The Third Eye, Part Two

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Erik: Mom, the thing that is so special about this gland is that it makes hormones that control our moods. It produces serotonin, which makes you feel good or bad depending on how much is being produced in your body. It also produces melatonin, which helps control your sleep and wake cycles, but the most important one is DMT.

Emanuelle: Hold on. That is a long word!

Shetries to pronounce it but struggles.

Emanuelle: Dimethyltryptamine. He is showing it to me.

Me: Oh, he said the whole word out loud? I don’t even know what it is, dimethylblablabla. I don’t know. Don’t you get that from licking frogs in the Amazon or something, like it makes you trip out? I think it occurs naturally in small amounts in our bodies.

Erik: What makes DMT so special is that it doesn’t get produced on a regular basis. You only see the production of it when you’re born, when you die, if you have a near death experience and when you meditate. The rest of the time, it’s not being produced in the body. So that hormone is the pathway, the gateway.

Me: Oh, cool

Erik: That’s why meditation is so important. Again, Mom, what you think you create right? So you should visualize that there’s a third eye or a bright light or a spot or whatever you want it to be. You know in India they put a little red spot, (Emanuelle points at her forehead) which symbolizes the third eye, the eye of wisdom. You also see it on Buddha statues; you see it in Egypt, and you see it in other places because everybody knows that’s where the connection is. So if you just visualize that the eye is opening during your meditation or just when you are sitting calmly and relaxed or that there’s a bright light coming out, you’ll start feeling a tingling sensation. That’s the first step. It can also come with a pressure inside your head. Don’t worry when you feel that because your head is not going to explode! But a lot of people will feel a big pressure in their heads.

Erik (getting closer to the camera, smiling and making huge hand gestures): Don’t worry. It’s not going to go BOOM!!!

Me: Oh let’s hope not. That could be very messy.

Erik: It’s so cool, Mom. You should try it, really!

Me: Okay, well what about music? Any kind of music or frequency of sound that would help?

Erik: Yes. The Ohm sound is very good, 385 Hz. Binaural beats. You can find thousands of third eye opening music downloads on the web, but always use earphones because then you can really feel those vibrations in your head. Basically those vibrations have to reach your pineal gland in order to activate it. So when that pineal gland starts vibrating, you will feel tingling on that spot on your forehead.

Me: Wow, that’s fascinating.

Erik: I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Me: So how does a molecule become a bridge to the Other Side? Or it might be too complicated to explain.

Emanuelle: Oh, good question.

Erik: It’s hard to explain, but it has to do with vibrations.

Emanuelle (laughing): Wow, I really have no idea what he is talking about!

Me: (giggling) It’s probably very complicated.

Emanuelle: Yes, and I’m not really good at all that physics stuff.

Me: Well does our spirit make the same vibration as the molecule or something?

Emanuelle: He’s showing me an image of a molecule vibrating normally, and when it gets activated, it starts vibrating like crazy and somehow we can make a connection to the spirit world.

Erik: DMT is supersensitive, so it’s very easy to raise its vibration to a very high level. And so when you get to our vibrational level, then we can connect at the same frequency.

Me: Oh, okay. So when the frequency is high enough, we connect. Okay, that makes sense. You just tap in and hook up. So, is there anything else you’d like to share about the third eye?

Erik: Hmm. Maybe just a little fact. Did you know that when a fetus is formed, the first organ that develops is the pineal gland? So, before you have a heart and a brain or anything else, you first see the pineal gland. It can already be seen by doctors 3 weeks into the pregnancy. The reason why this is first formed is because the spirit needs that connection right away. Whoever is going to come in needs to already be connected with the mother’s body. I’m talking about mentally, not physically. That way they can already feel what the mother is going through. And so when babies are born, that pineal gland is fully open, so they have full contact with Earth and the Other Side until they’re about 4-5 years old. After that, it gets polluted and messed up with ideas and illusions and so on. When it doesn’t get nurtured and supported it just fades away, which is too bad.

Me: That is too bad. Well you want to end off on that depressing note, or do you have anything else to share?

We both giggle.

Erik: Go check it out. Online there are so many good people who explain to you step-by-step how to open your third eye. Follow those steps, and you’ll see miracles happen. You wanna connect to us?  That’s the way to do it.

Me: All right. I love you, sweetie. Bye.

Erik: Bye, Mom. Love you, too.

He blows me kisses, as always.

Emanuelle: Bye.

Here’s music you can play to open your third eye. Be sure to use earphones.

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The Development of the Pineal Gland in an Embryo

The Development of the Pineal Gland in an Embryo

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