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Quick update: My EMDR therapy for PTSD is really, really working. I so recommend this form of therapy for almost everyone. Maybe everyone, I don’t know. I truly believe we all have had varying degrees of trauma and it affects our success in career, relationships, parenting, spiritual progress and personal well-being. If you have any questions, take a look at the book: Waking the Tiger by trauma expert, Peter Levine.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the big CE event in Austin March 2nd-4th. Jamie will provide details, including lodging options, soon. If anyone lives in the Austin area, please offer suggestions on places to stay and hold the event. Also, flights to Houston are pretty cheap, so if those in the Houston area want to volunteer to drive people to Austin, that’d be great. I’ll have a full car, but I can pick up folks at the airport and take them to my place to crash overnight.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay now, Erik, I was transcribing something the other day—one of my old tapes from a session with Jeannie Barnes. We were talking about twin souls, and you mentioned that we had sort of split off from one soul a long time ago, I guess. I mean, not just split off from Source, but there was a soul that split off, and then we split off, you know, because we wanted to work both sides of the veil. Is that true? You know how you have twin souls and one can be a rancher in Texas and another can be someone in New York, and you can get more work done by cloning yourself, so to speak?

Erik: Okay, several things.

Jamie (giggling): He was laughing. He made a little raw joke, like, “Yeah, if we can split off from ourselves, then potentially we can have sex with ourselves!”

Me: Oh! Well, I’m sure you’ve done that before, Erik! 

Erik (laughing): Probably! But yeah, we are split off from the same Source, so—

Me: Well, everybody is, so what’s the difference?

Erik: Perfect. Exactly. What’s the difference in saying because you’ve claimed a separate identity away from Source, then you divide, then you are—

Jamie (to Erik): You’re using “Source” too much. You’re confusing me.

Erik: —then you are the original Source? That’s bullshit. That’s ego.

Me: Oh yeah! (Actually, I realize while transcribing this that I have no freaking idea what he’s talking about. Sigh.)

Erik: That’s the ego saying, “I want to be recognized separate and away from where we came.” So yeah, we’re all a division of the same thing. Twin flames: just think about that as, um, not so much that balancing element—the rancher and the New Yorker—but as a soul that we’ve traveled the most with, that we work the best with.

Me: Ah, okay!

Erik: And commonly, Mom, that twin flame thing, it’s not like a soulmate where it can also be a hardship or a negative. It will always be a sweet, positive reunion. Though life can present hard things, the relationship in itself won’t. With soulmates, you can make spiritual contracts where one is the victim and the other is the perpetrator, all for the purpose of spiritual progress for one or both souls.

Me: Okay, But see, what I’m saying is—let me make sure I’m understanding this correctly—what I’m saying is, I know all souls are split from Source, but after that split, can we re-divide into Erik and Elisa for a special purpose like we’re doing now, working both sides of the veil or whatever?

Erik: Yes.

Me: I’m just wondering if that’s why I feel so much like I’m missing such a huge part of myself since you died.

Erik: Yes, yes, yeah, we divide, but it’s not necessarily the end all result of twin flames.


Twin Flames

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