths and their current condition. Check him out at I’m hoping he’ll become a regular!

Denise Ramon (also sheltering in place in League City, Texas near Galveston,) did a fantastic job channeling Erik and deceased loved ones for listeners. Check her badass-ness out at

Last, but not least, today’s YouTube. In these uncertain times, we need some guidance from across the veil. Erik does his part to provide clarity through medium, Raylene Nuañes. Check her out at, and please give this video a thumbs up! Any YouTube related to the pandemic is not allowed to generate ad revenue, so if you can, watch any of my other videos, even if just to let it run in the background while you listen or do other things, because I work so hard on all of these videos. Still, this pandemic is more important than ad revenue, and I care about you all enough to provide you with this crucial content. THANKS!

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Okay, maybe that wasn’t the last. Check this email blog member, Dan Murphy, sent me:

Hi I watched the first Corona Virus video you did and today a friend who works for the government in Washington D.C posted this on his Facebook page. Seems eerily similar to the information from Louie Pasteur and Erik. Hope you guys are doing great.

Here’s what my friend sent: “Though there may have been legitimate immunology research reasons for why Ralph Baric’s lab created a novel, highly infectious Corona/SARS hybrid virus for research purposes as published in their 2015 Nature Medicine article, many well respected worldwide research institution heads were quite unsettled by it. (See the commentary written about the 2015 Nature article below).

Subsequently, it seems reasonable to presume that University of North Carolina’s (UNC) “method of hybrid virus creation” intellectual property was copied by one of Baric’s Chinese co-authors, researcher Shi Zhengli. Shi Zhengli was referred to in the 2015 Nature article as a leader at the “Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China”. That lab is one of the world’s dozen or so Bio-level 4 research facilities that are approved to handle the world’s most deadly of pathogens.

Unfortunately, there are two previous documented escapes of the SARS virus from a Beijing lab into the local community. Fortunately the SARS virus that escaped was not a particular good contagion for human to human transmission.

It seems highly logical to assume that Ms. Shi Zhengli’s team likely inserted the same or an extremely similar infectious spike from the lethal SARS virus into the Corona bat virus just as UNC had designed, but perhaps without the appropriate lab protections UNC demonstrated.”

What I get from Erik is that the virus leaked both from the wet market and from scientists in this lab. 

Be safe and give love and light to the world!

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