The Afterlife Interview with Energy Healer, Ryan Adragna

As most of you know, our dear friend and Channeling Erik member, Ryan Adragna, recently succumbed to complications related to his Diabetes Mellitus. He left behind his two young daughters, loving parents, ex-wife and of course, all of his adoring fans, me included. This was so sudden. For me, it was a shock…a stunning blow. He was often my wingman on the weekly radio shows, but no more. Still, as he shares in this afterlife interview, he is helping us from the other side. This conversation was expertly channeled by medium and healer, Kim Voigt. Check her site out
HERE. She does quantum healing, past life regressions, akashic records readings and more. 

Before listening, two quick things. The radio show last night was amazing. Jennifer Doran did a masterful job channeling Erik. Some of the callers had very poignant questions and Erik delivered answers with wisdom and compassion. 

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In the description box, I included the GoFundMe URL in case you want to help out his adorable little girls. 

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Elisa: Okay. Hi, there, Kimberly Voigt. How are you doing?

Kim: I’m great. How are you doing?

Me: I’m doing well, and we are going to try to get in touch with our beloved Ryan Adragna, energy reader, energy healer, wonderful friend, often time my sidekick on the radio show. We tag-teamed, basically, on the radio show, The Hour of Enlightenment. He tragically passed away recently from complications from diabetes, and we miss him. So we’re just going to see if we can get in touch with him. I don’t know if it’s too early. People say that I can’t connect with them too early, but then there’s no time over there, so I don’t get it.

Kim: Oh, right. We’ve got Erik.

Erik: I love you, mom. Yeah, typically, it would be a little early and you’d want to give people a little time to get acclimated, and just to touch base with your family and stuff.  Ryan’s coming in and Ryan’s ready just to touch base.

Kim: Ryan’s starting off right away, and he wants to start off by expressing gratitude to everyone. He’s telling me that he did not even have an inkling of how loved he was when he was here.

Elisa: Gosh.

Kim: Immediately when he transitioned, he knew. He knew. He says that many, many of us heard from him right after, as we were finding out he transitioned. He said I heard from him myself also right after. I had a few interactions with Ryan. Not a lot, but enough. You know, we knew each other.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: He’s saying so many people were praying for him because a message went out on Facebook that he was in a coma, and so many people were praying for him that it made his transition really easy.

Elisa: I’m going to ask about that. Yeah. Tell me about your transition.

Kim: Yeah, and I asked him about it, too because I kind of wondered. When I got the message, I just dropped everything and did what I could for a healing. When I was working on the energy field, it was very unbalanced, and I was getting it balanced but then when I got to the root normally, when I work with somebody, I can feel the energy going down their legs.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: I can feel a little trickle down my right leg. I’ll feel it in my body. He says that’s because he was actively dying at the time. He was transcending. He was going in and out of his body, and he was disconnecting from the earth. So he says when he transitioned, it was just so easy and so peaceful. It was almost like he opened a door into this loving experience where he just felt all this love. Then he says as each person found out, he went to them and connected with them. He said you may have even heard him.

Elisa: Hm. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah.

Kim: Yeah.

Ryan: Some know they heard me, and some could have just swore they heard my voice.

Kim: He’s telling me that when someone first transitions, before they fully got into the 5th dimension, they are really a lot easier for us to hear.

Elisa: Yeah. I feel like his presence is here, like right next to me. Ryan, are you right here?

Kim: He is.

Me: I think he just said, “Hey, Elisa,” like that, in my mind.

Kim: Yeah, he is.

Ryan: Yeah, that is me.

Kim: He’s confirming that to me.

Elisa: Who did you first meet when you transitioned?

Kim: Well, he said immediately, he was in the earth atmosphere, in the presence of the earth atmosphere, and feeling all this love. Then as he transitioned, he said there was a line of people that–I wouldn’t necessarily know who they were, but they’re important to him, and he said Erik was right there with him.

Elisa: And Audie, I’m sure. Audie Herron. Right?

Kim: He’s saying yes. I don’t know who Audie is, but he’s saying yes.

Elisa: Okay, his mentor.

Kim: Mentor.

Elisa: All right. Okay, so did you go through a white light, a tunnel of white light, or I mean, how was the–can you give us a detailed description of the process of transition for you?

Kim: Okay. So he’s saying he was here comforting his family, doing all the things that spirits–a lot of spirits will choose to really stay close to the earth family for a few days, and so he does that. He did that, and then, as he was ready to kind of–as he felt that, okay, he touched base with everybody he needed to and soothed his–he was around his children a lot, his parents, he’s telling me that it was just kind of like, he didn’t have this feeling of the tunnel. Although he did a little bit when he first came out of his body. He was telling me that, but he’s making me feel like it was just like he was wrapped in a soft, fluffy cloud or feathers and just carried off. He said it wasn’t this tunnel experience. He said a lot of people who have that, the reason is because their brain is dying.

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Kim: That tunnel.

Elisa: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I bet.

Kim: That’s why that’s reported a lot.

Elisa: So then what happened? So you met a lot of people, including Erik and Audie. Then what happened?

Kim: Well, he says he’s getting acclimated to things and he’s learning a lot about himself and things. One of the things he’s really starting to come into understanding of is that he did not have any–well, I shouldn’t say “any”, but he did not have full understanding of his work and the difference he was making on this planet.

Elisa: Yeah. Wow.

Kim: So he said he started really getting into understandings of that and getting acclimated with people, and he’s watching over his family. He’s making me feel like he’s staying close to Erik and Erik’s showing him the ropes.

Ryan: I was a talker when I was on your side of the veil. What would make you think that would stop now?

Elisa: Oh! I bet.

Kim: Yeah. He’s just saying that he’s going to be in contact. He’s making me feel like he’s going to be teaching us. He’ll continue with what he started here with the healing, and then he’s going to be teaching us.

Elisa: Okay. Was this part of your contract to die this way, this early?

Kim: He’s saying it was an exit point. He’s talking about–didn’t he have two near death experiences before?

Elisa: Oh!

Kim: Two other points?

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: It was one or two. I believe he’s saying two. I know he talked about this before, and I just can’t quite remember. I think he’s saying there was two. So he’s saying that this was another exit point, and he had to make the decision to let go and go. He said our prayers helped him to do that. He saying he had to make the decision to let go because of the–he’s talking about the decreased brain wave activity.

Elisa: Oh, okay. Yeah.

Kim: Yeah. He’s saying to come back into that light–had a miracle occurred and he would’ve lived, having to come back into that light, it wouldn’t have been the same. He wouldn’t have–there would have been some degree of cognitive impairment, he’s saying.

Elisa: Oh, gosh. He wouldn’t want that.

Kim: So he decided–yeah. This was the exit time he would take.

Elisa: Well, what happened? Did you stop taking care of your diabetes?

Ryan: I wasn’t taking care of myself.

Elisa: Was that on purpose? Did you want to die?

Kim: Okay. Here’s what he’s saying. Sometimes when the time is approaching where there’s an exit point where a soul may be taking, the individual will kind of fall into kind of a depression of sorts, and not really know why.

Elisa: Hm.

Kim: And he’s reminding me, I saw him on social media all the time, but I only talked to him twice.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: There was a clear difference between the first time and the last time, and he’s telling me that he was really starting to kind of withdraw and feel a little depressed. He just didn’t have the same “oomph” as he had before.

Elisa: Well, was there any situation that caused him to feel depressed? I know he recently had a divorce.

Kim: So that weighed on him, the divorce. There was an employment issue.

Elisa: All right.

Kim: And just feelings of not being deserving, not being worthy.

Elisa Aw.

Kim: He said he–as is often indicative in life, where people have diabetes, they just can’t absorb the sweetness of life.

Elisa: Yeah. Oh. Wow.

Kim: He said he could give sweetness out, but he couldn’t take it for himself real well.

Elisa: Wow. Okay, so do you have any messages for your family, your kids, your ex-wife, your parents?

Ryan: We all say, of course, we love them and will be with them.

Kim: He wants them to really know that he is just a thought away. When they think of him, he’s right there. He’s right there with them. Right after he transitioned and I asked him what he was doing, I got this rocking sensation. I’m like, what are you telling me? Like, rocking back and forth. I said, “You mean like rocking a baby?” He said, “Yeah.”

Ryan: I’m with my girls.

Elisa: Aw.

Ryan: Daddy’s girls. Daddy’s girls.

Kim: He’s rocking them. He specifically wants them to know that they are going to be able to communicate with him, and he hopes that they’ll really believe it, and engage in it, and try it because it’ll happen for them.

Elisa: Oh, good. All right.

Kim: He says sometimes, too, parents can sometimes come to the realization that when they transition, that they can still do a lot for their children and their families, sometimes in an even bigger capacity than if they were alive.

Elisa: Ah.

Kim: So he’s making me feel like he’s going to have a very big impact in their life, and it will be like that, even more so. They won’t have his physical presence, but they’ll have his spiritual presence is around them and that they will feel it.

Elisa: All right. Any messages for anybody else?

Kim: He loves us all. He thanks us.

Ryan: Connect with me, I’ll come through. Yeah, give me some time. I need to get acclimated.

Elisa: Yeah. Yeah, of course. Of course. Yeah.

Ryan: I just really wanted to come through and express gratitude because with the intensity of the prayers and the thoughts that were coming towards me and to me, just made it such a soft and easy, easy transition. I was able to do it.

Kim: He said that we gave him a lot of clarity when we were praying for him. He said he was in and out of his body at that point, as people often are as they’re dying, but he was really having a hard time. He’s saying like, the silver cord just breaking that connection.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: Just because of the family and the girls and that type of thing. I did ask him a question, too, because I had read years ago that if somebody is dying and you’re praying for them, “Please let them live. Please, God, save them,” whatever you’re praying, that we can actually make their transition more difficult.

Elisa: Oh, yeah. Oh.

Kim: He says sometimes that can be true, but for him, he had enough spiritual knowledge where he was able to take the prayers and the positive energy and just basically (run with it 13:16) So it didn’t affect him that way, which I was glad because none of us wanted to hear that he was dying. We all wanted to hear–

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: – that he was okay, and he made it.

Elisa So are your girls going to be okay financially? Because somebody was saying–wondering whether we needed to start setting up like, a donation venue for them.

Kim: He’s very touched by that. He said he would really appreciate it. He said yes, in time, the finances will straighten out for them, but he’s telling me that that would be very much appreciated, and he would be very honored if somebody wanted to do that.

Elisa: Okay. All right.

Kim: And that his girls would be very touched.

Elisa: Okay. Now, what was your spiritual mission here?

Ryan: To be a healer and to be a teacher.

Elisa: Okay. What were you here to learn? I know what you were here to teach. What were you here to learn?

Ryan: I was here to learn to love myself unconditionally.

Elisa: That’s a tough one.

Ryan: I was trying to extend it to others.

Elisa: That is really one of the toughest lessons. Do you think you accomplished that, at least to some degree?

Ryan: To some degree, I did.

Elisa: Good.

Kim: He’s saying it was maybe only–I’m feeling like the last four to six months where he kind of started feeling the sadness and not taking care of himself.

Elisa Yeah.

Kim: Yeah.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: He’s telling me he was in denial about his diabetes.

Elisa: Yeah. That’s not uncommon at all.

Kim: Mm-hm.

Elisa: What insights kind of–not shocked you, but startled you after you transitioned? Like, was it like, “Oh, my God. It really is true!” or no, I’m just–I don’t want to put words in your mouth.

Kim: He said you just hit the nail on the head. It’s like, “Oh, my God. Yes! It really is true!”

Elisa: Oh, maybe I channeled that from him.

Kim: Yeah, you did. He’s saying that, and with Erik’s help and with what he learned through his work and watching Channeling Erik, he’s making me feel like he had like, kind of an advanced ability to hop to person to person to person to know what to do and how to do that so quickly.

Elisa: Whoa!

Kim:  He said Erik was encouraging him and kind of talking him through things right from the beginning, and he did reach out and think of Erik right away. So that’s when he made an early contact with Erik.

Elisa: Whoa. Yeah, so what did he think when he first met Erik? “Oh, my God, dude! You really are–”

Kim: Before he fully transitioned over there, Erik was communicating with him–

Elisa: Oh.

Kim: – just like Erik communicates with us.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: Then once he fully crossed over there, he said that was the very unique thing. That’s what he’s telling me about, and he’s kind of showing me–like it how it happened with my mother, too. You may think that, “Okay, I had diabetes in this physical life. I’m going to need some time to recuperate and that,” and he said it’s like you go through this–if you wanted to call it a tunnel where you’re quickly shot from this dimension into that dimension–by the time you got there, he said any physical flaw that you had is gone.

Elisa: Yes.

Ryan: Any aching that I felt in my physical body, of course, that’s all gone. I had no physical #body anymore. My youth and my vitality returned.

Kim: He’s being kind of funny.

Ryan: I know I was kind of handsome here, but you should see me now.

Kim: (Laughter)

Elisa: Aw! That’s so cute! Aw.

Kim: Yeah.

Elisa: That’s awesome.

Kim: This is the thing he says most clearly: What you’re going to recognize when you communicate with any being on the other side is the personality. That’s what’s going to come through.

Elisa: Thank God.

Kim: His personality really does come through. He gave me a nickname, which, in the few times I’ve communicated with him since he’s passed, he always addresses me by my nickname. It’s (audio cuts out)

Elisa: Uh-oh. You froze. What? You froze. You said that–

Kim: Kim “Sweetheart” Voigt. So he’s really a sweetie. He’s–

Elisa: Wait. Say it again because the very first word cut off.

Kim: Kim, my first name.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Kim: And he gave me–the middle name is the nickname. “Sweetheart” Voigt.

Elisa: Aw. Can he give me a nickname? He can think about it.

Kim: Well, he can’t decide if it’s “Mama Bear” or “Honey Bear”. (Laughter)

Me: Aw, that’s cute. I like either one, so.

Kim: Yeah. Yeah.

Ryan: Stick with “Mama Bear”. That’s what you’re known as.

Elisa: Aw. I didn’t know that. Okay, so what did you think when you really actually were on the other side with Erik? What’d you think about him? Because you guys go way back.

Ryan: In awe.

Elisa: Really?

Ryan: In awe of Erik and what he’s been able to accomplish.

Elisa: Wow.

Kim: Yeah, very much in awe. He’s telling me Erik is very respected over there.

Elisa: Wow. What about Audie?

Ryan: I’m like, “Wow.”

Kim: He’s talking about just looking around and seeing–where we can go to locations here on the planet that we’re just thinking are beautiful, he said it’s nothing.

Elisa: Hm.

Kim: The colors are un-comparable there to what we have here.  I’ve heard this before, and he’s reminding me I’ve read it in a book where–you know the old negatives from photographs?

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: Earth is like the negative.

Elisa: Oh! Hm.

Kim: Yeah. The other side is like the beautiful picture that you’ve taken.

Elisa: Oh, wow. So when you first met Audie, your mentor, what did you think? What impressions did he give you?

Kim: He’s making me feel like there was a sense of, that this guy really helped him to feel proud of himself and proud of the things he accomplished. He really told him what a good job he did and that he continued the work that he–he mentored Ryan, and I don’t know how he mentored Ryan, if they knew each other or if he was someone Ryan studied, but he was very proud of him in that he continued the work and he was very honored that Ryan thought so highly of him to continue what he taught him.
Elisa: Yeah, it must have been nice to rejoin your mentor. I mean, how did that feel to be in Audie’s presence again?

Ryan: Like home.

Elisa: Wow.

Ryan: Like you were away on a long trip and you missed your bed, and you missed your house, and you missed your pets, and you missed your neighbors and friends, and you came home.

Elisa: Ah. Let’s talk about your marriage. Did that end because there was a spiritual contract that was honored, and it was time to move on or was it more than that?

Kim: Ryan is saying that, without knowing it consciously, he had a way of taking on other people’s garbage and stuff, and he would almost try to take it into themselves to fix it for them, that he was like this person who was going to try to make everything perfect so that whatever spiritual lessons–

Me: Yes.

Kim: – his wife wanted, he was going to fix it, so she didn’t have to go through that. He said what he didn’t know at the time was he was actually disempowering her.

Elisa: I see. Oh, okay.

Kim: So it was like a–I don’t know, like a mutual understanding. I don’t know if he’s actually saying “contract”–where he was going to help her to find the strength to make her own strong spiritual boundaries, and speak her own truth, and that kind of thing. He propelled her to do what she needed to do. He said they came together because they were a vibrational match. Within the contracts that you make, there can be several possibilities.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: One that was a vibrational match, and they each fulfilled the purpose that they needed.

Elisa: Okay. What do you plan to do to us Earthlings? For example, do you plan to watch over your daughters, help your ex-wife, do anything with your parents? I mean, yeah. What do you feel like your life’s work over there will be?

Ryan: That will be foremost. My family will be my first responsibility, especially in the early times when they are grieving. I will always be accessible to them. I will drop everything, like Erik does with you, if they need me and come to them.

Kim: He’s saying he is going to be working as a teacher, with healing, possibly coming through as a bridge, like kind of Erik does. He tells me he’s kind of fascinated with the whole spiritual DNA aspect, and all of that, how that can all play out. So he says he’s going to be looking into learning some of that a little more.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: And he will be assisting people to assist raise consciousness and teach people, so that they are understanding. I feel like his role is going to be teaching.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: He is fascinated with this whole genetic thing, especially with the way the diabetes played out and that, so he’s learning more about that now, he’s telling me.

Elisa Okay. How do you want your family to connect with you? Through a medium, through dowsing rod–I mean, how? Or just talking to you?

Kim: Well, he definitely says in the beginning, if they would like to use a medium, that would be just fine, but he’s saying it’s going to be really important for them to learn how to make the connection themselves, so that they can always have him. He tells me he’ll visit them in dream time or they’ll feel different sensations on their skin. He said his girls will probably feel like–you know how maybe you think about somebody very lovingly that you just love, and then all of a sudden, you just feel their presence and it just feels so good? He says it’s going to be like that with his girls. They’ll notice that in the beginning.

Elisa: Are there going to be any other ways that you give them signs?

Kim: He says there’s always signs. It’s just when they are able to notice.

Elisa: Be aware. Yeah.

Kim: When they are able to be aware, they’ll be subtle.

Elisa: What kind of signs would you like to give them?

Ryan: One thing they’re going to notice–they’ll be out, maybe at a store or something, or at the park. They’re going to hear my name a lot.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: The name Ryan.

Elisa: Wow.

Ryan: They’ll get a little ting. They’ll recognize it. That’s what they’re going to start to recognize. When they get that little ting, and they just know it, like the goosebumps.

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Kim: He’s saying that there’ll be certain songs, and he’s not really going into, but they’ll be maybe certain songs on the radio that will remind them, you know, stuff that talks about how much a father loves their daughter, that kind of thing.

Elisa: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Kim: He’s saying he’ll communicate with that, but it’s going to be in dreamtime, a lot of it.  He’s saying that they’re missing their dad right now.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: They really are and saying as the wound lessens they’ll be able to if they want to.

Elisa: Yeah. Okay. Did you have your life review at all? If so, how was that?

Ryan: Not yet.

Elisa: Okay. All right.

Kim: Yeah.

Elisa: Anything else you want to share before we close? It doesn’t mean it’s the last time–”Hey! You’re supposed to man the board when I’m on vacation in Norway now!” Can you still do it? I’m kidding. (Laughter)

Kim: He says he’s definitely going to be there whispering in the ear of whoever does. (Laughter)

Elisa: Oh, good. Okay.

Ryan: Like I said, just because I passed into another dimension does not mean that I’m going to stop talking and stop hanging around.

Elisa: That’s true. Well, you keep our boy in line, now.

Ryan: I will, but right now, I think it’s him keeping me in line. (Laughter)

Elisa: Aw! So any–anything else? I was going to say, “any last words”, but any last messages in general, and to specific people? Is there anything else you want to share?

Kim: Expressing the gratitude. He’s talking about the Facebook group that he was on.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: He wants to specifically say–and he’s saying so many of them have heard from him anyways. He’s told them this himself. He loves them, and he thanks them.

Ryan: I’ll be seeing ya soon. Or I should say, you’ll be seeing me soon.

Elisa: All right. I hope so. You’re a big ol’ teddy bear. All right. Thank you, Ryan, for your friendship.

Ryan: Thank you, Elisa, for everything. You have touched my life in ways that you’ll never know.

Elisa: And vice versa.

Ryan: Until you come over to see me, in a long time.

Elisa: Well, we’ll see.

Kim: Yeah.

Elisa: Yeah. You guys get in touch with Kim at I will put it right here. She’s awesome. Please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already, and like the video, and all right. We will talk later. Bye!

Kim: Bye-bye.

Elisa: I love you, Erik.

Erik: Bye. Love you.

Elisa: Bye-bye.

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