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God, yesterday was a rough day. Every time I glanced at my watch I’d think, “It’s 12:45. That’s when I last spoke to Erik. Did I tell him I loved him before we left for lunch.” “Now it’s 1:10. He’s pulling the trigger. His life is over.” “It’s 1:20. I hear Maria’s blood curdling scream on the phone when she opens Erik’s bedroom door.” “It’s 1:21. I call my husband screaming that Erik’s dead.” “It’s 1:30. I scramble, wailing, across the front yard to the front door. After knocking on the door for what seems like forever, Maria finally opens it.” “It’s 1:32. I race up the stair, my nose met with the smell of gunpowder. Determined but afraid, I enter Erik’s room and see him…” “It’s 4:00. I hear the crime scene clean-up screw pulling up Erik’s carpet. I see them carry down the chair he was sitting in.” All this self-torture was so painful, but I guess it was necessary. It doesn’t make any difference because I couldn’t seem to stop it. The only thing that helped me, really, was the outpouring of love and support from all of you in the comments and on Facebook. My husband and I were stunned at how many came forward, and we’re so, so grateful. It meant a lot of my entire family and me. Thank you.

Just a couple of reminders: At 5:00 PM CT today, Erik (channeled by Erik’s first voice, Kim O’Neill) and I will be on Energy Awareness with T Love. Join us HERE.

Also join Erik (channeled by Kim Babcock) and me tomorrow from 7:00 – 9:00 PM CT on Unknown Origins with Mark Johnson . It will be simulcasted on the Unknown Origin’s main page HERE. Be sure to use the live chat window  or call in 973-506-8442 to talk to Erik and ask him questions. Should be a blast!

Today, I have a special treat for you. As many of you may already know, our own Heather Quinto is a medium and channels Erik very well, but her main passion is spiritual coaching, and Erik is helping her develop in this area. Now, she can teach you how to speak with your angels, guides and deceased loved ones.

Hey, what’s up everyone! I’m here to speak a little bit about my spiritual coaching courses. As some of you may know, I no longer do private readings. I want to focus more on spiritual coaching since that’s where my heart is.

The way that I do my spiritual coaching is a bit unique and may seem unfamiliar to most if you have ever taken a spiritual coaching course. I am going to teach you in the same way that I was taught; however, it will be a bit more organized. Everyone is born with these abilities, but for some they have to tap into them more than say someone who was born with being able to see and speak with spirits right away. I was one of those who had to tap into my abilities. It wasn’t until January of this year that I started to open myself up to spirituality and channeling. I had no idea what channeling was until this year! If I can learn to channel, see spirits, etc., then you can too. When I was learning how to channel, I had no one in the physical plane to help me. My spiritual teacher was Erik, and he taught me everything I know now and held my hand through it all. Can you imagine learning how to channel only through a spirit? It was a difficult road, but one I would relive again over and over.

My courses are separated into four different levels. The beginner’s class, which starts on November 2nd, covers all the basics that you will need to know before getting started with channeling. This includes:

  • Finding the right meditation for you
  • Setting boundaries
  • Grounding yourself
  • What spirit guides and angels are
  • How to let go of your ego
  • Exercising and opening your 3rd eye
  • And so much more!

The second level course is more about getting into the beginning stages of channeling.

  • Finding that “guinea pig” to practice on
  • How to detach yourself from the answers so that you don’t influence them
  • Trusting your intuition
  • How to see auras
  • And much more!

Levels three and four are more for those that want to become mediums and start to do readings as a profession.

  • I give you the ins and outs of this path
  • I help with branding yourself as a medium
  • We will create your website and/or Facebook page together
  • Scheduling and saving your energy
  • Pricing
  • And so on

Each course is three weeks long, and in every course I provide video lectures, notes, and power points to help you along with live discussions with your fellow classmates and me. For the beginner’s course, the price is $60.00 USD, and the space is limited to twelve students only. This is so the setting is more intimate, and I can have more individual time for each student.

I have provided to you an example of one of the topics I will be covering in the beginner’s course. The following are notes on how to exercise your third eye. You can try this at home yourself today!

  • Your third eye is one of your chakras that is responsible for seeing the “big picture”
  • It allows you to see spirits using your mind’s eye
  • It helps with communication with the other side
  • Exercising your third eye is a lot like stretching out a certain part of your body or exercising for the first time in years. You will be a little sore and out of shape at first, but you will get back into shape
  • It’s essential to exercise your third eye in the beginning stages of becoming more open to spirit communication
  • There are many ways to exercise your third eye (guided meditation, binaural beats, visualizations, etc.)

Third Eye Exercise

  1. Lay down or sit down to relax or begin with a meditation to help relax you
  2. Imagine a white light connected to your third eye to the ceiling or wall if you’re sitting. This white light serves as a tunnel for energy to come through to your third eye
  3. Imagine you pulling yourself out of your body through your third eye using the white light. Do this for however long you feel you should do this.
  4. Then imagine you pulling in energy from the ceiling into your third eye through the white light. Ask you guides and angels for help with this.
  • You should begin to feel tingling in your head after doing this
  • Keep at pulling energy into your third eye for however long you feel you should (2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.)
  • Do you see anything while your eyes are closed (colors? Shapes?)? What about when you open your eyes? How are you feeling? Do you hear anything? Smell? Feel?

To enroll yourself for the beginner’s course, go to the following link: http://heatherquinto.com/?page_id=155

From there, you can take a look at the FAQs, and take a closer look at the syllabus for two of the four courses. There are only six spots left for the beginner’s class!


The Third Eye

Elisa speaking: In my opinion, this is worth every penny to learn to how to continue to have a relationship with your loved ones on the Other Side.

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