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I don’t know if I’ve ever shared all the hard evidence of Erik’s existence with you in one post. I don’t think so. This document, which I’ve copied and pasted into this post, has all the EVPs, photos and expert testimony. Click on all the links. I hope the confirmation will be healing. 

Below is a bright “orb” caught on camera by my daughter, Michelle, who decided to take pictures when she felt her brother’s presence. The “comet’s tail” implies movement, so we had it analyzed by photography expert, Rahasya Poe. In the second photo, the gamma is reduced, revealing that the orb is it’s own light source, which casts light on nearby structures.



When I heard Erik’s voice on a recorded session, I was intrigued enough to send it for analysis. Audiovisual expert, Richard Martini, claims that his voice left no voiceprint and therefore could not be human. Here is his video clip.

After a radio interview, the host called me to inform me that she heard a voice that was not heard live. If you listen at timestamp 1:02:15, you can hear Erik shouting, “Minions!” Jamie immediately follows with, “He’s calling them minions.” At timestamp 35:46, you hear him saying “yep” in reply to the host’s question.

Here’s a letter from R. Craig Hogan, PhD who analyzed the voice:

Hi Elisa,

 Thanks for the EVPs.  I did listen to the “Minions” EVP.  It’s obvious neither of you seem to have heard it.  It came out on the recording.  When they create EVP from sounds, they take the sounds and convert them into electromagnetic tracks that play back as voices.  We’re doing research now with voice sounds that they in spirit are able to convert from the original sound to word tracks that play back as voices.  Sonia Rinaldi is doing the best work with this now.  My partner here and I are replicating it.

 All that is to say that Erik used your voice to create his electromagnetic track that plays back as “Minions.”  You couldn’t hear it until you played it back. At first I thought it must be Jamie.  So I used Jamie’s “Minion” to compare.  Attached is the .wma file with the two “Minions.”  I boosted the volume on Jamie’s “Minion.” It’s obviously not Jamie’s voice for the first, clear “Minions.”

 Attached also is the visual of the two.  In hearing the two and in looking at the visual, you’ll see that Erik’s “Minion” has the accent on the second syllable and a pause between syllables.  It also doesn’t have the noise that shows up as narrow spikes that come from the lower quality phone audio.  Jamie’s has no pause between syllables, accent on the first syllable, and large spikes from the noise of the phone.

 It’s clear that Erik was able to convert your speaking sound into his “Minions” track to play back as “Minions.”


 Love, peace, and joy


His analysis results:


Here’s the audio. Looks weird. I hope it works! Click on it so it can download to your desktop.


In this “Personal Empowerment for Your Soul” interview at timestamp 8:43, you can hear Erik say, “Pushing her.” Then Jamie says, “He says he’s pushing you.”

This one is a recent find. Years ago, I was interviewed for the “Spiritual Messengers Global Soul Summit” show. A YouTube subscriber pointed out that someone (presumably Erik) could be heard talking during it. At timestamp 1:27:48, after the host says that call-ins would be accepted and to “make some noise,” a voice shouts, “Woo hoo! Come on people!” Then Jamie goes on to say, “He said, ‘Come on people!’”

In this YouTube video, at time stamp 11:34, one can see a red orb float across the screen from the lower left hand corner to the upper right hand corner. I saw this as it was occurring as well. In addition, at timestamp 13:08 one can hear Erik say, “All of the above” after which Jamie says, “He’s clicking ‘all of the above.’”

Last but not least, here’s a delightful video of my five year-old granddaughter, Arleen, after her uncle, Erik, pranked her. Although not “hard” evidence per se, the fact that children tend to be more truthful when they have no ulterior motive lends it weight.

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