The Magic of Rife Healing by Resonant Rife Technology

Shantparv Roloff, a gentle and wise soul, acts as spokesperson for the company, Resonant Light Technology and has no affiliation with it, financial or otherwise. He is respects what they have built and the integrity which they operate. Clearly throughout, we believe bad actors were eavesdropping on us because the interference peaked when certain key topics were mentioned. After all, certain groups want to keep Rife technology suppressed! You can find out more about Resonant Light Technology at and you can find out more about Shantparv and what he and his wife do at PHEW! That’s a long one. LET’S GET THIS TECHNOLOGY OUT OF THE SHADOWS FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL! Please SHARE! And don’t miss any future content like this. Hit the notification bell and SUBSCRIBE. THANKS!

A couple of days ago, my husband brought to my attention that when he gets an email notification on his cell phone for a new Channeling Erik bog post, there is no PayPal donation button. I have no idea why, but it is what it is. The fact is, most people read the blog on a mobile device. I used to have a mobile-compatible platform, but the company sponsoring that moved on to bigger and better things and, after spending a few grand, left me and others high and dry. So I tried again with another company, but the interest seemed so low and the yearly fee was so astronomical that it wound up costing me over $500 per user so I dropped it. Anyway, I’ll try to see if I can get donations through each video.

If you enjoy the Channeling Erik blog and YouTube Channel, and two avenues where you can ask Erik questions FOR FREE (Pamela and Erik’s Monday morning YouTube Live Q&A and our Tuesday PM Hour of Enlightenment Radio Show,) then please help out with the considerable overhead by donating to the CE cause! It has NEVER been my intent to make a profit, but I have given up my physician’s income to help others like you so I hope you can now help me in return! Thanks so much in advance. (Note: My PayPal account is Atlantis, Inc.) Click here:

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

Again, because so many are struggling during these challenging times, the entire hour was devoted to Erik answering questions. We didn’t answer questions about health or get messages from deceased loved ones because this is against Pamela’s policies. Channeling those answers from Erik and those messages from loved ones was none other than our wonderful CE medium, Pamela Aaralyn. Check her out at Last, if you want to talk to Erik during any future show, call in to 646-716-9735.

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