So Many Dimensions, Nowhere to Go

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Ours was pretty stormy other than Sunday. Hail, drenching rain, lightening and high winds. So cozy!

Me: If we were in the 4th dimension, 3rd dimensional density level, and are now entering the 5th dimension, 4th dimensional density level—I don’t exactly know what this reader means by dimensional density levels and how they differ from dimensions, but… What dimension are you in, Erik? I guess, in other words, if we’re in the 3rd dimension, what dimension are you in?

Erik: Pretty much 5th dimensions and up.

Me: Okay. How many—are you saying that you’re sometimes in the 5th dimension, sometimes the 6th, whatever, or are you in more than one dimension at one time?

Erik: Well, you’re in more than one dimension at one time!

Me: Yeah, because I’m in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, right?

Erik: And 4th.

Me: And 4th. Okay. And you’re in 5th, 6th…How far can you go?

Erik: Fifth and up. It’s really endless, Mom. There’s really not numbers to it.

Me: Okay, so most of us are in 1st through 4th.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: But spirits can be on the 5th on up. Well, you can be on the 4th and 3rd dimension, because I’ve seen you before, right?

(Long pause)

Me: Or—

Jamie: He’s telling me the difference. Um, he’s saying yes, he can lower himself, but you’re asking him kind of where does he reside instead of where can he stretch himself to.

Me: Yeah. Okay.

Erik: So, I can go to the 5th dimension easily without changing or shifting or using focus.  Anything below that, I have to focus, and I’m required to change who I am to get myself there.

Jamie giggles.

Jamie: Sorry. He keeps swinging out his legs cuz I’m on the floor in front of the futon. He’s on the futon, and he’ll swing his legs in front of me.

Me: Don’t kick Jamie, Erik!

Jamie: I know it looks that way, but I don’t feel it when it moves through me, not like…I don’t feel it!

Me: He’s moving through you?

Jamie (giggling): Yeah, a few times, through my knee! I’m sitting Indian style. (Pause) But I don’t feel it. Isn’t that crazy?

Me: That is weird! You don’t get prickles or anything like that?

Jamie: Nope. Nothing.


Jamie (laughing): He goes, “Oh, that is going to change!”

Me: Oh boy.

Jamie: I look forward to that.

Erik: You will.

Jamie: I’ll end up being a recluse.

Me: Yeah, right! So, when I see you, which I would love to experience again, you don’t always comply and I don’t know why. Hey, that rhymes. But anyway, do I see you—

Erik: I don’t comply, because I don’t want you to get used to that shit, cuz that’s kind of more of an illusion thing.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, like a parlor trick crap.  I really want you to get in touch with who I really am and learn who I really am and come meet me! You raise your vibration! You come to me!

Me (sighing in resignation): Okay, fine. Can’t we meet halfway?

Erik: Well, yeah. I’ll come forty, you come sixty.

Me: I don’t think that’s entirely fair.

Erik laughs.

Me: All right. We can try.

I have this sinking feeling that this will require good nutrition and exercise on my part. Sigh.

Me: So, when I have seen you, are you in the 3rd or 4th dimension?

Erik: Fourth.

Me: Have I ever been able to, uh, can I see you if I stretch myself to the 5th dimension?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And how in the hell do I do that? Meditative state, obviously, which I can never get into for the life of me, or I’ll just say it’s hard for me, because I know you’ll just get into this long, tiresome, didactic monologue if I say I can’t do it at all. So, I’ll cut you short right there.

Erik (to Jamie): Damn, she knows me!

Me: I know, so—

Erik: You’re the only person standing in your way. That’s all I’m going to say.

Me: I know; I know.


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