My Two Erik Visits

I wrote about an encounter while reading Erik’s book in a recent comment section and Elisha suggested I add it here. I also had an Erik dream recently that I thought was meaningful that I ‘d like to share.
My Mother passed away this past winter which lead me to explore the spiritual side of things that I had once been into but in recent years I’d back away from. I found Erik and Elisa’s blog and videos from reading Richard Martini, “Hacking The Afterlife” and have been hooked ever sense.

My first visit happened this spring. I was reading Erik’s book and got to the chapter, “My Thoughts on Humanity.” Being pessimistic by nature, I thought I might skip that as it might be bad news, I had Pandora on playing mellow piano music as I read. Despite my reservations, I started the chapter and found it not at all dark. No dire predictions. Just then IZ Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of the song “What a Wonderful World” came on . I stopped reading thinking that’s odd since this station always plays instrumental music, Just then I had to laugh as the thought came to me that it was Eric telling me to lighten up. It seemed to me the whole room was filled with laughter as I wondered if it really could have been an Erik prank.

I’ve been meditating regularly the past few months, At the end of each session, I pray for my family and friends, for guidance and such. I usually ask for help connecting with my spirit guides and have been doing some third eye opening sessions. I sometimes ask Erik for help in these regards which led to my next encounter,
Last week I had a vivid dream that was both funny and meaningful. I’ve been keeping a dream journal but don’t get much from it as my dreams tend to be wild and odd and far from meaningful. In last week’s dream I was at a charity meal of some sort like a pancake breakfast in a huge airport hanger type building. It was just packed with people. Very loud with tables full of people. I was talking to a friend as we ate who sat across from me. I looked over my shoulder at some point and there sat Elisa eating at the table behind us. Like seeing a celebrity, I had to tell my friend about seeing her and that she had this blog I had been telling my friend about with messages from her son who had passed. Just then I heard a bunch of laughter from over my other shoulder and looked. At the end of her table was Erik with a bunch of friends having a good time, laughing and cutting up.. Erik seemed just like he does in his sessions; kind of wound up, joking and holding court as he enjoyed himself. He was sitting there with one knee against the table with his chair rocked back. Full of life.
I was just flabbergasted. I said to my friend. “Well those scamming people! There is her son Erik and he’s not dead!” I just couldn’t believe it. My friend asked where? I looked back to point him out and Erik was gone as were the young guys he was joking with, Just rows and rows of people eating. I kept looking for him but he wasn’t there. I was confused then as it seemed I could still hear him talking and laughing but where was he?
I woke up then but I’m not sure if Erik told me this in the dream after he disappeared or that it was the feeling I was left after it – but the message I got was to stop worrying about my third eye and getting messages from the guides. It would happen when I was ready and that if I wasn’t ready, I wouldn’t recognize the visits anyway. I think he said that I was already getting messages but I discounted them. It certainly gave me something to think about.

I hope this isn’t too long. I want to thank Elisa and Erik for what they have done and sharing all they have with us. It has been so helpful to so many. Love to all David

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