Painful Deaths, Comas, and Other Cheery Subjects

Before we start, I have some good news to brighten your day. An anonymous Channeling Erik member would like to pay for the sessions for three blog members who would like to be a part of the grieving parents channeling conference call but are unable to afford the $45 fee. If you struggle financially and  aren’t able to pay for the session but would like to communicate with your son or daughter, please email me at Again, this applies to those who are unable to afford the $45 fee. Thanks, TP! How very generous and big hearted of you! Now let’s see what wisdom Erik has to impart for the day:

Me: Will we remember pain? For instance, if we die a long, painful death, will we remember how awful that was?

Erik: Oh my god, hell no!

Jamie (giggling): He’s talking like a southern black woman.

Me: (laughing): I can just see the head movements and snapping the fingers.

Jamie: You got it.

Me: Can I get an Amen?

Jamie: Yeah, he’s got that hand up, palm to the sky kind of waving it side to side. He didn’t do the snappy thing.

Erik: Hell no. That’s in place, personally for the human. It’s the death of the body, not the soul. So, when the body is gone, we don’t really have those memories—those awful migraines or how the cancer ate away at our body or how the car impacted our chest and broke our ribs. No.

Me: I guess you don’t really have many painful deaths, because the soul probably leaves beforehand, unless you really need to have that experience for some reason.

Erik: So true. On most occasions you get out of the body before unless they signed up to have some awful, awful passing.

Me: Okay. Also, another person wants to know if Kurt Cobain’s death was a murder or a suicide. You know there’s been some controversy surrounding that.

Erik: That was a suicide.

Me: I thought so. Here’s another one about death: If people are unconscious before they pass over, are they aware of those around them?

Erik: Yes. If they’re’ unconscious or they’re in a coma, uh, most of the time when they’re in a coma, their spirit is in the room, and so they have a firsthand experience about what people are saying and how their bodies were touched and who said goodbye. For them, it feels firsthand. If they were unconscious like if they were in a wreck or they fell, hit their head and went unconscious, normally they go ahead and cross over because there are no more lessons or learning involved in the death. Then in their life playback, they’re given an image or vision of what the surroundings were or what happened so that they can make peace with the death.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So yes, they do maintain an image. Most of the time when we get that imagery not a lot of us want to have that memory and hold onto it and buy the fucking yearbook. A lot of them say, “Okay. Got it once. Don’t need to keep recalling it.”

Me: Really. Really!

Jamie (giggling to Erik): Buy the yearbook!

Me: I think a lot of these questions are coming from people who are afraid of death or are trying to help friends or family who are. I’d be more afraid of birth than death frankly.

Erik: Seriously, it’s way harder.

Me: Yeah.

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