There aren’t any ghosts in here….

My 3 old son has never wanted to sleep in his room because we tend to have many spirits visit. Recently there was an older male spirit that I helped transition to the light. As a mother, I was so proud because I knew now my son would sleep in his room because “the man with the mustache” wasn’t in there anymore. So my son and I are sitting in his room one night and I am trying to convince him to sleep in there and he was still refusing. I said “why” and he said “because there are ghosts in here.” I proceed to tell him “there are no ghosts anymore” and right at that moment I hear a knock on his door and it begins swinging open. In shock as this has never happened, I agreed with my son and we left his room. Still surprised because i was sure something was not right. I immediately asked Erik who that was and should I be worried. Then he starts giggling and says “sorry I had to.” I couldn’t believe it…. why would he do such a thing and then I realized….. its Erik. Then I gave him kudos as that was perfectly timed and I couldn’t have done it better myself if I was trying to scare someone.

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