Sensing Spirits and Interdimensional Beings

I can’t wait until you guys watch this video so that you can learn how to call in spirits, even archangels (and of course, our little mischief maker, Erik) so that you can learn to sense their energy. Then, you’ll be able to call forth interdimensional beings and learn the difference in their energies. It’s pretty stark and fascinating. You can call in aliens, Bigfoots (Bigfeets?), mermaids, and other beings who cross dimensions.

But first, I’d love for you to listen to the show we had last night where Erik, through Kim Voigt ( talk about the third eye, what shuts it down (Erik made me type “shit” instead of “shut,”) and how you can blast it wide open. 

One of the callers (Jim) shared that his iPhone, while in his pocket, picked up an EVP  as he was taking a walk in Hickory Hills Park. The voice was very clear. Erik said it was from a woman who was killed by someone in the park. Listen to her eery message.

Where he picked up the EVP

Now listen to the EVP:

Here’s a special announcement from our own, Veronica Drake:

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Spirit Animal ***
A Spirit Animal is a helper it is an energy that comes to you in your time of need. Perhaps the animal represents something that holds a certain value, such as strength in a bull or agility in a dragonfly. 

Native American cultures consider Spirit Animals medicine for the Soul. The offer guidance, wisdom and support at various times in your life. 

During this webinar I will take you on a journey to discover your own Animal Spirit Guide. 



Enjoy the main event and Happy 4th, everyone! And check out Raylene. She can teach you so many spiritual techniques to strengthen your innate gifts (and yes, we all have them.) Click HERE to find out more about her. 

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