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For all of you in or around the Houston area, please join me in my book signing the Saturday at 6:30 PM.  The location: Barnes and Noble, 7626 Westheimer Rd. This is on the corner of Voss and Westheimer. Hope to see you there! Today, Erik’s addressing two completely different subjects only because the first one was so brief, I don’t want  you to feel ripped off before the weekend. 🙁


Me: One person wants to know what our relationship is in the afterlife since I’m also there. Are we supposed to assume that I greeted you when you crossed over even though I’m here, too?

Erik: No, because the “you” that’s already there is not my mother.

Me: Who is it?

Erik: My mother is in your body in your life on Earth.

Me: Well, if part of my spirit is there, what is that part?

Erik: It’s the collectiveness. It’s like where I am right now. I’m the collective of all my lives that I’m living, and it’s why—for those of you who think I died and got some fucking key to knowledge and that I’m just a badass and it pisses you off that I know shit because I didn’t go to school and fucking learn it—it’s because when you die, all of a sudden—when you are ready—granted the connection to all of your other lives that you’re livin’.

Jamie (giggling): Livin’.

Erik: And with this, you access knowledge. It doesn’t have to be done through a book—

Damn. Think of the tuition and headaches I would have saved.

Jamie: Aw. He’s saying, “When I talk to my mom, from that life, I’m Erik, and that’s who I am in this voice. That is who I’m attaching to, but I also have the right to communicate with, you know, my sister in my English life in 2060.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I’m not limited by time and space. Again, a lot of the questions that we have—just the language in general is based upon our concepts of time and space.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: So, I understand why you’re asking that, but my mom’s spirit, her collective soul, would not have wanted to greet me when I crossed over, because for me and what I just experienced in my life, I left that woman on Earth.


Erik: Ah, I’m digging a fucking rabbit hole.

Jamie and I laugh hard.

Erik: I hope it made sense enough. If it bothers you, write more about it.


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