Night Awakening and More

Enjoys these heartwarming Erik encounters!

Story #1

I was ghost writing for the first time and got the message to read Erik’s book . So one night while I was reading his book in my living room I could swear he was watching me. At first I felt something up on my right and then I had this peculiar feeling Something was sitting in the chair straight across from me. When I looked at the chair it looked as if it was moving. Maybe I was imagining this, I am not sure. The next night as we were all sleeping my husband and I were awakened by a noise. This was not just any noise, this was the sound of my husbands guitar…like fingers moving across the strings. I was a little scared thinking that someone was in our house. I Got out of bed to see what it was. Of course no one was there… only thought was it had to be Erik. From this day on I haven’t missed a blog. I even catch myself giving him a high-five just out of no where. And to think I was an atheist for a good portion of my life….go figure.
Thanks for all you do,

Erik and Elisa for your amazing efforts to open people’s minds and hearts
I love you

Story #2

About 2 months ago, I was going through a really tough time where I got into some drama and broke up with my best friend, who was my only friend. My anxiety was… awful. I was sitting in my college classroom, feeling lost, almost numb from all of the emotions that were hitting me. During class, the professor handed out some case assignments (like short stories) of children going through various situations (personality disorders, poverty situations, mental health disorders, etc) so that the class could use some critical thinking to state what was wrong with the child, show different perspectives on how the child came to develop such disorder, how their environment is affects them, ETC. Not that important, but sets the tone for the story. For my case assignment, I was assigned a male child who had Gender Identity Disorder, where children want to be a different gender so that they receive more attention. I read the first few sentences and saw that the boy’s name was… hmmm…… Erik! Spelled with a “K” at the end, in which the Eric’s that I know of are spelled with a “C” at the end.. I just stared at that the name on the paper in awe. I couldn’t believe it. I was like, “Wait.. Huh. Erik.. With a K. Erik is sending me a sign, wow.” As I continued to read the case assignment, there were descriptions of this Erik as, “Erik liked to dress in little girls clothes and would often pull on other children’s hair during class” and I just couldn’t help but to giggle inside because I was imagining Erik Medhus doing these things in real life as a small child. When I reflect back on that day, I know that was Erik trying to cheer me up by showing he was there for me and by trying to make me laugh. How he presented himself as a young boy that wanted to be a girl and pulled on other kids’ hair really reflected his humorous character too! Anyway. I just thought that I would share that with you Elisa because it’s so funny and it’s a nice memory to look back on. 🙂

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