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Before watching the video, I’d like to share a few things, all completely unrelated to each other. First, the radio show didn’t happen last night because something went wrong with liveparanormal. I’m going to take a week or two to decide on whether I need to find a different platform because we had trouble last week, too. I’ll let you all know what happens, though. 

Second, my son-in-law, Nick, was taking my 9 year-old grand daughter, Arleen, to school, and the traffic was backed up and slow as molasses close to the high school. This always happens when one particular police officer is directing traffic at the entrance to the high school. Others will place cones so that the left lane is dedicated to those turning into the high school and that leaves the right lane for those who want to go straight. Well, he doesn’t. So when Nick got close to the officer, he rolled down the window and respectfully said, “Hey, you know it would be an awesome idea if you put cones up to separate the traffic going left from the traffic going straight.” So the officer told him to shut up, that directing traffic is his “fucking job” and continued with, “Do you want me to fucking put you in jail?” Talk about abuse of power. And all in front of Arleen. She was terrified that Nick was going to be hauled off to jail. Fortunately, Nick has it all on his dash cam video and is going to file a formal complaint. Cops like him give police officers a bad name. That’s a shame because there are so many honorable ones.

Third story: Lukas told me something very interesting the other day. He said that the English we speak here in America is actually the original form of pronunciation. It’s called, “rhotic English.” In the U.K., during the Industrial Revolution, the lower class benefitted from an improved economy and many of them moved up to the middle or even to the upper class. They felt it necessary to distinguish themselves from the peons by changing the way that they pronounce things, so they came up with “non-rhotic English.” With rhotic English, we pronounce the Rs that proceed a consonant as in the word, “Hard” and we also pronounce the r at the end of words as in the word, “Far.” But in the new non-rhotic English, those Rs are not pronounced so “Hard” becomes “Hahd” and “Far” becomes “Fah.” I guess they felt like that sounded more hoity toity. Fascinating! 

Fourth Story: Instead of a doctor story, I’ll share this one about Sen. Chuck Schumer because I’m pissed at him for duping the public into thinking that Trump referred to ALL immigrants as “animals” when he clearly was referring only to the murderous MS-13 gang. Media pundits did the same and that’s part of this global elite empire trying to brainwash us. So here’s the story. A friend of mine was on a domestic flight and Chuckie Boy was seated nearby. My hat’s off to Chuck for flying commercial, though. Chuck was talking on his cell phone when we were ready to take-off. The flight attendant approached him and asked him to turn it off so they could close the door and push away from the gate. He told her he would do so shortly. Minutes passed and he was still talking on his phone. The flight attendant told him that if he didn’t turn his phone off immediately, she’d have to ask him to get off the plane. With a condescending scowl on his face and an imperious tone in his voice, he said, “Madam, do you know who I am? to which she replied, “Yes sir. You’re my employee.” Ha! Love it!

Last, I’d like to share this letter of praise for Veronica Drake. If you would like to send a testimonial for one of the mediums, feel free to email it to me at emedhus@gmail.com!

Hi, Veronica and Elisa. I just wanted to thank you for having the Ask Eric. Long story short, I was told by a psychic healer not to get a reading of any sort from anyone other than her, even if something looked innocent. I consider her a trustworthy friend. So for me to submit a request for Ask Eric was like breaking a law. Out of many things I would have liked to ask Eric, I asked about my ex-husband because of his recent email. I was thankful Eric verified my assessment of him and used perfect words to describe him and tendency. He also gave me an important instruction, so I’m working on it. Elisa, you have such an amazing spirit son!! Veronica, I was so impressed with your ability to channel. I thank all of you for your caring hearts.
Kindest Regards,

Enjoy today’s video!

Let’s end with a great Erik story. Don’t forget to submit your own!

Well I had been lost suffering from depression not knowing just what my purpose here on Earth was and quite frankly was contemplating ending it all. That’s when I happen to click on a You tube video of Channeling Erik. I have watched so many now that I can’t remember which was the first one that I watched. I am now on a path to finding my higher self, contacting my spirit guides and requesting guidance. I know Erik has pulled a couple of pranks on me as well and I just smile and say, “Okay, Erik I know that is you.” He has made the TV continue to play the you tube video even though I clicked off the link/app and he has made the light go out and then after switching off and back on. It will come back on. My husband had lost the keys to our storage shed while he was mowing. We walked the entire area trying to find those keys. No luck finding them. Then I asked my spirit guides to help me find those keys. The following morning I had to run errands and right on my path to getting in my truck, there laid the keys. Now let me explain something, I had been standing in that exact location the day we were searching for them plus my husband had driven his car over the area for 2-3 days and when he gets out of the car he walks right past the area where the keys were found. When I found them, I picked them up and said, “Thank you spirit guides for finding the keys!!” My daughter was in total disbelief and now she has been contacting her spirit guides and having a positive attitude as well. Erik, are you one of my spirit guides? I would love to know their names. I am so very thankful for you Erik!! Bless you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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