Rascally Erik

Enjoy these sweet Erik stories, and if you have one, be sure to share it!

Story #1

I read about erik so many years ago and I thought how wonderful erik really is. Anyway recently all my electricity especially my television has been acting up starting over again and again. My towels keep dropping from a hung up secure position. And I would go shopping so funny lettuce would just roll off the shelf really funny for no reason at all roll down the isle. Also cheese would just plop off the shelf and medicine when I would go down the isle it would just pop off the shelf. The woman from walgreens would say oh no not a ghost I knew it was erik So funny it just popped out it was securely positioned in the counter. Anyway love you erik. Keep up with pranks need to know that we are being human and watched Thank you erik.

Story #2

On the 6th I was thinking of Erik all day and wanted to honor his life in the perfect way. I wasn’t sure how that would be, so I allowed the day to unfold on its own. I went out and thought about shopping so I drove north. I stopped for lunch on my way but after lunch, I decided I didn’t want to shop, I wanted to go on a scenic drive through the beautiful remote town of Tyringham to see the changing leaves- it felt like the perfect way to honor Erik and I knew he was on board. I drove on the main road and remembered that there was a dirt road that intersected and ran up the mountain and across. I missed the road twice but when I finally turned onto it I knew I was meant to be there. The foliage was beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange, with purple wildflowers still in bloom and green ferms popping up through the fallen leaves. It was magical. I followed the road through the quiet forest and as I was driving down the mountain I saw two hikers with backpacks and poles. They turned and flagged me down so I stopped and rolled down my window. They asked if they could pay me to give them a ride to the trailhead 2.5 miles away to meet one of their sons who had been left by the other hiking group. I was immediately apprehensive being that I am a young woman. I normally would not even consider the idea, but I intuitively felt that they were good people and that they needed help and that everything would be fine. I agreed to give them a ride and they were extremely grateful. We talked during the ride and they were very nice. They had grown up in Taiwan but moved to America to go to school and ended up staying. At the end of the drive, the man in the passenger’s seat asked me my name and I asked them their names and he said “he’s Mark and I’m Erik.” When they got out of the car Mark handed me a $20 bill and I declined but he insisted. Erik said, “Thank you so much, you saved our lives!” I wished them well and we parted ways. I was so happy to have been able to help and knew that it was the perfect way to honor Erik’s life.

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