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(Erik just chimed in and said “Do you know the difference between a stand in post and a replacement post? Me, either!”)


Erik & I refresh on this topic:  http://www.channelingerik.com/wow-your-ego-is-huge/

Erik Says, You know, the main thing about EGO is free will – the ability (gift) to decide for yourself what you think about all this shit flying around (shows me a tornado over a pasture picking up all the cow manure and flinging it around and around!)

Remember when I said (Shows me the woman pointing her finger accusingly at a pile of crap and shouting “WHY DO YOU STINK!?”) If you could see this from (up here / the afterlife) you would think it’s the FUNNIEST fuckin’ freak show of ALL TIME!  All these people, arguing about what’s basically bullshit flying around and they’re putting all of this time and energy into THINKING about BULLSHIT, when there’s so much REAL SHIT to actually do in the world!!!  IT’S FUCKIN’ CRAZY!  (makes a hand gesture like waving his hands behind his ears to show me “crazy!” being brains flying around all out of control.)

You (everyone) know about cults, right?  The main thing with cults is people wanting to escape their own problems.  The hook for the cults is some cruel/evil sonnavabitch promising people that he (cause it’s pretty much ALWAYS a he) can solve all their problems – money, relationship, give meaning to their lives – whatever.

The thing with cults is it can eat up a whole person’s existence and energy, and the funny thing about the internet is it makes having a virtual cult EASY.  You hear about people talking about the “Cult of Erik” THAT PISSES ME OFF.  (Shows me the intention behind channelingerik.com and contrasts it to the intention behind a cult founder/leader.)

Okay I’ll need to explain that last bit in my own words:  The difference in intention that Erik is showing here is the actual desire to help people and give people hope, and to advance these ideas in the culture so that less people think they’re going to hell or their dead kids are going to hell.  These are antiquated ideas that are hurting people, and Erik is stoked to be a part of shifting culture away from condemnation in the afterlife.  In doing this, he’s wanting to help a lot of people who need help.

Erik says, I am NOT about hurting people, which is the biggest fuckin’ difference between the “Cult of Erik” and a real cult.  The main thing I am tryin’ to do is get you (people) to THINK FOR YOURSELVES.  (Shows a man in his 40’s reading a book, stopping and thinking about it for an hour or so, deciding whether it rings true to him or not.)

See, that’s all this work we’ve been doin’ together for the past (months, year) remember (the truth entry:  http://www.channelingerik.com/the-truth/)

THAT’S THE BIG DIFFERENCE!  WE are not tryin’ to force one version of the truth on to you.  WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IS TRUTH FOR YOU.

That’s the coolest fuckin’ thing about parallel realities:  THERE IS MORE THAN ONE TRUTH.  So can we PLEASE start to respect that the people walking around may be existing in a reality that is not congruent with our own? THAT DON’T MEAN YOU’VE GOT TO CHANGE THEM!    

(Congruent – great word Erik!  He’s like “yeah, I saw it in your head and wanted to test it out!”  He becomes “professor Erik” wearing a blazer with elbow patches and thick black glasses he pushes up his nose, teasing me for my vocabulary and how he has to filter his words through my brain like a play-dough factory, resulting in him saying some shit like “congruent”.  This is coming from my 20-years ago high school background in physics.)

So Erik, speaking of the playdough factory:  what’s it like working with so many different mediums?

(Erik smiles/laughs, throws himself back in a barca-lounger chair with a big sigh and a “where to begin” hand gesture)

Erik says, Okay, so it’s kind of like driving different cars, or playing different instruments.  Y’all have different functionalities, different specialties.  You’re not gonna win any races with a minivan, and every song’s gonna sound different depending on the instrument – but at the end of the day, the song is the same and you get where you need to go. 

I joke: Erik, I’d better not be the minivan!

Naw, see – I picked a minivan because ALL of my (medium friends) are WAY too sexy to be a minivan!  So you-all KNOW I’m not referring to anyone in particular!  (Laughs like, “Like I’d be dumb enough to do that!”)

You talk to a shit-ton of people!  Does it require some fortitude or a high amount of energy to talk with so many different people, and keep an eye on your growing flock of blog readers / CE Family?

First of all, it helps to be devastatingly HANDSOME! 

It helps to have a decent sense of myself, who I am, what I can do.  I’m PROUD of all this shit, the pranks, the visits – did you know (shows me someone in the hospital actually seeing him physically when he showed up to lend moral support – it looks like her father is dying – it’s an older man in a hospital bed.)  It does take, not so much ENERGY but it takes a lot of WILL.  That’s what people are talking about when they say “set your intention”.  (Erik gives me the feeling of determination.) 

(shows me a large brain, the symbol for ego, compares it to an electrical adaptor.)

So I’m going to paraphrase to make sure I got that last bit:  Having this connection to all these people requires the capacity to do it, right?  Like being an electrical adaptor to convert a strong current into something useful, something needed.


And the capacity for this growing energy directed towards you is facilitated by what?  Where does the ego come in?

It’s like you have to have this great sense of yourself so that you have the capacity to handle all this energy.  You gotta feel like you deserve it, before you can handle it.  If you’re not sure, you’re not gonna have that WILL I’m talkin’ about.    

A lot of people internalize this judgment of “ego”, that it’s a bad thing, and it’s NOT a bad thing at all.  We (English language) have all these words for this concept, and good ego is better-described in other languages.

(Shows me a man with dark skin, wearing white robes, something wrapped on his head not a turban – smaller, with pieces hanging down, and places him in north-east Africa.) 

Erik says, His word for the same thing means “Light of God”.

(Shows me a spark of light in this man’s chest.)

So there’s a healthy sense of what English speaking people call “ego” because this conversation about being humble or worthy or egotistical isn’t even happening – did you know that’s all coming from Christianity? 

Our (northwestern) need to obsess about ego (shows me the self-important irony of obsessing about ego) EXISTS because of this over-arching Christian influence in the culture.  For this guy, “Light of God” describes that sacred thing inside of him that is HIM.  And it describes his connection to “God”.  This guy has a perfect Ego!

(Erik shows me the podcasts I’ve been listening to between Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey.) 

The whole concept of ego has gotten all fucked up over here. (In the review of this, Erik pops in to clarify he’s NOT saying Eckhart OR Oprah are fucked up, it’s just that so much focus is placed upon the ego that Eckhart and Oprah can have a 12-hour series talk about ego, and we are so concerned with our egos that we’ll LISTEN to this talk for 12 hours!  It’s an egotistical obsession with ego, irony = fucked up and therefore hilarious!)

Erik comes in with a revision:  My whole point with this rant is that all you need to know about ego is the “you” who you are when you’re not thinking about anything in particular is the REAL you.

Everything else is reacting to your incarnation, and all that shit is going away the moment you die.  It’s all IMPORTANT up UNTIL you die, but the moment you die (snaps fingers) all of this shit you worry about or (attach to, identify with) like cars and job titles and even family identities like motherhood it all is TEMPORARY.  The next time around, you won’t identify in the same way.

Back to what he was saying about ego being like an electrical adaptor:

It’s like whenever we see someone with a larger energy grid than our own, we’re gonna think that person’s somehow egotistical – really we might be seeing confidence, or just sensing (the massive electrical / energy current going through that person.)  And we compare it to our own.  Ego in the (negative / bad – HA!  He pulled “pejorative” from my head)

Ego in the PEJORATIVE SENSE (pushes his nerd glasses up his nose) is really people (shows me adolescent boys standing in a circle comparing their penises.)

You gotta love that contrast with Erik.  He’ll go high-minded for a second and then yank you right back to earth with a penis reference.  Actually I don’t think it’d be an Erik blog entry without a little dick.

(Erik’s like HEEEEYYYYY!!!!  Ha haa!  I got him for once!)

So, what’s the whole point of this, Erik?  Why did we write all this stuff?

Okay, I’m ‘nnuh sum it up for ya, you ready?

GOOD EGO, true ego (electrical adaptor) is who you are when you shut the fuck up inside. The more you empower THAT, the calmer you’ll feel, the more you’ll be able to do with your life without getting in your own way. 

If you’re afraid of that quiet space I’m tellin’ ya, everything you’re lookin for is in there.  (Shows me a prisoner in therapy figuring out all the shit that he was avoiding that resulted in him murdering someone and him being imprisoned.) 

BAD EGO is everything you’re doin’ that avoids the quiet spot. That’s the (hilarious / ironic) part about obsessing about ego, being all self-righteous that your ego is smaller than the next dude’s, like it’s a cell phone and smaller is better. 

As long as you know how to PIPE THE HELL DOWN inside your own head, it doesn’t matter how “big” your ego is. 

Good ego is knowing you can listen to someone else’s truth from that little quiet place inside your chest – AND LET THEM FUCKING HAVE THEIR OWN REALITY!  Good ego is knowing that this person’s truth DOES NOT threaten your own reality.  I’m serious, it doesn’t.  And you know what’s causing all that shit to go flying around?  The BAD ego – yours, other people’s.  That’s why people are so obsessive about “killing the ego” – it’s like when drinking caused all evil in the world!  Now ego is the big scapegoat.

Nothing you can do about that with your own bad ego, that’ll just make a bigger storm – the best way to deal with it is lock in your GOOD sense of self, that (inner spark that is the true you) and let that zen some-bitch deal with it!

I REPEAT:  the main thing about EGO is free will – the ability (gift) to decide for yourself what you think about all this shit flying around!

Now enough with all the fussin’ and the fightin’ people, (turns on music: “Let’s make love!”)

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