My Past Life and Between Lives Regression by Robert Schwartz

Last week, I had a regression by Robert Schwartz to a past life and then to the between lives period after that life. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to undergo hypnosis, which is basically like a very relaxed trance state, but I did. Wow, was it impactful. It left me with many epiphanies, one of which is that EVERYONE should undergo regression as well. 

I strongly urge you to connect with Mr. Schwartz and book a regression HERE. You can also email  him at I’ll also put him on my links list under the favorites tab on the homepage of the blog. Thanks, Robert!

There’s one COOL thing I forgot to tell you guys about the event this past weekend. There was a very tall woman with long blond hair hunched by the fireplace for quite some time on Friday. Occasionally, she’d get up and rub her hand across the tops of furniture. She had an eerie quality about her. Anyway, she never came back, and Lukas said she wasn’t one of the registered attendees. We asked Erik through Jennifer, and he told us she was a Tall Gray alien observer. CREEPY!


As many of you might know, I’m going to participate in a walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in honor of my son, Erik and of all the blog members who have lost loved ones to suicide. As you can see here, Erik and I are very close to the top of the leaderboard. Please get us to the top…for my boy and for the cause!

Please click on the link below and donate what you can. Erik would be so happy! Thanks!

Love you guys!

Thursday’s radio show topic will be how to deal with skeptics who try to ridicule, scorn or rob you of your truth. Ryan Adragna will read your energy and Jennifer Doran will channel Erik. To talk to Erik, call 619-639-4606. The website is We start at 6 PM CT. 

Now for the regression. I omitted the induction since that’s proprietary intellectual property. 

For a copy of his book, Your Soul’s Plan, click HERE!


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